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This page contains information on the new Dynamax Adventures that players can undertake in The Crown Tundra DLC for Pokemon Sword and Shield. Read on to learn all the information we have for this new feature.

What are Dynamax Adventures?

Take on the Dynamax Burrows with a Four-Man Group!

Dynamax Adventures are a new feature where four trainers work together to navigate the burrows that Dynamax Pokemon make their home. Multi-battles are possible and encouraged, so get your friends to help you traverse a burrow!

Navigate Branching Paths

Dynamax Adventure Navigate Paths.png
Dynamax Burrows force players to decide between branching paths and which Dynamax Pokemon they'll battle next. Although the next Pokemon is obscured by shadows, you can see what type they are!

Players will need to decide which path to take, and it's possible that a vote between all four players will be taken into account before progressing to the next burrow.

Face off against Dynamax Pokemon in a Raid Battle

Dynamax Adventure Raid Battle.png
Players will encounter Dynamax Pokemon along the way, forcing them into a Raid Battle similar to a normal Max Raid Battle.

You Restart from the Beginning if you Lose a Battle!

Your team will be blown to the entrance of the burrow if you lose a raid battle, forcing you start from the beginning!

Differences from Max Raid Battles

Get a Chance to Encounter Legendary Pokemon

Dynamax Adventure Legendary Pokemon Showcase.png
Legendary Pokemon dwell in the deepest parts of the Dynamax Burrows. If your team manages to make it that far, you all have a chance to encounter and catch a legendary Pokemon!

How to Catch Legendary Pokemon

100% Catch Rate

Unlike regular raid battles, the legendary Pokemon that you encounter while on a Dynamax Adventure will have a 100% catch rate. This means that you can use whatever type of Poke Ball you'd like without fear of it getting away!

The only catch to this is that each legendary Pokemon can only be caught once so make your choice wisely.

You can only use Rental Pokemon

You can't take your current Pokemon team into the depths of the Dynamax Burrows. Instead, you'll need to pick from a selection of Rental Pokemon. This can make traversing the burrows a challenging task!

Endless Dynamax Adventures

Endless Dynamax Adventures is a special mode where players are forced to battle Dynamax Pokemon in consecutive Max Raid Battles until you lose. This new feature will really test the limits of a trainer's battling prowess!

Dynamax Adventures Strategies and Information

The First Rental Pokemon is the Strongest

Dynamax Adventure Rental Pokemon.png
It seems that the first Rental Pokemon on the list is stronger than the ones that come after it. These Pokemon are also often fully evolved.

Who gets the strongest Pokemon in your team may be an important factor to consider as you take on more difficult Dynamax Burrows! Rerolling to get better Rental Pokemon may also be necessary to get through the burrows.

You can use Dynamax Pokemon you Capture

Dynamax Adventure Rental Pokemon Swap.png
Dynamax Adventures lets you replace your rental Pokemon with a Dynamax Pokemon you catch along the way, although it seems to be limited to just one trainer.

You'll need to coordinate with your team to decide whether to catch a Dynamax Pokemon you encounter to help you progress deeper into the burrows, as well as who gets to use the Pokemon in the team!

Select Dynamax Pokemon based on their Moves!

Catching a Dynamax Pokemon and using it on succeeding battles doesn't immediately guarantee success. The moves they have are an important factor to consider. As such, it's best to get a Pokemon that's strong, has great move coverage, and can provide the best effects with their Max Moves!

List of Max Moves

Available Dynamax Pokemon

Legendary Pokemon Dwell in the Depths

Dynamax Adventure Dialga Feature.png
Legendary Pokemon from previous generations have a chance of appearing in the Dynamax Burrows, as well as Pokemon that did not appear previously in the Wild Area!

How to Start a Dynamax Adventure

Dynamax Adventure How to Start.png
It seems you can start a Dynamax Adventure by talking to an investigator at the entrance of a burrow. Details of where the exact place is still unknown, so keep checking back for new information!

Is the Crown Tundra DLC Necessary?

Dynamax Adventures are a new feature added in the Crown Tundra DLC, but it's not yet clear if people who have not purchased the DLC can participate. We'll let you know as more information gets revealed!

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