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This page contains information on the new Galarian Star Tournament that players can participate in The Crown Tundra DLCc for Pokemon Sword and Shield. Read on to learn all the information we have for this new feature.

What is the Galarian Star Tournament?

A Challenging New Tournament Awaits!

Galarian Star Tournament Partner.png
The Galarian Star Tournament is a new feature that pits players against characters they have met throughout Pokemon Sword and Shield, as well as the Expansion Pass.

Unlike the regular championship match, Double Battles are the main battle format for the Galarian Star Tournament. Players will need to team up with one of the game's many characters to take on the championship!

New Conversations!

Galarian Star Tournament Conversation 2.png
The Galarian Star Tournament is said to expand on the characters greatly, and depending on who you partner with, you'll see a new side of the character from their conversations with you. These include the gym leaders you'll face up against, as they will talk with their respective partners as well!

Where to Start the Galarian Star Tournament

Wyndon Stadium

Galarian Star Tournament Wyndon.png
Players will most likely have to go to Wyndon Stadium to participate in the Galarian Star Tournament.
Wyndon Map and Obtainable Pokemon

List of Characters

Sword and Shield Gym Leaders and Trainers


Version Exclusive Gym Leaders and Trainers

Pokemon Sword
Pokemon Shield

Players will also team up with the new trainer who will appear in The Crown Tundra.
List of Story Characters

Tips and Strategies

Learn the Basics of Doubles Battles

Galarian Star Tournament Double Battles.png
The Galarian Star Tournament exclusively feature double battles, so knowledge of the unique mechanics of the battle format is a must! These include learning what Redirection is, as well as using doubles-specific moves such as Follow Me and Life Dew to assist your partner!

Check out our full article below to learn more about the basics of Double Battles!
Basics of Competitive Doubles Team Building

Use the Right Pokemon to Cover Your Partner's Weaknesses

Galarian Star Tournament Type Showcase.png
Since many of the prospective teammates have type-specific teams, you'll need to plan ahead and make sure you use the right Pokemon to cover your partner's weaknesses.

If you're partnered with a trainer that exclusively usues Fire-type Pokemon, your team should cover its weaknesses by include Water-type and Grass-type Pokemon.

Galarian Star Tournament Rewards

Possible Rewards from the Ball Guy

Championship League Reward
Championship Tournament Reward.jpg

In the base game, you get rewards the Ball Guy after clearing the championship. It's possible that you'll get rewards the same way after beating the Galarian Star Tournament.

Possible Ribbons?

Players can earn ribbons from the Battle Tower in the base game, so it's possible that the Galarian Star Tournament rewards your Pokemon team with new ribbons once you clear them.

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