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This page contains the latest information on the DLC expansion to be released in Fall 2020 for the game Pokemon Sword and Shield, The Crown Tundra. Read on to learn about new Pokemon, locations, and more.

The Crown Tundra Release Date

Available by Fall of 2020

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The new DLC, Crown of Tundra will be released during the Fall, meaning it will definitely be out by the end of November 2020.

Now available for Pre-Purchase


Pre-purchase starts from January 10, 2020 (Friday).

The Expansion Pass can be purchased from January 10, 2020 (Friday) and costs $30 USD. The Expansion Pass contains two sets (The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra) and purchasing the Expansion Pass will allow you to play both brand new areas.

The Expansion Pass purchase screen can be accessed from the in-game menu with the latest update. Check out our link below to find out how to snag your copy! Although the contents of The Crown Tundra expansion won't be accessible until the Fall, an early purchase will ensure you get any new content as soon as it's released.

How to Purchase the Expansion Pass

The Crown Tundra Setting

The Crown of Tundra Map.jpg

The setting of your new adventure in The Crown Tundra will take place in a beautiful scenery of a snowy landscape. Having this DLC will give you a chance to explore a winter-themed area.

As opposed to The Isle of Armor's theme of Growth, The Crown Tundra's theme has been stated to be Exploration. It was also mentioned that both DLC locations will consistent entirely of expansive, fully-fledged Wild Areas. We can only wait and see just how deep the rabbit hole, or Pokemon Den, really goes!

New Pokemon in The Crown Tundra

Legendary Pokemon - Calyrex

Legendary Pokemon Badrex Appears.jpg

Calyrex is a noble leader and a new legendary Pokemon that will appear during your adventure in The Crown Tundra.

CATEGORY King Pokémon
TYPE Psychic/Grass
WEIGHT 17 lbs.

New Regi Pokemon

Based on the Legendary Pokemon Regirock, Regice and Registeel from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, the new Regi Pokemon have cool designs and will be included in The Crown of Tundra expansion.

Regi Pokemon No. 1

New Regi 1.jpg

This Regi-type Pokemon is very likely an Electric-type Pokemon, based on its appearance, and has a light blue ring around its arm and belly with yellow dots jutting out its front.

Regi Pokemon No. 2

New Regi 2.jpg

This Regi-type Pokemon is very likely a Dragon-type Pokemon as seen from its dragon bone-like features. It also has blue dots coming out from the side.

Three Legendary Birds

Articuno.jpgEnlarge Galarian Articuno Zapdos.jpgEnlarge Galarian Zapdos Moltres.jpgEnlarge Galarian Moltres

These three birds strongly resemble the Legendary Bird Trio from Kanto, and are likely to be the Galarian forms of the those Pokemon. They could also be related to the giant mysterious tree that you'll find during your adventure in The Crown Tundra.

List of Pokemon Appearing in The Expansion Pass

New Content Added

New co-op play feature

Co-op Play.jpg

Max Raid Battles

This exciting feature will give you a chance to team up with your friends and explore the Pokémon Dens found in The Crown Tundra.

Although Dens were only visible from the outside in vanilla Pokemon Sword and Shield, this expansion is stated to give players the chance to go deeper and see the Dens from the inside.

Encounter All Legendary Pokemon

Legends Return.jpg

You'll be able to encounter all the Legendary Pokemon from previous Pokemon games which were previously unobtainable in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

New Clothing Items

100 kinds of dress up items.jpg

In this expansion, you'll have a chance to change your look with over one hundred new clothing items. This feature will be available in both expansions (The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra).

Based on official screenshots, it also looks as if the new clothing and appearance options will allow players to resemble other in-game characters, such as Marnie and Rose shown above!

New Battle Challenge

New Battle.jpg

An exciting New Battle Challenge awaits you once you finish the entire game (including (The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra). It is thought this may be an extension of the Battle Tower as featured in the primary game.

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