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Get a Shiny Galarian Moltres! April International Challenge 2022

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Pokemon SWSH - April 2022 International Challenge.png

The April International Challenge 2022 Online Competition for Pokemon Sword and Shield will start on April 15, 2022, and you can sign up now! Check here for April International Challenge rulesets, battle formats, available Pokemon, and the rewards - most especially the Shiny Glarian Moltres!

April International Challenge

Pokemon SWSH - April 2022 International Challenge.png

Duration April 15, 2022 to April 17, 2022
Registration Date March 31 - April 14, 2022
Battle Format Doubles
Match Rules Ranked Battle Series 12
Eligible Pokemon Select Pokemon from National Pokedex
Team Composition 3-6 Pokemon Team
Pokemon Level Level 1 to 100
(Automatically set to Level 50)
Battle Limits 15 Battles per day
Rewards Shiny Galarian Moltres

Pokemon Restrictions

The April International Challenge follows the same ruleset as Ranked Batte Series 12, which allows two restricted Pokemon and the use of Dynamax and Gigantamax.

Ranked Battle Series 12 Rules

Available Restricted Pokemon

Pokemon SWSH - Mewtwo ImageMewtwo Pokemon SWSH - Lugia ImageLugia Pokemon SWSH - Ho-oh ImageHo-oh
Pokemon SWSH - Kyogre ImageKyogre Pokemon SWSH - Groudon ImageGroudon Pokemon SWSH - Rayquaza ImageRayquaza
Pokemon SWSH - Dialga ImageDialga Pokemon SWSH - Palkia ImagePalkia Pokemon SWSH - Rayquaza ImageRayquaza
Pokemon SWSH - Reshiram ImageReshiram Pokemon SWSH - Zekrom ImageZekrom Pokemon SWSH - Kyurem ImageKyurem
Pokemon SWSH - Cosmog ImageCosmog Pokemon SWSH - Cosmoem ImageCosmoem Pokemon SWSH - Solgaleo ImageSolgaleo
Pokemon SWSH - Lunala ImageLunala Pokemon SWSH - Necrozma ImageNecrozma Pokemon SWSH - Zacian ImageZacian
Pokemon SWSH - Zamazenta ImageZamazenta Pokemon SWSH - Eternatus ImageEternatus Pokemon SWSH - Calyrex ImageCalyrex

April Rewards: Shiny Galarian Moltres!

Pokemon SWSH - Shiny Galarian Moltres Mystery Gift.png
Level 70
Original Trainer Armor
Ability Berserk
Moveset Fiery Wrath Hurricane
Sucker Punch Nasty Plot

Players who participated in at least 3 matches during the April International Challenge will receive a shiny Galarian Moltres as a Mystery Gift at the end of the Online Competition.

How to Redeem Mystery Gift

1 Complete the First Event in Slumbering Weald
How to Use Mystery Gift 1.jpg
The Mystery Gift feature will not be available until you complete the first event in the Slumbering Weald, which is the first time you encounter the game's legendary Pokemon.
2 Choose Mystery Gift from the Menu
How to Use Mystery Gift 2.jpg
Open the game menu by pressing X, and select Mystery Gift; it has a pink present icon.
3 Select Get a Mystery Gift
Pokemon SWSH - Get Mystery Gift.png
Select the first option, Get a Mystery Gift.
4 Select Receiving Method
Pokemon SWSH - Get Battle Stadium Rewards.png
Choose Get Battle Stadium Rewards.
5 Choose the Mystery Gift
Pokemon SWSH - Choose Mystery Gift.png
Choose the Mystery Gift you want to receive.

How to Sign Up for Competitions

How to Sign Up
1 Press the X button to go to the menu.
2 Choose the Vs Option in the menu.
3 Select Battle Stadium.
4 Select Online Competition
5 Select Search Official Competition.

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Past Online Competitions

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