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Post Game Content Checklist and Walkthrough

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Post Game Content
This is a guide and checklist to post game content in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Events unlocked after beating the game, as well as things to do in order to fully complete SwSh are all listed here whether you play solo, competitively, or likes Max Raid Battles! Champions of Galar who are unsure of what to do next, please read on!

What Should You Do After the Story?

There are several post-game contents that you can do after the Story of Pokemon Sword and Shield. Check each post-game content below.

Post Game Contents /
Events After Completing the Story
Get the Master Ball Complete the Post-Game Story
Unlock the IV Judge Function Obtain Type: Null
Obtain Charmander Get a Beast Ball
Farm a Lot of Money!

Obtain the Master Ball Just After Clearing the game

Post Game Content - Master Ball

One of the things you can get from the post-game is a Masterball. You will be able to receive the Master Ball after completing Pokemon Sword or Shield. This game has no Legendary Trio, so be sure and use this Poke Ball on either Zacian or Zamazenta.

How to Get the Master Ball

Do the Post-Game Story and Catch the Legendaries!

Post Game Content - Swordbert and Shieldward.jpg

After beating the game, the first thing you should prioritize doing is completing the post-game story. After beating the game, this game's legendary mascots become obtainable.

Sword Shield
Zacian ImageZacian Zamazenta ImageZamazenta

How to Catch Legendary Pokemon

Unlock The Judge Function

Post Game Content - Judge Function.jpg

Unlock the Judge Function and you will be able to check your Pokemon's IVs. The Judge Function is obtained by taking on the Battle Tower.

How to Unlock the Judge Function

Obtain Type: Null From the Left Side of the Battle Tower

Type Null
The previous Rose Tower will become the Battle Tower. If you speak with the woman in the left part of the Battle Tower, you will be able to get the Pokemon Type: Null.

How to Catch Type: Null

Receive a Charmander from Hop's House

Post Game Content - Charmander

You can obtain a special Charmander if you go to the 2nd story of Hop's house. You will return home after seeing the end credit roll, so while you are there, go ahead and pick this Pokemon up.

How to Catch Charmander and its Moveset

Obtain a Beast Ball

Post Game Content - Receive Beast Ball.jpg

After becoming the new champion, the Beast Ball can be obtained from one of the vendors in Stow-on-Side. This is a rare Poke Ball, so either hold onto it or use it on a Pokemon you really like.

Earn some money to enjoy everything there is to offer!

Post Game Content - Gigantamax Meowth.jpg
In order to enjoy all of the content available post game in Pokemon Sword and Shield, you are going to need some extra Poke Dollars. Get some money and buy training items, clothes, and more.

How to Get Money (Poke Dollars) Fast

For Players Who Want to do Max Raid Battles

Content for Max Raid Lovers
Obtain the Catching Charm Catch Legendaries from Max Raids!
Obtain a Lot of Wishing Pieces

What are Max Raid Battles?

The Catching Charm Makes Catching Pokemon Even Easier

Post Game Content - Receive Catching Charm.jpg

The Catching Charm is very useful for players who want to participate in Max Raid battles, as it will increase your catch rate. This items can be obtained from the Circhester Hotel.

Catch Max Raid Legendary Pokemon

Zacian ImageZacian Zamazenta ImageZamazenta

Catch the most powerful Pokemon in Max Raid Battles. Max Raids will be much easier with a powerful legendary Pokemon on your team.

Get a Lot of Wishing Pieces

You are going to need a whole lot of Wishing Pieces if you want to get through Max Raids most efficiently. Collect as many Wishing Pieces as you can and take on Max Raids with your friends.

Wishing Piece Effect and How to Get It

For Players Who Want to Battle

Contents for Players Who Want to Battle
Collect All TMs Collect All TRs
Collect all Competitive Training Items Collect all Battle Items
Train Your Pokemon

Collect all TMs!

If you want to have the best moves at your disposal, you are going to need to collect all TMs, which will give you a ton of control over what moves your Pokemon can choose from.

List of TMs and Location

Collect all TRs!

TRs can only be used once, but are often more powerful than TMs. These will drop from Max Raid Battles, so try your hand many times to collect them all.

