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How to Complete the Isle of Armor Pokedex and Rewards

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Need some tips for completing the Isle of Armor Pokedex in Pokemon Sword and Shield? Check our guide below for things you can do to fill out your Dex and rewards for completion!

The Isle of Armor Pokedex Articles
Pokedex Icon.pngThe Isle of Armor Pokedex Completion Mark.pngHow to Complete the Isle of Armor Pokedex and Rewards

Best Way to Complete Your Pokedex

Use Pokemon HOME

Pokemon Home.png
  1. Send Pokemon from past games with Pokemon HOME
  2. Withdraw them from your Pokemon Box
  3. They will be registered in your Pokedex

Using Pokemon HOME to transfer Pokemon from past games is one of the quickest and best ways to fill your Pokedex. The difficulty of obtaining Pokemon on the Isle of Armor can differ from previous games and you could waste your time searching in the DLC when you may have them already stored in a past game so it's our recommendation to transfer them over instead if possible.

How to Download and Transfer Pokemon with Pokemon HOME

Beware of the Current HOME Bug!

When transferring Pokemon exclusive to the Isle of Armor Pokedex they will not register! Withdrawing them from your box will not rectify this, either. At the moment there hasn't been an update to fix this issue, but there is a work around involving the Daycare! Simply leave the transferred Pokemon in the Daycare and immediately withdraw them to get the Pokedex registration. This will cost you 500 Pokedollars per Pokemon, but until an update is released, this is currently the only fix.

Use Trading

For Pokemon you are struggling with getting, using the Link Trade function in the game is also recommended. If you're having trouble finding people to trade with, head over to our Pokemon Trading Board!

Pokemon Trading Board

Rewards for Completing the Isle of Armor Pokedex

Replica Gold Crown

Replica Gold Crown.jpeg
When completing the Pokedex on the Isle of Armor, you will obtain the Replica Gold Crown cosmetic item. For those who enjoy customizing their character and showing off in ranked battles, this might be something you want to go for!

Mark Charm

Mark Charm.jpeg
The Mark Charm makes it easier to find Pokemon that have Marks. The difficulty of finding Pokemon like this is already quite high, so you should complete your Pokedex if you want to search for them.

Certificate of Completion

For filling up your Pokedex, you will obtain a Certificate of Completion like usual. There's no way to display it in game anywhere but just receiving it is an accomplishment in itself.

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