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How to Make the Best Curry

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Curry is a type of food you can cook while camping in Pokemon Sword and Shield, the Isle of Armor, and the Crown Tundra DLCs. See how to make the best Curry, the recipes for each one, effects, and more.

How to Make Curry

Choose Ingredient and Berry

To start making your curry you will need to choose the ingredients and Berries you would like to use in making your curry. Be reminded that using different combinations of ingredients and Berries will give out different flavors and styles of curry.


Fan the Flame

fan the flame.jpg
Fanning the flame determins the strength of the flame. Controlling the flame is vital in making your curry delicious.

Fanning too hard will lead to your curry to be burnt and fanning too slow will lead your curry to be undercooked. There will be a glitter effect coming out of your cooking stating that you are controlling the flame perfectly.

Fire Fire State
Very Low Fire Low Heat
Low Fire Slightly Normal Heat
Normal Fire Normal Heat
Slightly Large Fire (Shining) Great Heat
Large Fire (Burning) Burning Heat

Stir the Curry

Camp with friends 1.jpg
After you adjust the heat for the curry, it is now time to mix your curry. You will need to mix your curry to avoid it getting burned. Having the right amount of speed in mixing will determine whether your curry will be burned.

Seeing steam and glitter effect indicates that your curry is being mixed well.

Curry Soup Stirring Type Status
Dark Soup Little to none Stirring Burned
None Lack of Stirring Low Flavour
Light Steam (Glittering) Normal Stirring Normal Flavour
Clear Steam (Glittering) Great Stirring Great Flavour
Soup and Ingredients Too much stirring Ingredients will spill out

Put Your Heart Into It


The final step to making the curry is putting your heart into it! To get the best result, press the A button when the white circle aligns with the inner green circle.

Keep in mind that the white circle doesn't stop when you press the A button, so make sure you get your timing right to really put your heart into it!

Curry Recipes

151 Recipes

There are a total of 151 recipes of curry available in game. There are 6 main recipes depending on the ingredient you use.

Curry Recipe List

Number Curry Ingredients
001-006 Curry None
007-012 Sausage Curry Sausage
013-018 Juicy Curry Bob's Food Tin
019-024 Rich Curry Bach's Food Tin
025-030 Bean Medley Curry Tin of Beans
031-036 Toast Curry Bread
037-042 Pasta Curry Pasta
043-048 Mushroom Medley Curry Mixed Mushrooms
049-054 Smoked-Tail Curry Smoke-Poke Tail
055-060 Leek Curry Large Leek
061-066 Apple Curry Fancy Apple
067-072 Bone Curry Brittle Bones
073-078 Plenty-of-Potato Curry Pack of Potatoes
079-084 Herb Medley Curry Pungent Root
085-090 Salad Curry Salad Mix
091-096 Fried-Food Curry Fried Food
097-102 Boiled-Egg Curry Boiled Egg
103-108 Tropical Curry Fruit Bunch
109-114 Cheese-Covered Curry Moomoo Cheese
115-120 Seasoned Curry Spice Mix
121-126 Whipped-Cream Curry Fresh Cream
127-132 Decorative Curry Packaged Curry
133-138 Coconut Curry Coconut Milk
139-144 Instant-Noodle Curry Instant Noodles
145-150 Burger-Steak Curry Precooked Burger
151 Gigantamax Curry Gigantamix

Ingredients and Types of Curry

Curry Flavors

There are 5 different kind of flavors of curry in the game. The flavor of the curry depends on the Berries you use in making your curry.

Curry Flavor Berries Needed
Curry Use different kind of berries with different taste.
Spicy Curry Use 10 Spicy Berry.
Dry Curry Use 10 Dry Berry.
Sweet Curry Use 10 Sweet Berry.
Bitter Curry Use 10 Bitter Berry.
Sour Curry Use 10 Sour Berry.

