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Pokemon SWSH - Crown Tundra - Dynamax Adventures

This page contains information on the new Dynamax Adventures that players can undertake in The Crown Tundra DLC for Pokemon Sword and Shield. Read on to learn all the information we have for this new feature.

Dynamax Adventure Guides
How to Clear Shiny Hunting
List of Dynamax Adventure Pokemon

How Dynamax Adventures Work

Dynamax Adventure Information
  • You can only use Rental Pokemon.
  • You can change Pokemon to the ones you defeat.
  • You fail if the party Pokemon die a total of 4 times or if more than 10 rounds passes in a battle.
  • Pokemon don't recover HP after Battles.
  • Shiny Pokemon appear more often?
  • Pokemon caught here have 4 perfect IVs.
  • No matter the Pokeball, the catch rate is 100%.
  • You can try again if you fail to catch the Legendary Pokemon, or if you bring back a different Pokemon.
  • The Dynamax Pokemon you fight have no barriers.
  • You get a lot of rewards from Endless Mode.

Keep the rules above in mind when you enter the Max Lair on your Legendary Pokemon hunt, and make sure to check out our other tips and advice.

What Happens if You Don't Catch the Legendary Pokemon

When can you try again
  • If you lose the battle against the Legendary Pokemon.
  • If you choose to not catch it after winning.
  • If you decide to bring back a different Pokemon instead.
  • Even if you do any of the above, don't worry! You will be allowed to try the same Dynamax Adventure again to catch the same Legendary. This might be the best way of getting shiny versions of the Legendary Pokemon, so keep it in mind!

    Get Shiny Legendary Pokemon from Dynamax Adventures

    Switch Out Pokemon after Battles

    Pokemon - Crown Tundra - Swap Pokemon after catching them in Dynamax Adventures

    Your goal is to have Pokemon that are strong against the Legendary Pokemon, so swap to the Pokemon you encounter on the way if their types are better. When playing alone, the NPC characters will often take the Pokemon you find if you don't.

    Shiny Pokemon Might Appear More Often?

    Pokemon - Crown Tundra - Shiny Pokemon might appear at higher rates in Dynamax Adventures

    There's a high chance that shiny Pokemon are easier to find in the Dynamax Adventures than normal. We managed to find the shiny Hawlucha above on our second run, and have gotten reports of players catching shiny Suicune as well!

    You can't see if the Pokemon is shiny in battle

    While you fight the Pokemon they will always have their normal color, so you won't know if they are shiny until you catch them. Check all the Pokemon you caught before you decide what Pokemon to bring back with you!

    Go on Endless Dynamax Adventures

    Crown Tundra - Endless Dynamax Adventure

    In Endless mode, you continue to fight Pokemon until your party dies 4 times or spend 10 turns in a battle. You can't bring any Pokemon back with you from this mode, but in return you get large amounts of Dynite Ores. If you are hunting for Dynite Ores, this is the best way to get them!

    You can unlock Endless Dynamax Adventures by completing the Crown Tundra Story and clearing 5 or more Dynamax Adventures.

    The Crown Tundra Story Walkthrough

    Dynamax Adventures Strategies & Tips

    Dynamax Adventure Tips
  • Play with other Players.
  • The Pokemon you find are vital.
  • Aim for Pokemon strong against the Legendary.
  • Get Help from NPCs and Items.
  • Play with Other Players

    Pokemon - Crown Tundra - Complete Dynamax Adventures with other Players
    Dynamax Adventures are quite tough and seemed to be geared towards multiplay, so we strongly recommend clearing them with other players.

    Dynamax Adventures Recruitment Board

    How to Play with Other Players

    1 Press Y then + to connect to the Internet.
    2 Talk to the scientist to start an Adventure and set a Link Code with + if you want.
    3 Choose "Invite Others" and start when everyone is ready.

    To play with other players, follow the instructions above. If you want to play with friends, press the + Button before inviting others to create a link code you can share.

    Select Pokemon Based on Moves

    Dynamax Adventure Rental Pokemon Swap

    Things to look out for when swapping Pokemon
    • Does it have strong Moves from its Type?
    • Does it have a good Move Coverage?
    • Does it have good Support Moves?

    The strength of a Pokemon is of course important, but what you really want to look out for when choosing and swapping Rental Pokemon is their Moveset. For example, Seismitoad is a strong Pokemon, but the Rental version doesn't know any moves of it's Type and none of the Moves it does know are very useful.

    In cases like the example, it's better to choose a Pokemon with a better Moveset, even if it's a lower evolution.

