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How to Customize Your League Card

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This is a guide to League Cards in the games Pokemon Sword and Shield. Read on for details about making and editing your own League Card and exchanging them with other players.

What are League Cards?

League Card

League Cards in Pokemon Sword and Shield serve as profile introductions given to other players or trainers around the Galar region.

League Cards can be obtained from trainers (such as Gym Leaders) or other players by simply encountering them or by defeating them in battle.

How to Create Your Own League Card

Create Your League Card in Pokemon Center

League Card Creation

Talk to Rotomi and select the Use Card Maker option.

Choose Background, Effect and Frame

League Card Background Effect and Frame

Decide on a background, effect and frame which will match your character's personality.

Change Expression and Pose

League Card Change Expression and Pose.jpg

There are also various expressions and poses to choose from.

How to Change Expressions, Poses and Other Options
1 Select "X" to change your character's expression.
2 Select "Y" to change your character's pose.
3 Press "R" to choose if you want to Zoom, Move or Rotate your character's image on the card.
4 To use the Zoom function, tilt your joystick up to zoom out or down to zoom in.
5 To use the Move function, tilt the joystick to the left or right to move your character's position.
6 To use the Rotate function, tilt the joystick to the left or right to rotate your character.
Expressions Poses

Collect or Exchange League Cards

Raihan League Card

There will be many opportunities to collect or exchange League Cards with in-game characters.

Gathering Trainers' and Gym Leaders' League Cards

Bea League Card

In-game trainers and Gym Leaders give their League Cards when you simply encounter them or when you have defeated them.

You may want to take note of how other trainers and champions designed their respective cards and get some ideas of how you want yours to look.

Meaning of each trainer's number

On each of the in-game trainers' League Cards, you can see their Trainer Number in the bottom-left corner. These numbers are all actually puns in Japanese.

Name Number Explanation
Hop 189 1 (Ichi) + 8 (Ya) + 9 (Ku) = Hiyaku (Soaring)
Bede 908 9 (Ku) + 0 (Rei) + 8 (Ba) = Kureba (Clever)
Marnie 960 9 (Ku) + 6 (Roku) = Kuro (Black)
Milo 831 8 (Ya) + 3 (San) + 1 (Ichi) = Yasai (Vegetables)
Nessa 049 0 (O) + 4 (Yon) + 9 (Ku = Oyogu (Swim)
Kabu 187 1 (Ichi) + 8 (Ba) + 7 (Nana) = Hibana (Fireworks)
Bea 193 1 (Ichi) + 9 (Ku) + 3 (San) = Ikusa (Battle)
Allister 291 2 (Ni) + 9 (Ku) + 1 (Ichi) = Nikui (Detested)
Opal 910 9 (Kyū) + 10 (To) = Kyūto (sounds like "Cute")
Gordie 188 1 (Ichi) + 8 (Wa) + 8(Ba) = Iwaba (Quarry)
Melony 361 3 (San) + 6 (Mu) + 1 (Ichi) = Samui (Cold)
Piers 061 0 is a Circle (Wa) + 6 (Roku) + 1 (Ichi) = Warui (Bad)
Raihan 241 2 (sounds like Tsu) + 4 (Yon) + 1 (Ichi) = Tsuyoi (Strong)
Leon 1 Good ol' Number One

Exchanging League Cards With Other Players

League Card Exchange

You can also exchange league cards with your co-players via YY communication.

League Card Player Information

Trade League Cards with another player and get a chance to see a number of information about the player.

League Card Player Information
1 Pokedex Count
2 Date started the game
3 Curry Dex Count
4 Rotom Rally high score
5 Number of Pokemon Caught
6 Number of Shinies

See a sample of a League Card exchanged from another player below.

League Card Exchange

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