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All Pokemon Dojo Upgrades

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All Dojo Upgrades

After the second trial, you can start upgrading the Pokemon Dojo in Isle of Armor, an expansion for Pokemon Sword and Shield for Nintendo Switch. Here you can find a complete list of possible upgrade, their cost and other rewards!

How to Upgrade the Pokemon Dojo

Give Watts to Honey

Pokemon SWSH - Dojo Upgrades - Watts.png

Once you've gotten Kubfu from Mustard after beating Klara or Avery, Honey will be standing in the right side of the Dojo, worried about something. If you talk to her she'll say she's in need of Watts to upgrade the Dojo, and you can then offer to donate Watts to her.

Once you've given enough for the goals Honey sets, services and shops will be added to the Dojo for some wonderful quality of life improvements!

The Isle of Armor Story Walkthrough

Upgrade Cost and Dojo Expansions

Note: We're currently investigation and will update with a complete list once we get more info!

Step Watts Needed
Total Watts
Unlocked Upgraded
5,000 W
5,000 W
Become able to use Salon services.
5,000 W
10,000 W
Rotomi Terminal added to the Dojo (Not usable).
10,000 W
20,000 W
Rotomi Terminal becomes usable.
10,000 W
30,000 W
A Drinks Vending Machine is added, selling only Fresh Water.
10,000 W
40,000 W
Soda Pop added to the Vending Machine.
10,000 W
50,000 W
Lemonade added to the Vending Machine.
50,000 W
100,000 W
Get 5 cooking ingredients from the refrigerator everyday.
100,000 W
200,000 W
A Vitamins Vending Machine will be added to the Dojo, selling Protein and Iron
There's a discount when bulk buying!
100,000 W
300,000 W
Calcium and Zinc added to the Vending Machine.
100,000 W
400,000 W
Carbos and HP Up added to the Vending Machine.
100,000 W
500,000 W
Get new backgrounds to use for your League Card.
300,000 W
800,000 W
Get Honey's League Card.
200,000 W
1,000,000 W
Become able to battle Honey.
2,280,000 W
3,280,000 W
Get Honey's rare League Card.

Unlock the Vitamin Vending Machine

Vitamin Drinks Vending Machine offers Bulk Discount

We strongly recommend donating enough Watts to unlock and fully stock the Vitamins Vending Machine. Especially since you get a bulk-discount when buying several at a time, saving lots of money when strenghtening your Pokemon.

To unlock all of the Vitamins, you'll need to donate a total of 400,000 Watts.


Drinks Bought Price Total Price per Drink
1 10,000 10,000
5 40,000 8,000
10 70,000 7,000
25 125,000 5,000

As you can see, the drinks are available for half the price if you commit and buy a lot of them!

How to Farm Watts Quickly

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