Berry Taste

▲:Faint Steam, △: Slightly Faint Steam, ●: Normal Steam, △: Slightly Heavy Steam ◎: Heavy Steam

Berry Spicy Dry Sweet Bitter Sour
Cheri Berry
Chesto Berry
Pecha Berry
Rawst Berry
Aspear Berry
Leppa Berry
Oran Berry
Persim Berry
Lum Berry
Sitrus Berry
Figy Berry
Wiki Berry
Mago Berry
Aguav Berry
lapapa Berry
Pomeg Berry
Kelpsy Berry
Qualot Berry
Hondew Berry
Grepa Berry
Tamato Berry
Occa Berry
Passho Berry
Wacan Berry
Rindo Berry
Yache Berry
Chople Berry
Kebia Berry
Shuca Berry
Coba Berry
Payapa Berry
Tanga Berry
Charti Berry
Kasib Berry
Haban Berry
Colbury Berry
Babiri Berry
Chilan Berry
Liechi Berry
Ganlon Berry
Salac Berry
Petaya Berry
Apicot Berry
Lansat Berry
Starf Berry
Roseli Berry
Kee Berry
Maranga Berry
Milce Berry

What is Curry

Cooking Curry in Pokemon Camp

Curry finish.jpg
You can cook a total of 151 types of curry while you are camping with your Pokemon. Curry gives out Exp. Points and raises the happiness of your Pokemon. Be sure to go to the Pokemon camp with your Pokemon to get bonuses.
How to Use Camping Gear and Set Up Pokemon Camp

Curry Classes and Effects

Curries are rated according to class, with better ranking curries providing higher bonuses to our Pokemon. Practice your cooking skills to get the best rating everytime!

Class Effect
Class 1.pngKoffing Class HP is healed by 25%.
Pokemon Exp is increased slightly.
Pokemon Happiness is increased slightly.
Class 2.pngWobbuffet Class HP is healed by 50%.
Pokemon Exp is increased by 480.
Pokemon Happiness is increased averagely.
Class 3.pngMilcery Class HP is healed by 100%.
Pokemon Exp is increased by 1050.
Pokemon Happiness is increased by a good amount.
All status conditions are removed.
class 4.pngCooperajah Class HP is healed by 100%.
Pokemon Exp is increased by 1050.
Pokemon Happiness is increased by 50.
All status conditions are removed.
PP for moves are restored.
Class 5.pngCharizard Class HP is healed by 100%.
Pokemon Exp is increased by a great amount.
Pokemon Happiness is increased by a great amount.
All status conditions are removed.
PP for moves are restored.

Curry Styles

Curry has many different styles in the Galar region. The curry style will be determined depending on the ingredients you used in cooking. Be sure to be creative in using the ingredients to complete your Curry Dex.

Receive from Pokemon Center Shops

Starting from the release date of Pokemon on November 15, 2019, you can bring your Pokemon Sword and Shield to any real-world Pokemon Center and they will receive an ingredient and a Berry. If you are nearby a Pokemon Center, be sure to drop by to get ingredients and Berries for your curry.

Curry Bonuses

curry clas.jpg

HP and Status Conditions

Eating curry while in the Pokemon Camp restores your Pokemon's HP and cures any status conditions of your Pokemon given that the curry has a high class rating .

Receive Exp. Points

When you eat curry, you will gain an Exp. Point bonus from it. Be reminded that the higher the class of the curry the higher the bonus Exp. Points you will receive.

Happiness Increase

Your Pokemon's happiness will increase when you eat curry with them. This will help you as your Pokemon will be more eager in battling other Pokemon. The happiness bonus you get from eating curry depends on the taste rating of your curry.

Curry Dex

Curry Book.jpg
All of the curry style you make will be recorded in the Curry Dex. Here, you can check what curry you have already made, the big ingredient you used and the taste rating you got from making the curry.

Curry Dex Completion Rewards

curry dex.jpg

Curry Dex Entry Reward
1 Curry Dex Entry Sausages x3
5 Curry Dex Entry Fresh Ball
10 Curry Dex Entry Weighted Ball
15 Curry Dex Entry Soothe Ball
30 Curry Dex Entry Mirror Ball
50 Curry Dex Entry Tympole Ball
80 Curry Dex Entry Champion Ball
110 Curry Dex Entry Moomoo Cheese x3
150 Curry Dex Entry Smoke-Poke x3
151 Curry Dex Entry Golden Cooking Utensils

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