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Bargain Shop Banner.png
Learn more about the Bargain Shop located in Stow-on-Side, and the list of items available to buy and sell in the game Pokemon Sword and Shield.

List of Items Available

Items You Can Buy

Quick Claw ImageQuick Claw Silver Powder ImageSilver Powder Focus Band ImageFocus Band
Metal Coat ImageMetal Coat Miracle Seed ImageMiracle Seed Black Glasses ImageBlack Glasses
Black Belt ImageBlack Belt Magnet ImageMagnet Mystic Water ImageMystic Water
Sharp Beak ImageSharp Beak Poison Barb ImagePoison Barb Never-Melt Ice ImageNever-Melt Ice
Cleanse Tag ImageCleanse Tag Twisted Spoon ImageTwisted Spoon Charcoal ImageCharcoal
Dragon Fang ImageDragon Fang Silk Scarf ImageSilk Scarf Metronome ImageMetronome
Black Sludge ImageBlack Sludge Protector ImageProtector Reaper Cloth ImageReaper Cloth
Razor Claw ImageRazor Claw Ring Target ImageRing Target Binding Band ImageBinding Band
Pixie Plate ImagePixie Plate Protective Pads ImageProtective Pads Cracked Pot ImageCracked Pot
Chipped Pot ImageChipped Pot

There are 28 rare items you can buy from the man on the right.

Bargain of the Day items are sold for ₽3000, Yesterday's Bargain for ₽5000. You can also check Tomorrow's Bargain.

The shop changes items daily so keep checking!

Items You Can Receive

Item Requirement
Beast Ball ImageBeast Ball Received after becoming champion
Soul Dew ImageSoul Dew Received if you own a Latias or a Latios
Adamant Orb ImageAdamant Orb Received if you own a Dialga
Lustrous Orb ImageLustrous Orb Received if you own a Palkia
Griseous Orb ImageGriseous Orb Received if you own a Giratina
Reveal Glass ImageReveal Glass Received if you own a Tornadus, Thundurus, or Landorus.
DNA Splicers ImageDNA Splicers Received if you own a Kyurem
Burn Drive ImageBurn Drive Received if you own a Genesect
Chill Drive ImageChill Drive Received if you own a Genesect
Douse Drive ImageDouse Drive Received if you own a Genesect
Shock Drive ImageShock Drive Received if you own a Genesect
Zygarde Cube ImageZygarde Cube Received if you own a Zygarde
N-Solarizer ImageN-Solarizer Received if you own a Necrozma
N-Lunarizer ImageN-Lunarizer Received if you own a Necrozma

Items You Can Sell

You can sell a total of 10 items to the man on the left. Each day, the man seeks for an item, and will offer to buy it for a high price than most shops.

Item Price
Tiny Mushroom ImageTiny Mushroom ₽3000
Pearl ImagePearl ₽3000
Soft Sand ImageSoft Sand ₽4000
Big Mushroom ImageBig Mushroom ₽10000
Rare Bone ImageRare Bone ₽11111
Big Pearl ImageBig Pearl ₽12000
Star Piece ImageStar Piece ₽14000
Balm Mushroom ImageBalm Mushroom ₽25000
Pearl String ImagePearl String ₽27500
Comet Shard ImageComet Shard ₽30000

What is the Bargain Shop

Stow-on-Side Bargain Shop
Located in Stow-on-Side, the Bargain Shop is a place where you can find rare items that you would not find in common shops like Poke Mart.

Buy Rare Items

List of Bargains.jpg
You can buy one rare item once a day from the man on the right.

Bargain of the Day

An item which is the Bargain of the Day can be bought for ₽3000. If you check every day, you can see Tomorrow's Bargain, and you can also still buy Yesterday's Bargain for the price of ₽5000.

List of Items You Can Buy

Sell Rare Items

Bargain Shop Sell.jpg
You can also sell items to the man on the left. Each day he will be looking for an item, and if you have it in your bag, he will offer to buy it for a higher price than normal. This also resets each day so you should check it out frequently!

List of Items You Can Sell

Bargain Shop Location

Bargain Shop Location.png
The Bargain Shop is located near the Pokemon Center , by the stairs leading to the Stadium in Stow-on-Side.

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