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Champion Cup Semifinals Walkthrough (Part 9)

Champion Cup Semifinals

This walkthrough explains how to complete the Champion Cup Semifinals (Wyndon Gym) in the games Pokemon Sword and Shield. Read on for information on the trainers in the Champion Cup, the Pokemon they use in battle, and strategies on how to defeat them.

Getting to the 8th Gym Rose Tower

Things to Do Before Starting the Champion Cup

Raise your entire party at least to Level 50

In the Champion Cup, your opponents will be your main rivals from throughout the game, Marnie and Hop. Both of them have five Pokemon with levels approaching 50, so it's wise to come into the battle with Pokemon at around the same level.

Champion Cup - Story Walkthrough


Hammerlocke Items and Obtainable Pokemon

Hammerlocke Objectives
1 Leave the Stadium and talk to Sonia.
2 Go east (right) and ride the train.

Route 10

Route 10 Items and Obtainable Pokemon

1 Leave the train station.
2 Continue north (up).
3 Go through the gate and continue to Wyndon.


Wyndon Items and Obtainable Pokemon

1 Head northeast (up and right) to Wyndon Stadium.
2 Enter the Stadium.
3 Check in with the receptionist.
4 Battle with Marnie and Hop.

List of Opponents in the Champion Cup Semifinals

1st Battle - Marnie


Marnie's Pokemon

Pokemon Lv. Type
Liepard ImageLiepard Lv.47 Dark Type
Toxicroak ImageToxicroak Lv.47 Poison Type Fighting Type
Scrafty ImageScrafty Lv.47 Dark Type Fighting Type
Morpeko ImageMorpeko (Full Belly Mode) Lv.48 Electric Type or Dark Type
Grimmsnarl ImageGrimmsnarl Lv.49 Dark Type Fairy Type

2nd Battle - Hop


Hop's Pokemon

Pokemon Lv. Type
Dubwool ImageDubwool Lv.48 Normal Type
Pincurchin ImagePincurchin Lv.47 Electric Type
Snorlax ImageSnorlax Lv.47 Normal Type
Corviknight ImageCorviknight Lv.48 Flying Type Steel Type
Rillaboom ImageRillaboom
(If you chose Scorbunny)
Lv.49 Grass Type
Cinderace ImageCinderace
(If you choose Sobble)
Lv.49 Fire Type
Inteleon ImageInteleon
(If you choose Grookey)
Lv.49 Water Type

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