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How to Surf (Bike) on Water

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This is a page guide on how to Surf using the Rotom Bike on water in the game Pokemon Sword and Shield. If you want to learn how to ride your Pokemon or use the Rotom Bike to reach other areas, read on.

How to Surf on your Pokemon

Surfing Pokemon

In previous Pokemon games, Surfing referred to using the move Surf to ride on your Pokemon's back and swim across the water. However, riding your Pokemon to cross the water is no longer possible in Pokemon Sword and Shield. This feature has been replaced by surfing across the water using your Rotom Bike.

How to Get and Use the Rotom Bike

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Pokemon are still able to learn the move Surf. For instance, you can see Milotic with Surf learned by level up. Despite this, there is no option to ride Pokemon knowing the move Surf.

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Instead, the only way to go across the water area and reach land areas such as Lake of Outrage. which is isolated from the main land part of the Wild Area, is by riding the second Rotom Bike across water.

How to Obtain the Water Rotom Bike

Rotom Bike 2

Note that the first Rotom Bike, obtained on Route 5, cannot Surf on Water; only the second Rotom Bike obtained on Route 9 is able to Surf.

Rotom Bike 1 Rotom Bike 2

The first Rotom Bike obtainable on Route 5, east of Turffield, gives you the ability to move around land faster. And the second Rotom Bike obtainable around Route 9 which gives you the ability to travel on water.

How to Surf on Water Using the Rotom Bike

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You can obtain the second Rotom Bike, which allows you to travel across water, at the start of Route 9, east of Circhester.

How to Use the Water Rotom Bike
1 Press "+" to ride the Rotom Bike.
2 While riding the bike on land, move onto a water area. Rotom Bike will automatically change to Surf mode when you do so.
3 Just like on land, continue riding until there are sparks around the Rotom Bike's wheels, then press the B button while moving the joystick in one direction to activate the Turbo Boost function.

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