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This is a list of strategy guides for all Gym Leaders in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Here you can find out each Gym Leader's type, as well as the Pokemon they use. Read on for tips and strategy on how to beat them!

List of Gym Leaders

1st-3rd Badges
MiloMilo NessaNessa KabuKabu
4th Badge
5th Badge
6th Badge
7th-8th Badges
PiersPiers RaihanRaihan

Overview of Gym Leader Battle Strategies

Milo: Type and Pokemon

Type Specialty Grass Type

Milo's Pokemon

Gossifleur ImageGossifleur Eldegoss ImageEldegoss

How to Beat Milo

Nessa: Type and Pokemon

Type Specialty Water Type

Nessa's Pokemon

Goldeen ImageGoldeen Arrokuda ImageArrokuda Drednaw ImageDrednaw

How to Beat Nessa

Kabu: Type and Pokemon

Type Specialty Fire Type

Kabu's Pokemon

Ninetales ImageNinetales Arcanine ImageArcanine Centiskorch ImageCentiskorch

How to Beat Kabu

Bea: Type and Pokemon (Sword Exclusive)

Type Specialty Fighting Type

Bea's Pokemon

Hitmontop ImageHitmontop Pangoro ImagePangoro SirfetchSirfetch'd
Machamp ImageMachamp

How to Beat Bea

Allister: Type and Pokemon (Shield Exclusive)

Type Specialty Ghost Type

Allister's Pokemon

Galarian Yamask ImageGalarian Yamask Mimikyu ImageMimikyu Cursola ImageCursola
Gengar ImageGengar

How to Beat Allister

Opal: Type and Pokemon

Type Specialty Fairy Type

Opal's Pokemon

Galarian Weezing ImageGalarian Weezing Mawile ImageMawile Togekiss ImageTogekiss
Alcremie ImageAlcremie

How to Beat Opal

Gordie: Type and Pokemon (Sword Exclusive)

Type Specialty Rock Type

Gordie's Pokemon

Barbaracle ImageBarbaracle Shuckle ImageShuckle Stonjourner ImageStonjourner
Coalossal ImageCoalossal

How to Beat Gordie

Melony: Type and Pokemon (Shield Exclusive)

Type Specialty Ice Type

Melony's Pokemon

Frosmoth ImageFrosmoth Galarian Darmanitan ImageGalarian Darmanitan Eiscue ImageEiscue
Lapras ImageLapras

How to Beat Melony

Piers: Type and Pokemon

Type Specialty Dark Type

Piers's Pokemon

Scrafty ImageScrafty Obstagoon ImageObstagoon Malamar ImageMalamar
Skuntank ImageSkuntank

How to Beat Piers

Raihan: Type and Pokemon

Type Specialty Dragon Type

Raihan's Pokemon

Gigalith ImageGigalith Flygon ImageFlygon Sandaconda ImageSandaconda
Duraludon ImageDuraludon Dynamax

How to Beat Raihan

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