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As of February 12th, 2020, the new transfer service Pokemon HOME is available for Nintendo Switch. Read on to find out its features and prices, how to download it, and how to use it to transfer Pokemon.

What is Pokemon HOME?

Pokemon Home Logo
Pokemon HOME is a cloud service that allows you to transfer all your Pokemon from compatible games to one place!

Available for the Switch and Mobile

By linking your Nintendo Account, you can access your Pokemon Boxes from your Switch, or on the go with your phone!

Release Date

Pokemon HOME Release Date.jpg
Pokemon HOME was released on February 12, 2020 and is currently available on the Nintendo Switch, the App Store, and Google Play.

How to Download Pokemon HOME

On the Nintendo Switch

Pokemon HOME is available for free on the Nintendo eShop.

How to Download Pokemon HOME on the Switch
1 Go to the Switch Home Screen.
2 Select Nintendo eShop
(Be sure to be connected to the Internet and have a Nintendo account linked).
3 Select the Profile you want to use.
4 Search for Pokemon HOME in the search bar.
5 Select and Download Pokemon HOME.

On Mobile Devices

Pokemon HOME - App Store.jpg Pokemon HOME - Google Play.png

Pokemon HOME is available for Apple devices through the App Store, and Google Play for Android devices.

How to Download Pokemon HOME on Mobile Devices
1 Launch the App Store (for Apple) or Google Play (for Android).
2 Search for Pokemon HOME.
3 Select and download.

How to Transfer Pokemon to Pokemon Sword and Shield

How to Transfer Pokemon to Sword and Shield
1 Pokemon Home.jpgOpen Pokemon HOME.
2 Pokemon Home 1.jpgSelect Pokemon in the main menu.
3 Pokemon Home 2.jpgChoose Pokemon Sword or Shield in the options.
4 Pokemon Home 3.jpgSelect the Pokemon you want to transfer, then press A on the controller and select Move.
5 Pokemon Home 4.jpgPress the + button after you are finished and select Save Changes and Exit to finalize the transfer.

New Info for Pokemon Sword and Shield

Check out our page on New Pokemon, Abilities, and Moves that are now available in Pokemon Sword and Shield through Pokemon HOME!

Pokemon Gifts

Kanto Starters.jpg
You can get a total of two free Pokemon from signing up in both the Nintendo Switch app and the mobile app version of Pokemon Home.

When you log in through the Switch version, you will get a free Pikachu in your Box.

When you log in for the first time in the mobile version, you will have a chance to pick from the three Pokemon Red & Blue starters, Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur. What's more, each of the three starters will have a guaranteed Hidden Ability with them.

Starter Hidden Ability

Pokemon Hidden Ability
Bulbasaur Chlorophyll
Charmander Solar Power
Squirtle Rain Dish

List of Pokemon Gifts

Pokemon How to Get
Pikachu.pngPikachu Available when you open Pokemon Home.
Starter.PNGKanto Starters Given the chance to select one when you first open the mobile version of Pokemon Home.
Pichu.pngPichu Put a sticker in your profile and claim Pichu from the Mystery Gift.
Rotom.pngRotom Received in the Mystery Gift when you use the trade function in the mobile version.

Subscription Plans

Basic Plan
The Basic Plan is FREE of charge, but gives users limited access such as the number of Pokemon that can be deposited, and feature unavailability.
Premium Plan
The Premium Plan allows you to access more features, which is available through a monthly to yearly subscription.
1 month (30 days) 3 months (90 days) 12 months (365 days)
Price $2.99 $4.99 $15.99

Prices are subject to change.

Plan Comparison

Feature Basic Plan Premium Plan
Moving from Pokemon Bank - Available
Pokemon Box Capacity 30 Pokemon 60 Pokemon
Wonder Box Capacity 3 Pokemon 10 Pokemon
GTS Box Capacity 1 Pokemon 3 Pokemon
Room Trade Join only Join and create
Judge Function - Available

Game Compatibility

Pokemon Home Compatibility Infographic

List of Compatible Applications

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  • Pokemon Sword and Shield
  • Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee!
  • Pokemon Bank
  • Pokemon Go
  • Pokemon Sword and Shield

    SWSH Storage Box
    You can link your Pokemon Sword and Shield game to the Pokemon HOME Switch version.

    Note that you can only deposit or transfer Pokemon that are available on those games.

    Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee!

    Pokemon: Let
    You can link your Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee! game to the Pokemon HOME Switch version to transfer to either game, or Sword and Shield!

    Note that once you transfer Pokemon to Sword and Shield, you cannot transfer it back to its original game!

    Connect with Pokemon Bank

    Pokemon Bank Logo

    Free Availability Period February 12, 2020 (Wednesday) to March 12, 2020 (Thursday)

    Pokemon Bank is the online service for the Nintendo 3DS which allows you to deposit and store your Pokemon in Boxes over the internet, and is available through an annual subscription.

