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148 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

is there ANY recipes for rusted sword/shield? (probably not but just in case please i am desparate)

139 Anonymousabout 1 yearReport

Can you get mints from the cram o matic if so what is the jolly mint recipe

138 Anonymousover 1 yearReport

is it good?

137 Anonymousover 1 yearReport

4 soft sand for tr earthpower 4 toxic orbs for tr toxic spikes 4 wishing pieces for tr sludge wave 4 thunder stones for tr electro ball

136 Anonymousalmost 2 yearsReport

Does anyone have a moon ball they can give me?

135 Anonymousabout 2 yearsReport

Burn orb

134 Anonymousover 2 yearsReport

babiri berry, pair of choice specs, sprig of brave mint and exp candy xs for a wishing star.

133 Anonymousover 2 yearsReport

Amo rite and dynite ore (from icecue raids. I’m in the middle of a curse where i only get those) bottle cap and a binding band ( from the merchant at stow-on-side). Ill keep the combo a suprize!!

132 Anonymousover 2 yearsReport

3 bags of stardust and one star fragment makes a wishing piece

131 iceover 2 yearsReport

They're probably isn't gonna be, there has been 3 different fake 3rd dlc rumors covered already, and a lot of evidence that there will be diamond and pearl remakes.

130 Pokemon Swordover 2 yearsReport

No is their really another one

129 Random guy474over 2 yearsReport


128 Random guy474over 2 yearsReport

What does that mean

127 Anonymousover 2 yearsReport

4 Metal Coats should produce the TR Heavy Slam.

126 Anonymousover 2 yearsReport

Four Pokeballs make an ultra ball

125 NoSleepover 2 yearsReport
124 Anonymousover 2 yearsReport

Four Rare Candies make a Bottle Cap.

123 Anonymousalmost 3 yearsReport

With kalos region starters

122 Anonymousalmost 3 yearsReport

Have you heard a rumor of the third DLC coming in 2021

121 Anonymousabout 3 yearsReport

Pokeball and fossil dragon

120 Anonymousabout 3 yearsReport

4 Ability Capsules = 1 bottle of pp up

119 Zenaabout 3 yearsReport

Chilan berry + Soothe Bell + Dawn stone + Exp. Candy XL = TR 26

118 Anonymousabout 3 yearsReport

grepa berry x2 + rare candy x2 = weakness policy

117 Anonymousabout 3 yearsReport

Now THIS recipe is a SCAM. I wasted 4 wishing pieces for TR Sludge Wave . Never do this.

116 Anonymousabout 3 yearsReport

For easy reading

115 Anonymous C.about 3 yearsReport

Pink Apricorn and 3 Honey in that order makes a bag of Stardust.

114 Anonymousabout 3 yearsReport

Dragon Fang: 4 Dynamax Candys Dragon Scale : 4 Dragon Fang's

113 Anonymousabout 3 yearsReport

I can post links to helpful websites, right?

112 Anonymousabout 3 yearsReport

King’s Rock: 1) Life orb: 1 dynamax candy, 3 whishing piece 2) Dragon fang: 1 dynamax candy, 1 life orb, 2 repel 3) King’s rock: 1 dragon fang, 3 whishing piece

111 Charabout 3 yearsReport

Kee Berry, Cleanse Tag, Wishing Piece, and Grassy Seed gives you Room Service. Nugget, Tiny Mushroom, Float Stone, and Cheri Berry gives you TR23 Spikes.

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