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This is a guide on how to change your appearance in the games Pokemon Sword and Shield. Read on to learn more about how to go on with your adventure in the Galar Region with style.

Where to Change Your Appearance

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There are two kinds of locations where you can pay to change your character's appearance. At almost any town or city in Galar, you can find boutiques, which sell clothes for your character, and salons, where you can change your character's hair and makeup.

How to Change Your Clothes (The Boutique)

Boutiques are all over Galar, so they are not hard to find. Here, you can buy new clothes, or change into other clothes that you have already bought. Boutiques in diiferent locations all over the region vary in the clothes they stock, so you may want to check the boutiques whenever you are in a new location.

Location of each Boutique

Buying Clothes

Buying Clothes Approach the cashier inside the boutique
Choices1 She will direct you to the items available in the store

There are many types of clothes to choose from. Tops, Jackets, Dresses, you name it!
Buying1 Once you have decided on the item you want to buy, press A to purchase it.
Buying2 You will also be given a choice of whether you want to wear your newly purchased garment immediately or not.

Changing Clothes

Owned Clothes Clothes must be changed inside of boutiques. When changing clothes, you will be presented with the same menu as when you purchase them.
Fitting Room First find the Fitting Room inside the boutique.
Change1 Entering the Fitting Room will direct you to your wardrobe. Confirm your clothing after choosing what you want to wear.
Update League Card You will also be given a choice to update your League Card or not.

How to Change Your Hairstyle and Makeup (The Salon)

The Salon is often next to the boutique. There are numerous Salons in Galar so changing your makeup and hairstyle is easy!

Changing your Hairstyle

Hairstyle Approach the Stylist and select "Hair"
Choice3 You will be directed to a chair so that you can choose your haircut
Hair Choice1 You can also choose the style of your bangs
Hair Choice2 And your hair color
Final After choosing your hairstyle, bangs, and hair color, tap Y button to confirm your look

Changing your Makeup

Changing your makeup includes eyebrow and lashes styling, changing color contacts, and lipstick.

Makeup Approach the stylist to choose Makeup.
eyebrows.jpg You will be directed to a chair so that you can choose your eyebrow style
eyebrow color.jpg You can choose the color of your eyebrows
lashes.jpg Then your lashes
contact lenses.jpg Next is your contact lenses
Lipstick.jpg Lastly is your lipstick
Final_Makeup After you have finished your selection, tap Y button to confirm your style

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