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How to Start a New Game and Delete Your Save Data

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Delete Save Game

Been wanting to restart your progress in Pokemon Sword and Shield? You have come to the right place! This guide will tell you how to delete your save file and start a new game in Pokemon Sword and Shield!

How To Start a New Game

Delete Your Save Data First!

There is no in-game option to restart your game. But don't worry, you can delete your save game in Pokemon Sword and Shield by using Nintendo Switch's Data Management feature.

If you need tips for the early game grind, check out these guides!

Getting Started
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How To Delete Your Save Data

Check the detailed steps below on how to delete the saved data to start a new game of Pokemon Sword and Shield.

# How to Delete Save Data
1 Go back to the HOME Menu.
2 Go to System Settings.
3 Go to Data Management.
4 Choose Delete Save Data.
5 Choose your Pokemon Sword / Pokemon Shield Save Data.
6 Choose which Profile's save data needs to be erased.
7 A warning message will appear. Choose Delete Save Data to confirm deletion.

Go to the Home Menu

How To Delete Your Save Game to Start a New Game - Home  Menu.jpg
If you are in-game, close the game and go to the Home Menu.

Go to System Settings

How To Delete Your Save Game to Start a New Game - Settings.jpg
Go to the System Settings screen by tapping this button on the screen or by using the directional buttons.

Go to Data Management

How To Delete Your Save Game to Start a New Game - Data Management.jpg
Under System Settings, go to the Data Management Tab.

Go to Delete Save Data

How To Delete Your Save Game to Start a New Game - Delete Save Data .jpg
Under Data Management, select Delete Save Data.

Choose your Pokemon Save Data

How To Delete Your Save Game to Start a New Game - Choose Pokemon Sword and Shield.jpg
Select the Save File for your Pokemon game.

Select the Profile

How To Delete Your Save Game to Start a New Game - Select the Profile.jpg
Select the profile for which you want to delete the Save File.

Warning Message

How To Delete Your Save Game to Start a New Game - Warning Message.jpg
A warning message will appear notifying you that the save file cannot be recovered. Select Delete Save Data to delete your Save File and to be able to start a new game. Afterwards, a message will appear notifying you that the deletion was successful.

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