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Getting to the 4th Gym (Part 4) - Walkthrough

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Getting to the 4th Gym

This is the story guide and objectives list for obtaining the 4th Badge (Motostoke - Stow-on-Side) in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Read on to learn which Pokemon the trainers in this location have, as well as other useful walkthrough information.

Getting to the 3rd Gym Getting to the 5th Gym

Things to Do Before Getting to the 4th Gym

Catch a Yamask or a Dugtrio on Route 6

Galarian Yamask ImageGalarian Yamask Dugtrio ImageDugtrio

If you haven't caught any Pokemon with Ghost or Dark-type Moves up to this point, catching a Yamask or a Dugtrio on Route 6 can add balance to your team. Dugtrio will learn the Dark-type Move Sucker Punch, which can be useful for players of Pokemon Shield in taking on Allister's Ghost-type Pokemon.

Getting to the 4th Gym - Story Walkthrough


Motostoke Items and Obtainable Pokemon

Motostoke Objectives
1 Exit Motostoke Stadium
2 Talk to Hop and head to the Wild Area

Wild Area

Wild Area Objectives
1 Head to the east (left on the screen)
2 Cross the bridge to the north (left on the screen) and continue straight ahead
3 Continue to the gate in the shape of a dragon's head
4 Head into Hammerlocke


Hammerlocke Items and Obtainable Pokemon

Hammerlocke Objectives
1 Head to the north (up) and talk to Bede and Rose
2 Go north (up) into Hammerlocke Stadium
3 Leave Hammerlocke Stadium
4 Head west (left) at the crossroads and talk to Leon
5 Head west (left) and talk to Raihan in front of the Vault.
6 Enter the Vault and go up the stairs to talk to Sonia on the roof.
7 Go back down into the Vault and talk to Raihan.
8 Leave the Vault and continue west.

Route 6

Route 6 Items and Obtainable Pokemon

Route 6 Objectives
1 Continue west (left) and battle with Team Yell (2 battles in a row)
2 Keep continuing west (left), and at the far end, climb the ladder on the right side
3 Climb another ladder on the right side
4 After climbing to the top, head north (up)
5 Go into the town

Dugtrios will prevent your escape

The Dugtrios appearing on Route 6 have the Ability Arena Trap, which prevents its opponents from fleeing the battlefield. If you need to run away, use a Poke Doll to escape or switch in a Flying-type Pokemon, which are not affected by Arena Trap.


Stow-on-Side Items and Obtainable Pokemon

Stow-on-Side Objectives
1 Continue west (left) and battle with Hop
2 Head north (up) and enter Stow-on-Side Stadium.
3 Talk to the person at the front desk.
4 In Pokemon Sword, defeat Bea; in Pokemon Shield, defeat Allister.

Hop's Pokemon

Pokemon Lv. Type
Cramorant ImageCramorant Lv.29 Flying Type Water Type
Silicobra ImageSilicobra Lv.30 Ground Type
Toxel ImageToxel Lv.29 Electric Type Poison Type
Thwackey ImageThwackey
(If you chose Scorbunny)
Lv.5 Grass Type
Drizzile ImageDrizzile
(If you chose Grookey)
Lv.5 Water Type
Raboot ImageRaboot
(If you chose Sobble)
Lv.5 Fire Type

Stow-on-Side Gym Leader (Sword): Bea's Pokemon

Pokemon Lv. Type Known Moves
Hitmontop ImageHitmontop Lv.34 Fighting Type ・Triple Kick
・Quick Attack
Pangoro ImagePangoro Lv.34 Fighting Type Dark Type ・Circle Throw
・Bullet Punch
・Night Slash
・Work Up
SirfetchSirfetch'd Lv.35 Fighting Type ・Revenge
・Swords Dance
・Brutal Swing
Machamp ImageMachamp Lv.36 Fighting Type ・Scary Face
・Knock Off

How to Beat Bea

Stow-on-Side Gym Leader (Shield): Allister's Pokemon

Pokemon Lv. Type Known Moves
Galarian Yamask ImageGalarian Yamask Lv.34 Ghost Type ・Brutal Swing
Mimikyu ImageMimikyu Lv.34 Ghost Type Fairy Type ・Shadow Sneak
・Baby-Doll Eyes
・Hone Claws
Cursola ImageCursola Cursola Lv.35 Ghost Type ・Ancient Power
Gengar ImageGengar Lv.36 Ghost Type Poison Type ・Venoshock

How to Beat Allister

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