    Great Support Moves

    Moves Good Points
    Light Screen
    Can halve damage taken using just one turn, making it possible to safely process through the raids.
    Status Ailments other than Poison Paralyzis and Sleep can stop the opponent's movements, and Burn can keep your HP higher by lowering their physical damage.
    Poison is good in prolonged battles, but here you want to defeat the opponent quickly and preserve as much HP as possible.
    Life Dew Life Dew restores 25% of all party Pokemon, making it great for survivability.
    Wide Guard Great against Landorus and other Legendaries that attack the whole party.

    Aim for Pokemon Strong Against the Legendary Pokemon

    Pokemon - Crown Tundra - Aim to get Pokemon that are strong against the Legendary Pokemon

    When you begin a Dynamax Adventure, you can see the Type of the Legendary waiting at the end. Use this information when you plan your route, and try to catch and use Pokemon that are strong against that type!

    Get Help from NPCs and Items

    Pokemon - Crown Tundra - Get Help from NPCs and Items you find during the Adventure

    Event Effect
    Pokemon - Crown Tundra - Backpacker in Dynamax Adventure Backpacker
    Get a Held Item to have your Pokemon hold.
    Pokemon - Crown Tundra - Scientist in Dynamax Adventure Scientist
    Change your Pokemon to a random Rental Pokemon.
    Pokemon - Crown Tundra - Berries in Dynamax Adventures Berries
    Heals some HP for all Pokemon in the Party.

    If you are struggling, we recommend getting help from the various people and items found during the Adventure. Keep in mind that Held Items will remain even if you change your Pokemon and try to pick an item that will be good in several situations.

    Tips for Online Adventures

    How Multiplayer Dynamax Adventures Work
    • The party leader decides the Legendary Pokemon.
    • Legendary Pokemon can only be caught once.
    • Pokemon go to the quickest player.
    • There's a Dynite Ore bonus for playing with others.

    The Party Leader Set the Legendary

    Pokemon - Crown Tundra - Complete Dynamax Adventures with other Players

    The Legendary Pokemon can only be decided by the party leader. If you are aiming for a specific Pokemon, make sure you enter the Adventure after your party leader.

    Legendary Pokemon Can Only be Caught Once

    If you have caught a Legendary Pokemon and enter and Adventure for it again, you won't be able to catch it. For the party leader, a message will pop up saying you are unable to catch it, and for the other party members the Pokemon will simpl run away.

    Pokemon Go to the Quickest Player

    Crown Tundra - Pokemon go to the quickest player

    When you catch a Pokemon, the player who first press to swap will get it. If you are able to talk with the other players you can plan out who should have it, but generally try to avoid button mashing on the selection screen.

    Dynite Ore Bonus for Playing with Others

    Crown Tundra - Online Bonus Ore

    You get bonus Dynite Ores for playing with others, so if you want to get as many Ores as possible you should play online or with friends.

    Available Dynamax Pokemon

    List of Legendary Pokemon and Ultra Beasts

    Many Legendary Pokemon from previous generations now have a chance of appearing in the Dynamax Adventures, along with Ultra Beasts.

    Note: While some of these are version exclusives you can still join Adventures for all of them online, no matter what version you're using.

    Available in Both Versions

    Pokemon - ArticunoArticuno Pokemon - ZapdosZapdos Pokemon - MoltresMoltres Pokemon - MewtwoMewtwo
    Pokemon - RaikouRaikou Pokemon - EnteiEntei Pokemon - SuicuneSuicune Pokemon - RayquazaRayquaza
    Pokemon - UxieUxie Pokemon - MespritMesprit Pokemon - AzelfAzelf Pokemon - HeatranHeatran
    Pokemon - GiratinaGiratina Pokemon - CresseliaCresselia Pokemon - LandorusLandorus Pokemon - KyuremKyurem
    Pokemon - ZygardeZygarde Pokemon - Tapu KokoTapu Koko Pokemon - Tapu LeleTapu Lele Pokemon - Tapu BuluTapu Bulu
    Pokemon - Tapu FiniTapu Fini Pokemon - NihilegoNihilego Pokemon - BuzzwoleBuzzwole Pokemon - PheromosaPheromosa
    Pokemon - XurkitreeXurkitree Pokemon - CelesteelaCelesteela Pokemon - KartanaKartana Pokemon - GuzzlordGuzzlord
    Pokemon - NecrozmaNecrozma Pokemon - StakatakaStakataka Pokemon - BlacephalonBlacephalon

