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This page contains the latest information on the DLC expansion to be released in Fall 2020 for the game Pokemon Sword and Shield, The Crown Tundra. Read on to learn about new Pokemon, locations, and more.

NEWThis article has been updated with new information on June 2nd, 2020! Read about all the newly revealed Pokemon and game mechanics below!

The Crown Tundra Release Date

To Be Released in Fall 2020

Although no official date has been confirmed, The Crown Tundra is set for release during the Fall of 2020. Although Fall technically ends on December 21st, we can probably expect the game's release sometime from September to November.

Expansion Pass Available for Pre-Purchase

Pokemon Sword & Shield Expansion Pass.png
Since January 10, 2020, players have been able to pre-purchase the Expansion Pass online, which contains both The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra DLC, from the Nintendo eShop for $30 USD.

How to Purchase the Expansion Pass

All Pokemon Appearing in The Isle of Armor

Crown Tundra New Pokemon.png

In The Crown Tundra DLC, over 100 Pokemon from previous generations will be reappearing, including all Legendaries which were previously uncatchable in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Combined with the new entries from The Isle of Armor DLC, players can look forward to meeting over 200 of their old favorites again. See the full list that has been revealed so far!

All Pokemon Appearing in the Expansion Pass DLC

New Regi Pokemon


Type 1 Type 2
Electric Image -



Type 1 Type 2
Dragon Image -


Two new Pokemon who had only been seen in rough sketches, Regieleki and Regidrago have had their full information revealed, including Abilities, signature moves, and more. Check out each page to learn more about these new Legendaries!


Type 1 Type 2
Psychic Image Grass Image


Calyrex is a noble leader and a new Legendary Pokemon that will appear during your adventure in The Crown Tundra. As it seems to hold the mascot status for the Crown Tundra DLC as a whole, it's likely that it will play a significant role in the game's story.

Little is known about it so far, so check back as the game release date approaches for more information!

CATEGORY King Pokémon
TYPE Psychic/Grass
WEIGHT 17 lbs.

Galarian Forms of Legendary Birds

Galarian Articuno

Galarian Articuno
Galarian Articuno
Type 1 Type 2
Psychic Image Flying Image

Galarian Articuno

Galarian Zapdos

Galarian Zapdos
Galarian Zapdos
Type 1 Type 2
Fighting Image Flying Image

Galarian Zapdos

Galarian Moltres

Galarian Moltres
Galarian Moltres
Type 1 Type 2
Dark Image Flying Image

Galarian Moltres

The three Kantonian legendary birds are back, having lost their fundamental types and taking on new ones in their Galarian Forms. They've each been announced to have brand new signature moves that match their new types!

All New Features

Galarian Star Tournament allows rematches with Gym Leaders

Galar Stars Tournament 2.jpg

Your favorite Gym Leaders are back, and they're not alone! This new mode has players team up with in-game characters to take down Galarian Gym Leaders in a Double Battle rematch.

Galar Stars Tournament 1.jpg
You can also pick a teammate who matches your team's style! Hop is shown here working together with the player, so it's assumed that this is a single-player mode without online functionality.

Go on Dynamax Adventures to explore Pokemon Dens

Dynamax Adventure.jpg

This mode pits a group of four players against challenging Dynamax Pokemon in their home turf of Pokemon Dens. It's stated that if the players lose, they'll be kicked out of the den, so you'll want to be sure your Pokemon are up for the challenge.


As Giratina is shown battling the players here, it's likely that many of the promised Legendary Pokemon to be available in the Crown Tundra will be obtainable via this mode.

New Clothing Items

100 kinds of dress up items.jpg

In this expansion, you'll have a chance to change your look with over one hundred new clothing items. This feature will be available in both expansions (The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra).

Based on official screenshots, it also looks as if the new clothing and appearance options will allow players to resemble other in-game characters, such as Marnie and Rose shown above!

What is The Crown Tundra?

The Crown Tundra Setting

The Crown of Tundra Map.jpg

The setting of your new adventure in The Crown Tundra will take place in a beautiful scenery of a snowy landscape. Having this DLC will give you a chance to explore a winter-themed area.

As opposed to The Isle of Armor's theme of Growth, The Crown Tundra's theme has been stated to be Exploration. It was also mentioned that both DLC locations will consistent entirely of expansive, fully-fledged Wild Areas. We can only wait and see just how deep the rabbit hole, or Pokemon Den, really goes!

Traveling with the explorer Peony

A new character introduced in The Crown Tundra, Peony is said to have brought his daughter along to search for information about the Legendary Pokemon said to inhabit the area. He's stated to be a bit of a brash character, but with a kind heart.

Two trees towering over the landscape

Crown Tundra Tree.jpg
The Crown Tundra Church.jpg
Although most screenshots of the game have shown fields covered in snow and ice, new footage has featured this brightly colored tree covered with fruit and surrounded by lush greenery. Far off in the distance, an icy deadened tree looms – this same tree is shown growing out of a church-like building in other official art.

The official trailer released on June 2nd also shows the player battling the Legendary Birds in front of the blossoming tree. This seems to imply that these two trees hold some relevance to the secrets of the Legendary Pokemon which Peony is looking for.

Visit Temples to capture each Regi Pokemon


The player is shown traveling to three temples resembling each of the Regi Pokemon, then battling with them inside. Visiting each of these locations may be an important part of the player's quest, and enable them to encounter the new Pokemon Regieleki and Regidrago.

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are u going to be able to catch the legendary pokemon in the raid dens? if so crown tundra is gonna have a massive pokedex

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im so sorry but Regieleki sounds so funny

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