    Pokemon Bank Diagram
    You can transfer your Pokemon from compatible games in the Nintendo 3DS by using the free linked app, Poke Transporter, which you can then use to store your Pokemon in the Pokemon Bank.

    To celebrate Pokemon HOME's release, Pokemon Bank and Poke Transporter will be available for free for one month on Pokemon HOME's release. Now, you can get your Pokemon from older Pokemon games from Pokemon Bank to Pokemon HOME!

    Moving from Pokemon Bank to Pokemon HOME is only available in the Premium Plan.

    Connect with Pokemon Go

    Pokemon Go Logo.png
    According to the official Pokemon website, there are plans to support Pokemon Go in the future.

    More Features

    List of Features

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  • Trade Pokemon Worldwide
  • National Pokedex
  • Mystery Gifts
  • Judge Function
  • Your Room
  • Battle Data
  • Pokemon HOME Points
  • Trade Pokemon Worldwide

    There are four ways to trade Pokemon using the Pokemon HOME mobile version!

    Wonder Box.jpg Wonder Box
    Similar to Pokemon XY's Wonder Trade, you can leave Pokemon and randomly trade with players online using the Wonder Box! The Pokemon you place in the box will be traded even when you are not using Pokemon HOME.

    You can increase the number of Pokemon you can leave by enrolling in a Premium Plan.
    GTS.jpg GTS
    The GTS, or Global Trading System is making a comeback in Pokemon HOME!

    With the GTS, you can specify which Pokemon you want to trade and which Pokemon you want to receive. You will be matched with a trainer who matches your criteria over the internet. This is very useful if you are completing the Dex.

    You can increase the number of Pokemon you can trade by enrolling in a Premium Plan.
    Room Trade.jpg Room Trade
    With Room Trade, you can join and create rooms which where you can trade Pokemon with up to 20 people.

    You also will not see which Pokemon you will get until the trade is complete!

    Joining rooms is free but creating a room requires a Premium Plan.
    Friend Trade.jpg Friend Trade
    You can trade with friends you have added in Pokemon HOME with the Friend Trade.

    National Pokedex

    National Dex.jpg
    Complete the National Dex by transferring your Pokemon to boxes in Pokemon HOME. Register Pokemon from all the regions including those with Mega Evolutions and Gigantamax Forms!

    You can see more info such as Pokemon's Moves and Abilities in the Pokemon HOME mobile version.

    Mystery Gifts

    Mystery Gift.jpg
    With the Pokemon HOME mobile version, you can receive Mystery Gifts for Pokemon Sword and Shield, as well as gifts specifically for Pokemon HOME.

    You can also use codes from Pokemon HOME and redeem gifts in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

    Judge Function

    Judge Function.jpg
    You can check how strong your Pokemon are using the Judge function, which was first introduced in Pokemon and Shield.

    This feature is only available in the Premium Plan.

    Learn more about the Judge function and Pokemon IVs in our guide!
    How to Check Your Pokemon's IVs

    Access Your Room

    Your Room is tailored for you; here you can look at the news, add friends, and even customize your profile!

    Your Room.jpg Stay Updated!
    There is much more information you can access from Your Room, such as News about games and events in Pokemon.

    This feature is only available in the Pokemon HOME mobile version.
    Friends List.jpg Add Friends
    You can add Friends in Pokemon HOME which allows you to trade Pokemon with them.
    Challenge Rewards.jpg Accomplish Challenges
    You can also accomplish Challenges to get rewards such as stickers!
    Customize Profile.jpg Customize Your Profile
    You can get stickers from accomplishing Challenges. You can use those stickers to make your profile unique!

    Battle Data

    In the Pokemon HOME mobile version, you can look at Ranked Battles and other competitions happening in Pokemon Sword and Shield. You can see information such as Trainer battle records, their Pokemon rankings, as well as popular Moves by Pokemon used in competition.

    According to the Pokemon official website, this feature is expected to be available sometime after the release of Pokemon Home in February 2020.

    Pokemon HOME Points

    Exchange Pokemon HOME Points to BP.jpg
    You can accumulate Pokemon HOME Points by depositing Pokemon!

    With the Pokemon HOME Switch version, you can exchange your Pokemon HOME Points for BP (Battle Points) which is used in the core games.

    Pokemon HOME Version Comparison

    Feature Switch Version Mobile Version
    Move Pokemon with Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!
    Move Pokemon with Sword and Shield
    Move with Pokemon Bank
    Judge function
    Trade Pokemon
    Receive Mystery Gifts
    National PokeDex: View Pokemon Entries
    National PokeDex: View Pokemon Ability & Moves
    Check Battle Data
    Check News
    Exchange Pokemon HOME Points for BP (Battle Points)

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