Pokemon Sword and Shield

All About the Auto-save Feature


Explore all you want without fear of data loss with the new Auto-save Feature in the game Pokemon Sword and Shield. Read on to find out how it works and how to take advantage of it.

Auto-save Feature - Overview

The Auto-save feature automatically saves your game progress during your adventures. This feature is automatically activated when you start the game.

Auto-save Feature - Locations


Your game data will be automatically saved when entering towns or buildings.

Note: You may turn-off auto-save in settings. Check the guide below for instructions.

How to Save Manually

How to Save Manually
1 Go to the Options Menu.
2 Select "Save Your Progress".
3 If you wish to turn off the Auto-save Feature, look for the Auto-save option and select Off.

Even with the Auto-save Feature on, you can still manually save your progress by following the steps above. Players who want to avoid Auto-saving for strategic purposes can turn it off and Save their game the traditional way!

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