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Wild Area

This guide will explain the Wild Area, as well as list maps and show what you can do in the Wild Area. In addition, you will find information on Max Raids, obtainable Pokemon, as well as the different types of weather that occur here.

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Today's Weather in the Wild Area

What is the Wild Area?

An area where many wild Pokemon roam freely

Wild Pokemon roam freely

The Wild Area is home to the largest variety of Pokemon in the Galar Region. Since the Wild Area connects to several towns, it bears a resemblance to many of the Routes and Sea Routes of the older games.

Additionally, the weather here is constantly changing, and depending on the weather conditions, the Pokemon that appear here will differ as well.

Control the camera freely

Control the Camera

For the first time in the Pokemon series, you can freely control the camera with the right analog stick while in the Wild Area. Pokemon roam freely rather than being encountered randomly in the grass. This means that you can freely look around the large map for nearby obtainable Pokemon.

Communicate with players all over the world

Much like USUM's Festival Plaza, you can interract with other trainers from all over the world. With Local Connection, nearby players will appear, and with an online connection, players from all over the world appear, allowing you to enjoy the Wild Area with all types of trainers.

Wild Area Maps

Click the image above for full details on items and Max Raid Dens appearing in the Wild Area!

There are 17 Areas Appearing on the Map

Area Recommended Pokemon to Catch
Rolling FieldsRolling Fields Gigantamax Butterfree
▶︎ See all Rolling Fields Pokemon
Dappled GroveDappled Grove
Gigantamax Flapplesword logo.png
Gigantamax Appletunshield logo.png
▶︎ See all Dappled Grove Pokemon
West Lake AxewellWest Lake Axewell Gigantamax Kingler
▶︎ See all West Lake Axewell Pokemon
AxewAxew's Eye
・Kommo-osword logo.png
・Goodrashield logo.png
▶︎ See all Axew's Eye Pokemon
GiantGiant's Seat
Gigatnamax Coalossalsword logo.png
Gigatnamax Laprasshield logo.png
▶︎ See all Giant's Seat Pokemon
South Lake MilochSouth Lake Miloch Gigantamax Kingler
▶︎ See all South Lake Miloch Pokemon
East Lake AxewellEast Lake Axewell ・Gigantamax Garbodor
・Toxapexsword logo.png
・Salazzleshield logo.png

▶︎ See all East Lake Axewell Pokemon
Watchtower RuinsWatchtower Ruins ・Polteageist
▶︎ See all Watchtower Ruins Pokemon
Motostoke RiverbankMotostoke Riverbank ・Eevee
▶︎ See all Motostoke Riverbank Pokemon
Stony WildernessStony Wilderness
・Gigantamax Centiskorch
・Gigantamax Copperajah
・Gigantamax Machampsword logo.png
・Gigantamax Gengarshield logo.png
▶︎ See all Stony Wilderness Pokemon
Bridge FieldBridge Field ・Gigantamax Alcremie
・Gigantamax Hatterene
・Gigantamax Orbeetle
▶︎ See all Bridge Field Pokemon
Dusty BowlDusty Bowl ・Gigantamax Grimmsnarl
・Gigantamax Sandaconda
▶︎ See all Dusty Bowl Pokemon
GiantGiant's Mirror ・Gengar
▶︎ See all Giant's Mirror Pokemon
GiantGiant's Cap ・Gigantamax Corviknight
・Gigantamax Drednaw
▶︎ See all Giant's Cap Pokemon
Lake of OutrageLake of Outrage ・Gigantamax Charizard
▶︎ See all Lake of Outrage Pokemon
Hammerlocke HillsHammerlocke Hills ・Mimikyu
▶︎ See all Hammerlocke Hills Pokemon
North Lake MilochNorth Lake Miloch ・Lucario
・Galarian Weezing
▶︎ See all Stony Wilderness Pokemon

There are 17 areas within the Wild Area, and certain Pokemon are more likely to appear in specific locations there, so use the chart above to check where each Pokemon is found.

Isle of Armor Wild Area Maps

The Isle of Armor DLC expands the Wild Area with 16 new areas filled with Max Raid Dens, obtainable items and 150 Alolan Digletts to collect. See our full guide for details on each area!

The Isle of Armor Maps and Pokemon Locations

What Can You Do in the Wild Area?

Fight and Capture Wild Dynamax Pokemon

Capture Wild Dynamax Pokemon

In the Wild Area, you can encounter Dynamax Pokemon. When you see a red beacon of light, called a Pokemon Den, you can approach it to engage in a Max Raid Battle with a Dynamax Pokemon. These massive Pokemon can be defeated and captured to earn lots of great rewards!

What is Dynamax?

Dynamax Scorbunny
See the link below for more more information on Dynamaxing!
What is Dynamax?

Obtain Rare Gigantamax Pokemon

Some Galarian Pokemon have Gigantamax forms which are only available in special events or in limited-time availability boosts. Read our guide on how to obtain rare Gigantamax Pokemon in the Max Raid Battles.
How to Obtain Rare Gigantamax Pokemon

Try your hand at Fishing!


Just like other games in the series, you can fish in bodies of water to catch Pokemon lurking there. Try fishing in the Wild Area after getting a rod! Who know, you might just net a Water-type Pokemon not obtainable elsewhere!