    Sword Exclusives

    Pokemon - Ho-ohHo-oh Pokemon - LatiosLatios Pokemon - GroudonGroudon Pokemon - DialgaDialga
    Pokemon - TornadusTornadus Pokemon - ReshiramReshiram Pokemon - XerneasXerneas Pokemon - SolgaleoSolgaleo

    Shield Exclusives

    Pokemon - LugiaLugia Pokemon - LatiasLatias Pokemon - KyogreKyogre Pokemon - PalkiaPalkia
    Pokemon - ThundurusThundurus Pokemon - ZekromZekrom Pokemon - YveltalYveltal Pokemon - LunalaLunala

    Find Legendary Pokemon by talking to Peonia

    Pokemon - Crown Tundra -  Learn the location of Legendary Pokemon for 5 Dynite Ores

    Peonia will give you one-time offers where she will teach you the location of a Legendary Pokemon in return for 5 pieces of Dynite Ore. If you're looking for a specific Pokemon, Peonia might be the easiest way to find it! However, she will only teach the location of Pokemon available in your Version.

    First Legendary will Always be Suicune

    Pokemon - Crown Tundra - Suicune is always the boss of the first Dynamax Adventure

    The Dynamax Adventure you go through first will always have Suicune waiting at the end. You don't have to catch or defeat it to continue the story!

    Playing Online will Randomize first Legendary

    We have gotten comments that playing online resulted in a different Legendary, even on the first run. As such, we recommend playing without going online or inviting others if you want to get Suicune first!

    Normal and Rental Pokemon

    Pokemon - Crown Tundra - Keep one Pokemon per Adventure.jpg

    Even if you fail, you get to keep one of the Pokemon you caught during the Adventure. This includes the Legendary, however, so make sure you don't accidentally choose the wrong Pokemon in the end!

