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All Crown Tundra Legendaries and Where to Find Them

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This is a list of all Legendary Pokemon found in the Crown Tundra, and a guide to catching all of them. Learn the locations of each Legendary Pokemon here!

Legendary Pokemon Guides
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List of Crown Tundra Legendaries

Legendaries in Dynamax Adventures

Crown Tundra - Battling Legendary Pokemon in Dynamax Adventures

Available in All Versions

Nat. No. Galar No. Pokemon Type
144 NatDex 144-1 Ice Type Flying Type
145 NatDex 145-1 Electric Type Flying Type
146 NatDex 146-1 Fire Type Flying Type
150 NatDex 150 Psychic Type
243 NatDex 243 Electric Type
244 NatDex 244 Fire Type
245 NatDex 245 Water Type
384 NatDex 384 Dragon Type Flying Type
480 NatDex 480 Psychic Type
481 NatDex 481 Psychic Type
482 NatDex 482 Psychic Type
485 NatDex 485 Fire Type Steel Type
487 NatDex 487 Ghost Type Dragon Type
488 NatDex 488 Psychic Type
645 NatDex 645 Ground Type Flying Type
646 NatDex 646 Dragon Type Ice Type
718 NatDex 718 Dragon Type Ground Type
785 NatDex 785 Electric Type Fairy Type
786 NatDex 786 Psychic Type Fairy Type
787 NatDex 787 Grass Type Fairy Type
788 NatDex 788 Water Type Fairy Type
793 NatDex 793 Rock Type Poison Type
794 NatDex 794 Bug Type Fighting Type
795 NatDex 795 Bug Type Fighting Type
796 NatDex 796 Electric Type
797 NatDex 797 Steel Type Flying Type
798 NatDex 798 Grass Type Steel Type
799 NatDex 799 Dark Type Dragon Type
800 NatDex 800 Psychic Type
803 NatDex 805 Rock Type Steel Type
804 NatDex 806 Fire Type Ghost Type

Sword Exclusives

Nat. No. Galar No. Pokemon Type
250 NatDex 250 Fire Type Flying Type
381 NatDex 381 Dragon Type Psychic Type
383 NatDex 383 Ground Type
483 NatDex 483 Steel Type Dragon Type
641 NatDex 641 Flying Type
643 NatDex 643 Dragon Type Fire Type
716 NatDex 716 Fairy Type
791 NatDex 791 Psychic Type Steel Type

Shield Exclusives

Nat. No. Galar No. Pokemon Type
249 NatDex 249 Psychic Type Flying Type
380 NatDex 380 Dragon Type Psychic Type
382 NatDex 382 Water Type
484 NatDex 484 Water Type Dragon Type
642 NatDex 642 Electric Type Flying Type
644 NatDex 644 Dragon Type Electric Type
717 NatDex 717 Dark Type Flying Type
792 NatDex 792 Psychic Type Ghost Type

Legendaries Found in the Story

The King of Bountiful Harvests

Crown Tundra - Calyrex Story Guide

The King of Bountiful Harvests Walkthrough

Nat. No. Galar No. Pokemon Type
896 NatDex 896 Ice Type
897 NatDex 897 Ghost Type
898 NatDex 898 Psychic Type Grass Type

The Legendary Titans

Crown Tundra - Legendary Titans Story Guide
The Legendary Titans Walkthrough

Nat. No. Galar No. Pokemon Type
377 NatDex 377 Rock Type
378 NatDex 378 Ice Type
379 NatDex 379 Steel Type
486 NatDex 486 Normal Type
894 NatDex 894 Electric Type
895 NatDex 895 Dragon Type

The Legendary Birds

Crown Tundra - Three Birds Story Guide
The Legendary Birds Walkthrough

Nat. No. Galar No. Pokemon Type
144.1 NatDex 144 Psychic Type Flying Type
145.1 NatDex 145 Fighting Type Flying Type
146.1 NatDex 146 Dark Type Flying Type

Searching for Evidence

Crown Tundra - Legendary Footprint Guide
Location of All Footprints (Evidence)

Nat. No. Galar No. Pokemon Type
638 NatDex 638 Steel Type Fighting Type
639 NatDex 639 Rock Type Fighting Type
640 NatDex 640 Grass Type Fighting Type
647 NatDex 647 Water Type Fighting Type

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