Shake trees and collect berries!

Shaking Trees Collecting Nuts

There are many trees with berries within the Wild Area. Harvesting these berries will allow you to use them in battles, and they can also be used as an ingredient for curry! If you see a tree with berries, be sure and give it a shake.

Enjoy Pokemon Camp with other players

Visit Other Player Pokemon Camp.jpg

When using Local Connection or Internet Connection in the Wild Area, you may come across other players' tents. By interracting with these tents, you can join the trainers here and camp together.
How to Join Pokemon Camp With Friends

Attract Flying Pokemon using Whistle

Whistle 2.jpg
Whistling is a new feature in Sword and Shield, and each Pokemon will react differently to being whistled at. Players can use this feature to attract out-of-reach Flying Pokemon in the Wild Area.

Learn how to whistle and attract Flying Pokemon in the Wild Area by reading our guide below!

How to Whistle and Attract Flying Pokemon

Spend Watts on Items and Upgrades

Rotom Rally1

Watts are a currency exclusive to the Wild Area.

When in the Wild Area, you can speak with the people in the area and exchange Watts for items such as a Big Pearl. Learn how to farm Watts quickly by reading our guide below!
How to Farm Watts Quickly

Visit the Digging Duo

Digging Duo.jpg
The Digging Duo is two burrowing brothers found standing near the Bridge Field Daycare Center located in the Wild Area.

Learn more about the Digging Duo and items you can get from them in our guide!
How to Get Rare Items From the Digging Duo

Battle Against Strong-Looking Pokemon

Run away

You can try battling against strong-looking pokemon that won't let its guard down. These pokemon roam around the wild area and you can easily spot them as they do not hide behind grasses.

Learn more about the Strong-Looking Pokemon and how will they lower their guards in our guide!

How to Lower a Strong-Looking Pokemon's Guard

Max Raid Battles

How to Join Max Raid Battles

Max Raid Battle
In the Wild Area, you can team up with other trainers and take part in a Max Raid Battle against Dynamaxed Pokemon. You can play by yourself or with other friends.
How to Join Max Raid Battles

How to Win Max Raid Battles

Pelipper Max Raid Battle
Winning Max Raid Battles nets you various Pokemon and rewards. Winning can also get you Pokemon with Hidden Abilities!
How to Win Max Raid Battles

Raid Boss Locations

Raid Boss Hydreigon.png
Some rare or Gigantamax Pokemon only appear in specific places, which are called Rare Dens. See the complete list of Raid Bosses and their locations.
List of Boss Raid Locations

Max Raid Guides

How to Beat Max Raid Zeraora


Event Period June 17 to June 28 PDT

In a limited time event to celebrate the Isle of Armor release, Shiny Zeraora was able to be battled in Raid Dens across the Wild Area and the Isle of Armor.

Since 1,000,000 players managed to defeat Zeraora in this limited time, all players were temporarily able to obtain a Shiny Zeraora via Pokemon HOME!

How to Beat Max Raid Zeraora and Item Drops

How to Beat Max Raid Mewtwo (Expired)

How to Beat Max Raid Mewtwo.png

Event Period February 27 (Thursday), 9:00 to March 2 (Sunday), 8:59 [EXPIRED]

In celebration of Pokemon Day 2020, Mewtwo was available in Max Raid Battles for a limited time. However, it turned out to be far stronger than any Raid Boss ever seen before.

Undoubtedly one of the toughest opponents in the series, we designed the best teams to defeat this Legendary Pokemon. See our guide for strategies and more!
How to Beat Max Raid Mewtwo and Item Drops

Wild Area Weather

There are 9 types of weather

Weather Pokemon Types that frequently appear/Difficulty
Grass Type Flying Type Normal Type

・No Battle Effects
Pokemon Appearing in Clear Weather - Coming Soon
Fighting Type Poison Type Dark Type

・No Battle Effects
Pokemon Appearing in Cloudy Weather - Coming Soon
Water Type Bug Type

・Has the Battle Effect of Rain
Pokemon Appearing in Rainy Weather - Coming Soon
Water Type Electric Type Dragon Type

・Has the Battle Effect of Rain
Pokemon Appearing in Thunderstorms - Coming Soon
Ice Type

・Has the Battle Effect of Hail
Pokemon Appearing in Snowy Weather - Coming Soon
Ice Type Steel Type

・Has the Battle Effect of Hail
Pokemon Appearing in Snowstorms - Coming Soon
Fire Type Ground Type

・Has the Battle Effect of Harsh Sunlight
Pokemon Appearing in Sunny Weather - Coming Soon
Ground Type Rock Type

・Has the Battle Effect of Sandstorm
Pokemon Appearing in Sandstorms - Coming Soon
Psychic Type Ghost Type Fairy Type

・No Battle Effects
Pokemon Appearing in Foggy Weather - Coming Soon

There are a total of nine weather patterns, and the Pokemon that can be found differ depending on the present weather condition. The weather also depends on the particular location of the Wild Area you are in, so experiment with different locations and weather patterns when trying to capture a specific Pokemon.

Types of Weather and List of Pokemon Obtainable There

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Some of these areas appear to be wrong. Nest A on hammerlock hills spawned in Snovers, something that is not found in any Snom den other than 23, which is in Giant's Cap


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