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How to Farm Exp. Candy (Crown Tundra Updated)

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How to Easily Get Exp. Candy

This is a guide to collecting Exp. Candy, an item in Pokemon Sword and Shield. If you would like to know the quickest ways to obtain a lot of Exp. Candy to level up and evolve your Pokemon, please read on.

How to Obtain Exp. Candy

There are two ways to obtain Exp. Candy: Challenging Dynamax or Gigantamax Pokemon in Max Raid Battles or picking them up in towns, routes, and the Wild Area.

Joining Max Raid Battles

Max Raid Battle

Max Raid Battles are a new feature in Pokemon Sword and Shield where you face off against large and powerful Pokemon. Winning these battles is a great way to make your own Pokemon stronger.

This is the fastest way to acquire Exp. Candy. Learn how to effectively participate in and win Max Raid Battles for more chances of acquiring Exp. Candy.

How to Dynamax?

Isle of Armor Max Raids' Chansey and Blissey

On the Isle of Armor, you can encounter Chansey in normal dens and Blissey in rare dens. Their spawn rate is quite low, but you can still gain some Armorite Ore and Exp. Candy from other encounters along the way.

Honeycalm Island.jpeg
When searching for Chansey or Blissey, we recommend doing it at dens on Honeycalm Island. When you don't happen to get one of them to show up, Combee and Vespiquen are two easy to defeat Pokemon that can also provide you with Max Honey, Armorite Ore, and Exp. Candies.

Crown Tundra Max Raids' Deliberd and Audino

Audino Exp Candy.jpeg

In the Crown Tundra, you can find Audino in normal dens and Deliberd in rare dens. Similar to Chansey and Blissey, these two have a lower spawn rate, but if you happen to take down a Deliberd, you can also get Nuggets and Dream Balls.

Snowslide Slope Den.jpeg

We recommend farming at Snowslide Slope Den C as you can encounter Dracozolt, Omanyte, and other fossil Pokemon that have their hidden abilities. To get the quickly, head to the Crown Shrine and make your way through to the eastern exit of Tunnel to the Top.

Picking up Exp. Candy

Exp. Candy can also be picked up in towns, routes and the Wild Area. Although rare, it is possible to find Exp. Candy of all sizes by picking them up in these areas.

What is Exp. Candy?

Exp. Candy is an item in Pokemon Sword and Shield use to level up pokemon. Unlike Rare Candy from previous games, which would always increase your Pokemon's level by 1, Exp. Candy contributes to your Pokemon's Exp. points, meaning that using it on a lower level Pokemon can increase multiple levels at once!

In addition to battling to gain experience, Exp. Candy is a useful tool for leveling up and subsequently evolving your Pokemon.

Exp. Candy Sizes

Exp Candy 2.png

Sizes of Exp. Candy vary, and the Pokemon's gained experience depends on how much it could level up.

How to Level Up Fast

Experience Gained from each Exp. Candy size

Your pokemon gain varying experience points, depending on the Exp. Candy size used (Sizes include XS, S, M, L, and XL).

Exp. Candy XL +30,000
Exp. Candy L +10,000
Exp. Candy M +3,000
Exp. Candy S +800
Exp. Candy XS +100

Exp. Candy Sizes in Max Raid Battles

Rare Candy - 2 stars Dynamax

In Max Raid Battles, you can obtain XS to S Candies by battling one to three star Pokemon while M to XL are rewarded for winning against four to five star opponents.

Note that there is also a chance to get Rare Candy from these battles, although it is quite rare (pun intended).

Enemy Pokemon in Max Raid Battles

Pokemon Exp. Candies
Dynamax XS to L Exp. Candies depending on Pokemon number of stars.
Gigantamax More chances for better Exp. Candies (M, L, Rare)

Where to Find Exp. Candy

You can locate Exp. Candy from both Max Raid Battles as well as routes, towns, and the Wild Area. While you can farm Exp. Candy from Max Raid Battles, you may also want to take note of Candies lying around the corner.

Type of Candy Quantity Location
Rare Candy x1 Can be found on the right side of the Professor's House in Route 2.
Rare Candy x1 Obtained around the wheat field in the Turffield area.
Exp. Candy XS x5 Acquired by talking to the girl in the Pokemon Nursery in Route 5.

Rare Candy in Route 2

Rare Candy

From the Professor's house in Route 2, head right and search around the trees. Pick up the Rare Candy around the area.

Rare Candy in Turffield

Rare Candy

When you are finally out of the mine, turn right and look for the Rare Candy around the wheatfield.

XS Exp. Candy in Route 5

XS Exp. Candies

Talk to the girl in the Pokemon Nursery in Route 5 before leaving. She will hand you some XS Exp. Candy.

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