    Pokemon - Gourgeist (Super Size)Gourgeist (Super Size) Pokemon - Gourgeist (Large Size)Gourgeist (Large Size) Pokemon - Gourgeist (Small Size)Gourgeist (Small Size) Pokemon - QuagsireQuagsire
    Pokemon - CrawdauntCrawdaunt Pokemon - NinjaskNinjask Pokemon - HitmonleeHitmonlee Pokemon - HitmonchanHitmonchan
    Pokemon - HitmontopHitmontop Pokemon - PangoroPangoro Pokemon - KlangKlang Pokemon - KlinklangKlinklang
    Pokemon - VespiquenVespiquen Pokemon - BronzongBronzong Pokemon - DrifblimDrifblim Pokemon - EldegossEldegoss
    Pokemon - Cherrim (Sunshine Form)Cherrim (Sunshine Form) Pokemon - CherrimCherrim Pokemon - SkuntankSkuntank Pokemon - PalpitoadPalpitoad
    Pokemon - SeismitoadSeismitoad Pokemon - DusclopsDusclops Pokemon - MachokeMachoke Pokemon - HaunterHaunter
    Pokemon - SeakingSeaking Pokemon - OctilleryOctillery Pokemon - BasculinBasculin Pokemon - PyukumukuPyukumuku
    Pokemon - CarkolCarkol Pokemon - DugtrioDugtrio Pokemon - Alolan DugtrioAlolan Dugtrio Pokemon - BoldoreBoldore
    Pokemon - CharjabugCharjabug Pokemon - GurdurrGurdurr Pokemon - SwoobatSwoobat Pokemon - VikavoltVikavolt
    Pokemon - BarraskewdaBarraskewda Pokemon - PerrserkerPerrserker Pokemon - PersianPersian Pokemon - Alolan PersianAlolan Persian
    Pokemon - RibombeeRibombee Pokemon - GourgeistGourgeist Pokemon - RaichuRaichu Pokemon - Alolan RaichuAlolan Raichu
    Pokemon - VaporeonVaporeon Pokemon - JolteonJolteon Pokemon - FlareonFlareon Pokemon - NoctowlNoctowl
    Pokemon - AraquanidAraquanid Pokemon - LanturnLanturn Pokemon - Galarian StunfiskGalarian Stunfisk Pokemon - StunfiskStunfisk
    Pokemon - WhiscashWhiscash Pokemon - GastrodonGastrodon Pokemon - BarbaracleBarbaracle Pokemon - SalazzleSalazzle
    Pokemon - BisharpBisharp Pokemon - GreedentGreedent Pokemon - Galarian WeezingGalarian Weezing Pokemon - WeezingWeezing
    Pokemon - SudowoodoSudowoodo Pokemon - ClefairyClefairy Pokemon - ClefableClefable Pokemon - TogeticTogetic
    Pokemon - MunchlaxMunchlax Pokemon - WhimsicottWhimsicott Pokemon - RhydonRhydon Pokemon - EscavalierEscavalier
    Pokemon - AccelgorAccelgor Pokemon - BeheeyemBeheeyem Pokemon - UnfezantUnfezant Pokemon - BearticBeartic
    Pokemon - DrapionDrapion Pokemon - LampentLampent Pokemon - MalamarMalamar Pokemon - SneaselSneasel
    Pokemon - MaractusMaractus Pokemon - SigilyphSigilyph Pokemon - ThievulThievul Pokemon - TorkoalTorkoal
    Pokemon - MimikyuMimikyu Pokemon - QwilfishQwilfish Pokemon - JellicentJellicent Pokemon - CramorantCramorant
    Pokemon - DurantDurant Pokemon - HeatmorHeatmor Pokemon - HelioliskHeliolisk Pokemon - Galarian LinooneGalarian Linoone
    Pokemon - LinooneLinoone Pokemon - HawluchaHawlucha Pokemon - FlygonFlygon Pokemon - FraxureFraxure
    Pokemon - CofagrigusCofagrigus Pokemon - ObstagoonObstagoon Pokemon - DoubladeDoublade Pokemon - PolteageistPolteageist
    Pokemon - IndeedeeIndeedee Pokemon - Indeedee (Female)Indeedee (Female) Pokemon - TrevenantTrevenant Pokemon - ShiinoticShiinotic
    Pokemon - OranguruOranguru Pokemon - PassimianPassimian Pokemon - MorpekoMorpeko Pokemon - FalinksFalinks
    Pokemon - TogedemaruTogedemaru Pokemon - DubwoolDubwool Pokemon - FrosmothFrosmoth Pokemon - GrapploctGrapploct
    Pokemon - PincurchinPincurchin Pokemon - MantineMantine Pokemon - WailmerWailmer Pokemon - Galarian Mr. MimeGalarian Mr. Mime
    Pokemon - Mr. MimeMr. Mime Pokemon - RotomRotom Pokemon - DittoDitto Pokemon - CharmeleonCharmeleon
    Pokemon - DrakloakDrakloak Pokemon - LiepardLiepard Pokemon - BoltundBoltund Pokemon - DiggersbyDiggersby
    Pokemon - CinccinoCinccino Pokemon - TsareenaTsareena Pokemon - GloomGloom Pokemon - VileplumeVileplume
    Pokemon - BellossomBellossom Pokemon - RoseliaRoselia Pokemon - PelipperPelipper Pokemon - GalvantulaGalvantula
    Pokemon - ManectricManectric Pokemon - VanillishVanillish Pokemon - PiloswinePiloswine Pokemon - GlalieGlalie
    Pokemon - FroslassFroslass Pokemon - ClaydolClaydol Pokemon - MudsdaleMudsdale Pokemon - CrustleCrustle
    Pokemon - GolurkGolurk Pokemon - MusharnaMusharna Pokemon - XatuXatu Pokemon - BewearBewear
    Pokemon - AbomasnowAbomasnow Pokemon - IvysaurIvysaur Pokemon - WartortleWartortle Pokemon - SandslashSandslash
    Pokemon - Alolan SandslashAlolan Sandslash Pokemon - NidoqueenNidoqueen Pokemon - NidokingNidoking Pokemon - JigglypuffJigglypuff
    Pokemon - WigglytuffWigglytuff Pokemon - GolduckGolduck Pokemon - PoliwrathPoliwrath Pokemon - KadabraKadabra
    Pokemon - TentacruelTentacruel Pokemon - SlowbroSlowbro Pokemon - MagnetonMagneton Pokemon - ExeggutorExeggutor
    Pokemon - MarowakMarowak Pokemon - Alolan MarowakAlolan Marowak Pokemon - LickitungLickitung Pokemon - ChanseyChansey
    Pokemon - TangelaTangela Pokemon - KangaskhanKangaskhan Pokemon - SeadraSeadra Pokemon - StarmieStarmie
    Pokemon - ScytherScyther Pokemon - JynxJynx Pokemon - ElectabuzzElectabuzz Pokemon - MagmarMagmar
    Pokemon - TaurosTauros Pokemon - PorygonPorygon Pokemon - DragonairDragonair Pokemon - AzumarillAzumarill
    Pokemon - PolitoedPolitoed Pokemon - SlowkingSlowking Pokemon - DunsparceDunsparce Pokemon - SkarmorySkarmory
    Pokemon - MiltankMiltank Pokemon - GrovyleGrovyle Pokemon - SceptileSceptile Pokemon - CombuskenCombusken
    Pokemon - BlazikenBlaziken Pokemon - MarshtompMarshtomp Pokemon - SwampertSwampert Pokemon - ExploudExploud
    Pokemon - LaironLairon Pokemon - SharpedoSharpedo Pokemon - AltariaAltaria Pokemon - CradilyCradily
    Pokemon - ArmaldoArmaldo Pokemon - AbsolAbsol Pokemon - SealeoSealeo Pokemon - RelicanthRelicanth
    Pokemon - MetangMetang Pokemon - LuxrayLuxray Pokemon - LopunnyLopunny Pokemon - StoutlandStoutland
    Pokemon - AudinoAudino Pokemon - ScolipedeScolipede Pokemon - LilligantLilligant Pokemon - KrookodileKrookodile
    Pokemon - EmolgaEmolga Pokemon - AmoongussAmoonguss Pokemon - CryogonalCryogonal Pokemon - MienshaoMienshao
    Pokemon - DruddigonDruddigon Pokemon - BouffalantBouffalant Pokemon - TalonflameTalonflame Pokemon - TyrantrumTyrantrum
    Pokemon - AurorusAurorus Pokemon - DedenneDedenne Pokemon - KlefkiKlefki Pokemon - Lycanroc (Midnight Form)Lycanroc (Midnight Form)
    Pokemon - Lycanroc (Midday Form)Lycanroc (Midday Form) Pokemon - LurantisLurantis Pokemon - ComfeyComfey Pokemon - PalossandPalossand

