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Getting to the 3rd Gym (Part 3) - Walkthrough

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Getting to the 3rd Gym

This is the story guide and objectives list for obtaining the 3rd Badge (Hulbury - Motostoke) in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Read on to learn which Pokemon the trainers in this location have, as well as other useful walkthrough information.

Getting to the 2nd Gym Getting to the 4th Gym

Things to Do Before Getting to the 3rd Gym

Get a Water, Ground or Rock-type Pokemon

The third Gym Leader, Kabu, uses 3 Fire-type Pokemon. It's a good idea to go ahead and prepare a Pokemon who can take him on. Water, Ground and Rock, the three primary weaknesses of Fire, are your best options.

Drednaw is especially recommended

2nd Mine Drednaw.jpeg
The Water/Rock-type Pokemon Drednaw can be found in the 2nd Mine area of the game. With its initially high level, and starting off already knowing Rock Tomb, Drednaw will be a welcome addition to your team.

Getting to the 3rd Gym - Story Walkthrough


Hulbury Items and Obtainable Pokemon

Hulbury Objectives
1 Leave Hulbury Stadium
2 Go to the Seafood Restaurant to the right of the Pokemon Center
3 Go to the back of the restaurant and talk to Rose
4 Leave the restaurant and head east (right) towards the 2nd Mine

2nd Mine

2nd Mine Items and Obtainable Pokemon

2nd Mine Objectives
1 Continue along the road
2 Battle with Bede
3 Head south (down)
4 Battle with Team Yell
5 Continue heading south (down)
6 Talk with Kabu

Motostoke Outskirts

Motostoke Outskirts Items and Obtainable Pokemon

Motostoke Outskirts Objectives
1 Continue west (left)
2 Cross the bridge to Motostoke


Motostoke Items and Obtainable Pokemon

Motostoke Objectives
1 Continue west and go into the hotel
2 Battle with Marnie
3 Continue east (right) and enter the Gym
4 Talk to the person at the front desk
5 Go through the gym and Defeat Kabu

Motostoke Gym Leader: Kabu's Pokemon

Pokemon Lv. Type Known Moves
Ninetales ImageNinetales Lv. 25 Fire Type ・Will-O-Wisp
・Fire Spin
・Quick Attack
Arcanine ImageArcanine Lv. 25 Fire Type ・Will-O-Wisp
・Flame Wheel
Centiskorch ImageCentiskorch Lv. 27 Fire Type Bug Type ・Flame Wheel
・Bug Bite

How to Beat Kabu

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