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This is a board specifically for trading Ditto and Pokemon infected with the Pokerus in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Please use this board if you are in search of a Ditto with high IVs or trying to collect a Pokemon with the Pokerus for training purposes.

How to Catch Ditto

Ditto / Pokerus Trading Board

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36636 Anonymousabout 1 hourReport

want : 5 iv Ditto (non JPN) offering : 5 iv Ditto (JPN) LinkCode :6284

36635 Anonymousabout 9 hoursReport

Want 6iv ditto nonenglish Give 6iv ditto english Link code 5698 IGN jordansness

36634 Anonymousabout 10 hoursReport

want,Engditto offering,JAPditto code,0625

36633 Anonymous1 dayReport

>>36632 Password 0814

36632 Anonymous1 dayReport

Hi, I have a 5iv Ditto(JPN) Would like to receive other's one (same 5iv) Available now

36631 Anonymous1 dayReport

韓国4v枚タモンと交換する方を探します。 交換パスワードは1346です

36630 익명1 dayReport

韓国4v枚タモンと交換する方を探します。 交換パスワードは1346です

36629 Anonymous1 dayReport

韓国4v枚タモンと日本4vメタモン交換する方を探します。 交換パスワードは1346です

36628 Anonymous1 dayReport

韓国4v枚タモンと日本4vメタモン交換する方を探します。 交換パスワードは1346です

36627 익명1 dayReport

韓国産4v枚タモンと日本産4vメタモン交換する方を探します。 交換パスワードは1346です

36626 Anonymous1 dayReport

日本語以外のメタモンv関係なしが欲しい 出す日本語メタモン4v

36625 Anonymous1 dayReport

Want English 4iv Ditto Give JPN 4iv Ditto Code 5999

36624 Anonymous1 dayReport

Want non English 6IV Ditto Give English 6IV Ditto

36623 Anonymous2 daysReport

Want non spanish ditto 6iv Give spanish ditto 6 iv Online now Code 4455

36622 Anonymous2 daysReport

What nonspanish ditto 5iv Give JPN ditto 5iv Code 3976

36621 Anonymous2 daysReport
36620 Anonymous2 daysReport

Want non spanish ditto 6iv Give spanish ditto 6iv Code 4455

36619 Anonymous2 daysReport

Want non spanish ditto 6iv Give spanish ditto 6iv Code 445

36618 Anonymous2 daysReport

>>36617 You already have a spanish ditto?

36617 Anonymous2 daysReport

>>36616 Sorry, i realized i only had a spanish ditto that was 6ivs currently

36616 Anonymous2 daysReport

Want non spanish ditto 6iv Give spanish ditto 6iv Code 4455

36615 Anonymous2 daysReport

>>36609 I go 6iv spanish ditto Need 6 ivs no spanish ditto

36614 Anonymous2 daysReport

Lf: non english 5iv 0speed ditto (doesn't matter if its shiny or not) ft: shiny english 5iv 0speed ditto Reply to the post if you can trade and ill set a link code

36613 Anonymous2 daysReport

want ,,, 6 IV neither JPN nor cheat ditto offering ,,, 5 IV JPN ditto and master ball code ,,,2432

36612 Anonymous2 daysReport

>>36599 I got pokerus umbreon

36611 Anonymous3 daysReport

want,non JPN 4iv ditto offering,JPN 4iv ditto code,0127

36610 Anonymous3 daysReport
36609 Anonymous3 daysReport

want,non-JPN 6 iv ditto offering,JPN 6 iv ditto code,0321

36608 Anonymous3 daysReport

want,Engditto offering,JAPditto code,0145

36607 Anonymous3 daysReport

[What You Want:] 6 iv non-jpn ditto [What You’re Offering:] 6 iv jpn ditto [Link Code:] 0008

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    • Want: Rowlet or Popplio or any of their evos
      Have: all other starters
      Other Info: if you ask for a pokemon and i dont have an egg for it i will trade you an egg when i get one

    • want : 5 iv Ditto (non JPN)
      offering : 5 iv Ditto (JPN)
      LinkCode :6284

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