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Find a new cool combination with the Cram-o-Matic? Let people know! This board is for sharing and discussing recipes with your fellow trainers.

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121 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

>>91 Pokeball and fossil dragon

120 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

4 Ability Capsules = 1 bottle of pp up

119 Zena3 monthsReport

Chilan berry + Soothe Bell + Dawn stone + Exp. Candy XL = TR 26

118 Anonymous4 monthsReport

grepa berry x2 + rare candy x2 = weakness policy

117 Anonymous4 monthsReport

Now THIS recipe is a SCAM. I wasted 4 wishing pieces for TR Sludge Wave . Never do this.

116 Anonymous4 monthsReport

For easy reading

115 Anonymous C.4 monthsReport

Pink Apricorn and 3 Honey in that order makes a bag of Stardust.

114 Anonymous4 monthsReport

Dragon Fang: 4 Dynamax Candys Dragon Scale : 4 Dragon Fang's

113 Anonymous4 monthsReport

I can post links to helpful websites, right?

112 Anonymous4 monthsReport

King’s Rock: 1) Life orb: 1 dynamax candy, 3 whishing piece 2) Dragon fang: 1 dynamax candy, 1 life orb, 2 repel 3) King’s rock: 1 dragon fang, 3 whishing piece

111 Char4 monthsReport

Kee Berry, Cleanse Tag, Wishing Piece, and Grassy Seed gives you Room Service. Nugget, Tiny Mushroom, Float Stone, and Cheri Berry gives you TR23 Spikes.

110 Anonymous4 monthsReport

Big nugget, 3 oran berries = wishing piece in this order

109 Anonymous4 monthsReport

4 leaf stones - TR59 Seed Bomb

108 SILVER MASK4 monthsReport

These are my current findings, most of them were performed twice to confirm if it is static outcome or random: 4 normal Gem = TR26 Endure 2 star dust, 2 star piece = Light Clay 3 pretty feathers, 1 star piece = Big Mushroom 4 big mushroom = Balm Mushroom 4 Balm Mushroom = Pearl String 3 Balm Mushroom, 1 Big mushroom = Absorb Bulb 4 Pearl Strings = TR84 Scaled 4 Star Dust = Star Piece 4 Pearl = Big Pearl 3 Big Mushroom, 1 Big Nugget = TR67 Earth Power 4 Honey = TR60 X-Scissors

107 Anonymous4 monthsReport

4 dynamax candies gave me a dragon claw

106 Anonymous4 monthsReport

lagging tail, destiny knot, smooth rock, and damp rock gets you a protector

105 Anonymous4 monthsReport

Black apricot, 2 persim berries, and a leppa berry got me TR37 Taunt

104 Anonymous4 monthsReport

stardust, honey big nugget, rare bone got me a wishing piece

103 VileThe2nd4 monthsReport

4 Fossilized Drake gave me...a Big Mushroom...

102 VileThe2nd4 monthsReport

4 Fossilized Fish gave me a Shell Bell. Fitting.

101 VileThe2nd4 monthsReport

4 Sharp Beaks gave me...a Big Mushroom? Wuuuh...?

100 VileThe2nd4 monthsReport

A plume of 4 Pretty Feathers makes a Sharp Beak. Nice to see you don't have to waste 'special feathers' in order to get one.

99 VileThe2nd4 monthsReport

4 jars of Honey gave me TR60 X-Scissor. Not surprising as you attract more flies with honey than vinegar and opening one jar is enough to make a Golisopod come for your left cheek. SPECIFICALLY the left.

98 VileThe2nd4 monthsReport

4 Pearl String Recipe confirmed!

97 VileThe2nd4 monthsReport

And 4 Pearl Strings (oddly enough)...gave me TR84 Scald? Confirming immediately.

96 VileThe2nd4 monthsReport

4 Big Pearls gave me a Pearl String.

95 VileThe2nd4 monthsReport

4 Pearls gave me a Big Pearl.

94 VileThe2nd4 monthsReport

4 Star Pieces gave me a Comet Shard.

93 VileThe2nd4 monthsReport

4 bags of Stardust gave me a Star Piece.

92 VileThe2nd4 monthsReport

4 Balm Mushrooms gave me a Pearl String.

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