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Getting to the 8th Gym (Part 8) - Walkthrough

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Getting to the 8th Gym

This is the story guide and objectives list for obtaining the 8th Badge (Ballonlea - Hammerlocke) in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Read on to learn which Pokemon the trainers in this location have, as well as other useful walkthrough information.

Getting to the 7th Gym Champion Cup Semifinals

Things to Do Before Getting to the 8th Gym

Raise a Fairy or Ground-type Pokemon to level 50!

Example Fairy-types Example Ground-types
Grimmsnarl ImageGrimmsnarl Falinks ImageFalinks Dugtrio ImageDugtrio Runerigus ImageRunerigus

Before taking on the 8th Gym challenge, you should raise a Ground or Fairy-type Pokemon up to Lv. 50. Both of these types will be super effective on the 8th gym leader, so having one of these on your team will make victory a sure thing.

Getting to the 8th Gym - Story Walkthrough

Route 9

Route 9 Items and Obtainable Pokemon

Route 9 Objectives
1 Listen to the dialogue from the Champion
2 Head west (left) and go to the Route Tunnel

Route Tunnel

Route Tunnel Objectives
1 Watch out for the crowd and pass through the tunnel

Route 7

Route 7 Items and Obtainable Pokemon

Route 7 Objectives
1 Speak with Hop
2 Head west (left) and enter Hammerlocke


Hammerlocke Items and Obtainable Pokemon

Hammerlocke Objectives
1 Continue west (left) and speak with Hop
2 Enter the Stadium and speak with the receptionist
3 Battle with the Gym Leader: Raihan

Hammerlocke Gym Leader: Raihan's Pokemon

Pokemon Lv. Type
Gigalith ImageGigalith Lv.46 Rock Type
Flygon ImageFlygon Lv.47 Ground Type Dragon Type
Sandaconda ImageSandaconda Lv.46 Ground Type
Duraludon ImageDuraludon Lv.48 Steel Type Dragon Type

How to Beat Raihan

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