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How to Get All Legendary Birds | Galarian Bird Trio Walkthrough

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This is a guide to the Legendary Birds chapter of the Crown Tundra DLC for Pokemon Sword and Shield. Learn how to catch Galarian Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, and solve the mystery of Legendary Clue 3.

Crown Tundra Story Walkthrough
King of Bountiful Harvests Button.pngClue 1: Calyrex Legendary Titans Button.pngClue 2: Regis Legendary Birds Button.pngClue 3: Birds

The Crown Tundra Story Walkthrough

The Legendary Birds Walkthrough

A Legendary Tree of a Legendary Three

A Legendary Tree of a Legendary Three.png

This chapter will have the player travel both in and outside of the Crown Tundra to capture all three of the Galarian Legendary Birds.

Meeting the Birds

Go to the south of the Crown Tundra to Ballimere Lake.
Head around to the east side to reach Dyna Tree Hill where you will witness the three birds fight.
After the scene you will hear that each bird has headed off to a different area:
・Moltres to the Isle of Armor.
・Zapdos to the mainland Wild Area.
・Articuno around the Crown Tundra.

How to Catch All Legendary Birds

Galarian Moltres ImageGalarian Moltres
Isle of Armor
Galarian Zapdos ImageGalarian Zapdos
Wild Area
Galarian Articuno ImageGalarian Articuno
Crown Tundra

Each of the Legendary Birds will go to a different area of the map, and you want to fight them, you'll need to catch up with them first!

Galarian Moltres and Galarian Articuno will fly around on a set route, which is refreshed each time the player uses a Flying Taxi. By knowing the route in advance, you can cut them off at a specific point and start a battle.

Galarian Zapdos, on the other hand, will simply run away from the player, so you'll be able to chase it down on your bike once it gets tired.

Flying resets the route

If any of the Pokemon get too far away, instead of trying to bike around searching for them, it's best to take a Flying Taxi back to the starting point again, which will refresh the route and give you another chance to catch up with them.

Upgrade your Bike in advance

If you haven't done so yet, you can upgrade your bike by interacting with Watts, the Watt Trader in the Wild Area. He'll increase the speed of your bike, making it easier to catch up with the Birds.

How to Upgrade the Rotom Bike

Save before the fight

When you've caught up with one of the birds, you'll immediately enter a battle, so be sure to save your game directly before this happens. If you accidentally knock out the Pokemon, you won't lose your chance to catch it completely, but you'll have to spend time chasing after it again, so it's best to save so that you can simply reload your save file if this occurs.

Can Use Synchronize for Natures

The Synchronize Ability can be used to match a Pokemon with the Nature of your choice. Unlike the Regi Pokemon, for which this effect does not work, the Galarian Legendary Birds do allow players to use Synchronize to determine their Natures.

If you want to change their Nature after they have already been caught, using Mints will allow you to change their Nature at any time.

Galarian Articuno

Galarian Articuno Route.jpegFollow the route above and you will meet Galarian Articuno at the top.
Fly to the lower access point in Snowslide Slope and check that Galarian Articuno is above you.
If Galarian Articuno is not there, fly to the same point again. Otherwise, follow Galarian Articuno to the top of the slope and to the cliff on the left.
When Galarian Articuno splits into 3, check the one which opens its wings and follow it with your eye, then engage it after it spins down to start the battle.
Catch it to update Legendary Clue 3.

1. Fly to the lower point in Snowslide Slope

Galarian Articuno 1.png

When you fly to the access point, you may or may not see Galarian Articuno in front of you, or see its shadow flying directly overhead. If you don't see Galarian Articuno at all when flying here, fly to the same spot again until you encounter it.

2. Go up the slope and through the patch of grass

Galarian Articuno 2.png

At the very top of the slope, when you reach the wall, you'll see a patch of grass on the left. Go through the crass to emerge at a cliffside.

3. Wait for Galarian Articuno at the edge of the cliff

Galarian Articuno 3 Alt.png

Galarian Articuno will meet you as you wait on the cliff, so check and make sure that Galarian Articuno is still on its way. If you took too long to reach the top and Galarian Articuno has already passed, fly back to the access point you started at.

4. Choose the Galarian Articuno which opens its wings

Galarian Articuno 5.png

When Galarian Articuno splits into 3, check which one opens its wings before flying down. Afterwards, the three will spin down to the ground in a circle, so be sure to keep your eye on the real Galarian Articuno. After it descends, interact with it and it will disappear for a moment, then the fight will begin.

Battle Strategy

Galarian Articuno ImageGalarian Articuno Lv. 70

Galarian Articuno will use Psychic-type moves like Freezing Glare, which has a chance of inflicting freeze, as well as the powerful Flying-type move Hurricane. It's good to employ a defensive Hypnosis user like Bronzong with a high Special Defense and resistance to Psychic and Flying type moves.

Galarian Moltres

Galarian Moltres Route.pngFollow the route above to cut off Galarian Moltres.
Fly to Challenge Beach on The Isle of Armor to witness Galarian Moltres flying by to the right.
Go to the right across the water in the same direction as Galarian Moltres.
Turn left into Loop Lagoon. Go up onto the island in the middle and wait for Galarian Moltres tto arrive.
Catch it to update Legendary Clue 3.

1. Fly to Challenge Beach

Galarian Moltres 1.jpeg
At Challenge Beach, head toward the indicated area in the water.

2. Turn left into Loop Lagoon

Galarian Moltres 2.jpeg
When you reach the rocks to your left, you'll find a gap. Pass through into Loop Lagoon.

3. Head up onto the island

Galarian Moltres 3.jpeg

The island in the middle of the lagoon is your goal. Go up onto the beach and up the grassy hill, and around to the opposite side of the rock in the center.

4. Wait in front of the Den

Galarian Moltres 4 EN.png

Galarian Moltres will go past this Den on its route.

5. Catch Galarian Moltres

Spotted by Moltres.png

Galarian Moltres will spot you when it arrives and the battle will begin!

Battle Strategy

Galarian Moltres ImageGalarian Moltres Lv. 70

Galarian Moltres can use Fiery Wrath, which is super effective against most Psychic and Ghost-type Hypnosis users, and Hurricane, which is super effective against most Spore or Sleep Powder users. Malamar can be a good choice as it takes neutral damage from Fiery Wrath.

Don't do this battle in the rain, or its Hurricane will have perfect accuracy. Learn from our mistakes...

Galarian Zapdos

Fly to East Lake Axewell in the Wild Area. Galarian Zapdos will appear and run to the right.
Chase after Zapdos on your bike until it starts to get tired, then catch up to it to engage it in battle.
Catch it to update Legendary Clue 3.

Follow Galarian Zapdos from East Lake Axewell

Galarian Zapdos 1.jpg

When you first encounter Galarian Zapdos, it will start off by running away to the right at a high speed, but keep your eye on it and don't let it get too far away.

Chase it down

Galarian Zapdos 2.jpg

After you've chased Galarian Zapdos for a while, sweat drops will appear over its head to indicate that it's getting tired.

Keep speeding ahead

Galarian Zapdos 3.jpg

If you continue going after it, it will eventually get tired and start to slow down, at which point you'll be able to finally catch up.

Battle Strategy

Galarian Zapdos ImageGalarian Zapdos Lv. 70

Galarian Zapdos will use Fighting-type moves like Thunderous Kick and Reversal heavily. If you're using a Ghost-type Pokemon like Gengar to put it to sleep with Hypnosis, you'll be immune to most of its attacks, making this a fairly safe fight.

Report Back to Peony

Once you've caught all three of the Galarian Legendary Birds, report back to Peony to wrap up this chapter of the story.

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