List of TRs and Location

Collect All Competitive Training Items

Item Explanation
High IV Ditto Will be a parent for nearly any Pokemon
Destiny Knot If a Pokemon in the Day Care center holds this, 5 of its IVs are passed to its offspring.
Everstone If a Pokemon in the Day Care center holds this, its offspring will have the same nature.
Power Item Will increase the EVs you can obtain from battle by +8. If a Pokemon in the Day Care center holds this, it will pass down the respective IV to an offspering.
Oval Charm Increases the chance of Pokémon Eggs being found at the Nursery.
Lucky Egg If a Pokemon holds this, its Exp. points will increase by 1.5x.

Collecting these tools will help you make the most out of the Pokemon you are raising. In addition to the bonuses they add on to your Pokemon, they greatly reduce the time involved with training a powerful Pokemon.

A Ditto with good IVs is a must!


Ditto, who can act as a parent for any Pokemon, is a requirement for getting the best eggs. Since parent Pokemon pass on their IVs to their offspring, you will want to have one with the best IVs available.

Ditto - Evolutions, Location, and LearnsetHow to Catch Ditto Ditto StatsDitto Trading Board

Collect All Battle Items

Gather up some many items that can be used within battle. Most of these can be traded for BP, which is obtained in the Battle Tower.

List of Battle Items and Held Items

Train Your Pokemon for Battle

Train the Pokemon you wish to battle with. In this game, EVs can be maxed out with Protein and other vitamins, making it relatively easy to boast powerful stats.

How to Train Pokemon Like a Pro

For People Who Want to Play Alone

Content for Playing Pokemon Alone
Take on The Battle Tower Compete in Tournaments
Collect Rare League Cards Buy All Clothes
Complete the Curry Dex

Take On the Battle Tower

Post Game Content - Battle Tower Entrance

If you wish to play by yourself, the Battle Tower is just for you. The opponents you face hold battle items, and fighting with them in succession is a rather difficult challenge. If you believe in your abilities as a trainer, go for it!

Battle Tower Walkthrough and Recommended Party

Compete in Tournaments

Post Game Content - Compete in Another Tournament
You can enter the final tournament from the story again. Much like the Elite Four from previous games in the series, taking these opponents on again is one way to earn som money.

Obtain Rare League Cards

Rare League Card
Playing alone, you may also want to try and collect all rare League Cards. Once you obtain someone's League Card, you will be able to call that character at the tournament.

Collect All Clothes From the Boutique

Post Game Content - Boutique
Get some Poke Dollars and go on a shopping spree! Enjoy exploring the region with thew hottest threads Galar has to offer.

How to Change Your Clothes and Appearance

Complete The Curry Dex!

Post Game Content - curry dex.jpg

Be the greatest curry chef there ever was. There are over 100 types of curry to be made, and Game8's walkthrough team is currently in the midst of collecting and writing them all.
How to Make the Best Curry

Hidden Post-Game Content (Easter Eggs)

Hidden Post-Game Content
Battle with Hop! Battle with Marnie!
Battle with Morimoto! Learn Steel Beam
See the End Credits

Battle with Hop in Slumbering Weald

Post Game Content - Hop Battle in Slumbering Weald.jpg
Deep within Slumbering Weald, you can battle with Hop again.

His Pokemon have grown a lot stronger since you fought him toward the end of the game, so be sure and level up before taking him on.

Battle with Marnie in Spikemuth

Post Game Content - Battle with Marnie
You can battle with Marnie in front of the Pokemon Center in Spikemuth. She has also become much stronger than the last time you defeated her.

Battle with Mr. Morimoto in the Circhester Hotel

Post Game Content - Battle with Morimoto
There is a powerful trainer named Morimoto who appears in Circhester Hotel after clearing the game. He is one of this game's secrets, and defeating him will earn you the Oval Charm.

Learn Steel Beam in Motostoke

Post Game Content - Steel Beam
After clearing the game, going to the Motostoke Hotel and going down the southern set of stairs will lead you to a character, who when spoken to will give you the move Steel Beam.

Whether or not it can be melted by jelt fuel is for you to find out...

Motostoke Map and Obtainable Pokemon

See to the End Credit Roll in Hulbury

Post Game Content - Credit Roll.jpg

You can view the credit roll near the lighthouse in Hulbury. However, once you have chosen to listen to it, you will be unable to play for a solid five minutes, and you do not exactly get anything out of it.

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