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How to Avoid Random Battles

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Avoid Random Battles

This is a guide on how to avoid random battles in the game Pokemon Sword and Shield. If you are low on HP or trying to save time by skipping wild Pokemon or Trainer battles, please read on.

What are Random Battles?

Random Battle Encounter

Random Battle Encounters in Pokemon Sword and Shield are battles triggered by Wild Pokemon in the grass. This guide will cover how to avoid random battles with trainers as well, as they are often skippable in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

In many cases, it is your up to you as to whether or not to challenge the opponent or to avoid them, but some there are instances that it becomes unavoidable. A good example of random battle encounter that you can avoid would be a fight between you and a Pokemon in the wild area.

Types of Battle Encounters

There are two types of battle encounters in Pokemon SwSh that are not required to complete the story.

Types of Random Battle Encounters
1 Wild Pokemon
2 Trainers

How to Avoid Random Battles

There are times when you simply do not want to deal with wild Pokemon or other trainers. If you are speed running, trying to complete a section of the game in a hurry, or if your team is low on health, you probablly want to skips as many battles as possible

But how can you prevent contact with Pokemon or Trainers? Check the guidelines below for tips and advice.

Ways to Avoid Random Pokemon or Trainers
1 Crouch down when exploring tall grasses where Pokemon wander around.
2 Run fast and go away from the grass when you encounter Pokemon running towards you. Hold the analogue stick to do this. Note that some Pokemon will leave the tall grass and run after you when they spot you.
3 Avoiding random encounters (especially from Evolved pokemon) by using a bike. You can obtain the Rotom Bike on Route 5.
4 Sneak away by walking far from the trainer's line of sight. Trainers are much harder to avoid, but it is often possible.

1 Crouch Down When Exploring Tall Grasses

Crouch Down in Grasses

When exploring the tall grass, do not move when Pokemon are nearby. You will automatically crouch down, and it will lower the chance of Pokemon attacking you. Gently moving the stick to walk will make you walk while crouched, which is less likely to alert Pokemon in the area.

3 Use a Bike

Rotom Bike

You have the option to use a bike when exploring. You can receive the Rotom Bike by following the story until you reach Route 5.

4 Avoid Trainer's Line of Sight

Avoid Trainers

Avoiding a trainer's line of sight might be hard to pull off, but it is usually possible. You can speed by them with your bike while they are turned, or sneak around the edges to make sure the trainer is not looking your way. In some cases, you can even pass a trainer by going through a route behind them. This will allow you to avoid unnecessary battles and speed through the game, but note that doing this excessively may leave you underleveled.

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1 Anonymousalmost 3 years

While I was in the fighting gym mission, I tried whistling to gain the trainers attention. They turned to see me and I walked right past them, avoiding the battle. I couldn’t do it to the last trainer of the gym though.


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