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Getting to the Champion (Part 12) - Walkthrough

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Getting to the Champion

This walkthrough explains how to reach and complete the final battle (Slumbering Weald - Wyndon Gym) in the games Pokemon Sword and Shield. Read on for information on the trainers you will face, the Pokemon they use in battle, and strategies on how to defeat them.

Champion Cup Finals

Things to Do Before Getting to the Champion

Raise your Pokemon to around level 65

The champion, Leon, will use five Pokemon, all around level 65. Since he will undoubtably be the strongest opponent you have faced yet, raise your Pokemon's levels to about 65 to make for an easier battle.

Getting to the Champion - Story Walkthrough


Stadium Objectives
1 Head north (up) from the rest area
2 Head to Slumbering Weald together with Hop

Slumbering Weald

Slumbering Weald Items and Obtainable Pokemon

Slumbering Weald Objectives
1 Speak with Sonia and your mum
2 Proceed west (left direction)
3 Go north (up) at the dead end
4 Head left at the fork in the path
5 Head right at the second fork in the path
6 Head left at the third fork in the road
7 Meet with Hop, then listen to what Sonia has to say. Head north (up)
8 Continue north, and pick up the item
Sword Version: Rusted Sword
Shield Version: Rusted Shield
9 Speak with Hop, then head to Hammerlocke


Hammerlocke Items and Obtainable Pokemon

Hammerlocke Objectives
1 Speak with Raihan and head north (up)
2 Go through the right door of Hammerlocke Stadium
3 Battle with Rose
4 Speak with Hop
5 Go up the stairs and battle with Eternatus

Rose's Pokemon

Pokemon Level Type
Escavalier ImageEscavalier Lv.55 Bug Type Steel Type
Ferrothorn ImageFerrothorn Lv.55 Grass Type Steel Type
Perrserker ImagePerrserker Lv.55 Steel Type
Klinklang ImageKlinklang Lv.56 Steel Type
Copperajah ImageCopperajah Lv.57 Steel Type

Choose your team carefully before climbing the stairs and battling Eternatus

In front of Hop.jpeg

After defeating Rose, you will have to battle Eternatus, the legendary Pokemon of this game. If you would like to capture it with the highest IVs possible, be absolutely sure to save your game before moving ahead, and pick your best party before heading up the stairs.

Catching Eternatus With High IVs


Wyndon Items and Obtainable Pokemon

Wyndon Objectives
1 Exit the hotel
2 Head northeast (upper right direction) and enter the stadium
3 Speak with the receptionist at the Stadium
4 Battle with the Champion (Leon)

The Champion: Leon's Pokemon

Pokemon Level Type
Aegislash ImageAegislash Lv.62 Steel Type Ghost Type
Dragapult ImageDragapult Lv.62 Dragon Type Ghost Type
Haxorus ImageHaxorus Lv.63 Dragon Type
Charizard ImageCharizard Lv.65 Fire Type Flying Type
If You Chose Sobble
Rhyperior ImageRhyperior Lv.64 Ground Type Rock Type
Rillaboom ImageRillaboom Lv.64 Grass Type
If You Chose Grookey
Seismitoad ImageSeismitoad Lv.64 Water Type Ground Type
Cinderace ImageCinderace Lv.64 Fire Type
If You Chose Scorbunny
Mr. Rime ImageMr. Rime Lv.64 Ice Type Psychic Type
Inteleon ImageInteleon
Lv.64 Water Type

How to Beat Champion Leon

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