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List of Gym Challenges

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This is a page guide on all Gym Challenges that you need to complete before battling the Gym Leaders in the game Pokemon Sword and Shield. Read on to find out the tips and strategies to beat each Gym Challenge without a hitch.

What are Gym Challenges?

Before battling against each of the eight Gym Leaders in Galar, you'll need to get through a unique Challenge which can involve puzzles, unique controls, and falling into pits. Expect plenty of fighting against Gym Trainers while doing the missions!

List of Gym Challenges

Gym Challenges & Locations
01 Turffield.pngTurffield Gym Challenge 02 Hulbury.pngHulbury Gym Challenge 03 Motostoke.pngMototoske Gym Challenge 04 Stow-on-Side.pngStow-on-Side Gym Challenge
05 Ballonlea.pngBallonlea Gym Challenge 06 Circhester.pngCirchester Gym Challenge 07 Spikemuth.pngSpikemuth Gym Challenge 08 Hammerlocke.pngHammerlocke Gym Challenge

Overview of Gym Challenges

First Gym Challenge in Turffield

Turffield Gym Mission

Goal Chase the Wooloo and break through every check point, until you reach the last area.
Obstacles Fences, Yampers
Pokemon Most Trainers bring along Grass-type Pokemon.

How to Beat First Gym Challenge

Second Gym Challenge in Hulbury

Water Gym Challenge 2 (1).jpg

Goal Solve the maze by pressing buttons and lift the downpour of water, blocking the way to the exit.
Obstacles Water
Pokemon Most Trainers bring along Water-type Pokemon.

How to Beat Second Gym Challenge

Third Gym Challenge in Motostoke

3rd Gym 1.jpg

Goal Earn 5 points by catching of defeating wild Pokemon.
Obstacles Gym Trainers will join you in battle.
Pokemon Most Trainers bring along Fire-type Pokemon.

How to Beat the Third Gym Challenge

Fourth Gym Challenge in Stow-on-Side

Stow-on-Side Gym Challenge.jpg

Goal Get to the goal while you ride a rotating cup.
Obstacles Walls that limit your path, coiled hands that push you upward
Pokemon Pokemon Sword: Most Trainers bring along Fighting-type Pokemon.
Pokemon Shield: Most Trainers bring along Ghost-type Pokemon.

How to Beat the Fourth Gym Challenge

Fifth Gym Challenge in Ballonlea

Opal Quiz Boost.jpg

Goal Answer Opal's quiz correctly to get stat boost.
Obstacles Incorrect answers will lower the stats of your Pokemon.
Pokemon Most Trainers bring along Fairy-type Pokemon.

How to Beat the Fifth Gym Challenge

Sixth Gym Challenge in Circhester

Circhester Gym Challenge.jpg

Goal Succesfully get to the end of each room.
Obstacles Invisible pitfalls, boulders blocking your way
Pokemon Pokemon Sword: Most Trainers bring along Rock-type Pokemon.
Pokemon Shield: Most Trainers bring along Ice-type Pokemon.

How to Beat the Sixth Gym Challenge

Seventh Gym Challenge in Spikemuth

Spikemuth Gym Challenge.jpg

Goal Defeat all 5 Team Yell members.
Obstacles Mr. Mime blocking your way
Pokemon Most Trainers bring along Dark-type Pokemon.

How to Beat the Seventh Gym Challenge

Final Gym Challenge in Hammerlocke

Eight Gym Mission.jpg

Goal Defeat the Gym Trainers Raihan personally chose in a Double Battle.
Obstacles -
Pokemon Gym Trainers bring along Pokemon with varying types.

How to Beat the Last Gym Challenge

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