    Dynamax Adventure Rewards

    Dynite Ores

    Pokemon - Crown Tundra - Get a Max of 9 Dynite Ores
    Whether you clear or fail your Dynamax Adventures, you will always get a reward of Dynite Ores. The rewards seem to vary from 1 to 13, with the latter being the maximum.

    Dynite Ore Farming Guide

    Get a Maximum of 13 Dynite Ores

    List of Bonuses Dynite Ores
    Investigated the den.
    Defeat a Pokemon.
    1 - 4
    Reached the innermost area.
    Win the last Battle.
    Caught a very special Pokemon.
    Catch a Legendary Pokemon.
    Safe Adventure.
    Clear the adventure without any Pokemon fainting.
    Connected with others to play.
    Clear the adventure with a party formed online.

    Clothing Items from Peonia

    Pokemon - Crown Tundra -  Get Clothes from Peonia after clearing Dynamax Adventures

    On top of her offers to show you where specific Legendary Pokemon are hiding, Peonia will also give you clothing items she finds during her own Dynamax Adventures!

    Where do You Start Dynamax Adventures?

    Close to Crown Tundra Station

    Crown Tundra - Dynamax Adventures - Max Lair Location

    After getting to the Crown Tundra Station and fighting Peony for the first time, follow him almost straight down the slope to find the Max Lair. After visiting once, you will unlock the Flying Taxi service and become able to go there directly!

    The Crown Tundra Story Walkthrough

    How to Start a Dynamax Adventure

    Dynamax Adventure How to Start.png
    You can start a Dynamax Adventure by talking to the scientist in the Max Lair Lobby.

    Is the Crown Tundra DLC Necessary?

    Dynamax Adventures are a new feature added in the Crown Tundra DLC, but it's not yet clear if people who have not purchased the DLC can participate. We believe it is required, but we'll let you know as more information gets revealed!

    What are Dynamax Adventures?

    Take on the Dynamax Burrows with a Four-Man Group!

    Dynamax Adventure Navigate Paths.png

    Dynamax Adventures are a new feature where four trainers work together to navigate the burrows that Dynamax Pokemon make their home.

    Navigate Branching Paths

    Dynamax Adventures force players to decide between branching paths and which Dynamax Pokemon they'll battle next. Although the next Pokemon is obscured by shadows, you can see a rough outline and what type they are.

    If you play with others, a hidden majority vote on which path to travel will take place.

    Face off against Dynamax Pokemon in a Raid Battle

    Dynamax Adventure Raid Battle.png
    Players will encounter Dynamax Pokemon along the way, forcing them into a Raid Battle similar to a normal Max Raid Battle.

    You Restart from the Beginning if you Lose a Battle!

    Your team will be blown to the entrance of the burrow if you lose a raid battle, forcing you start from the beginning!

    How to Win Max Raid Battles

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