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Is the Isle of Armor DLC Worth It?

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Are you having second thoughts about getting the Expansion Pass for Pokemon Sword and Shield? Read on to know the pros and cons of the Isle of Armor DLC expansion!

Is Isle of Armor DLC Worth It?

Isle of Armor.png

In our opinion there are many good reasons why the Expansion Pass DLC is worth buying!

Easier breeding, strengthening, Watt and Money farming, not to mention new Pokemon and Legendaries, the first part of the DLC, Isle of Armor, already offers many features that really improve the game experience.

We've summarized the reasons for and against, the pros and cons, so continue reading for details on the good and the bad!

New Features - The Isle of Armor

Pros and Cons Summary

Here is the overview of pros and cons for buying the DLC, you can click a specific point to jump to the section!


Reasons to Buy the DLC

New Strong Pokemon

Two Forms of Urshifu.png

The Isle of Armor DLC expansion brings several new strong Pokemon, like the new Galarian form of Slowbro.

List of All Pokemon in The Isle of Armor DLC

New Legendary Pokemon: Kubfu

During the story of the Isle of Armor expansion, Dojo Master Mustard will give you a strong Pokemon named Kubfu. This Pokemon is a new Legendary Pokemon, which can evolve into the mighty Urshifu.

There are two versions of Urshifu, depending on which Towers of Two Fists you choose to complete.

Which Style of Urshifu Should You Choose?

Max Soup

Dynamax Soup.jpg

Max Soup is a potent stew that can allow certain Pokemon to Gigantamax when given to them.

With this soup, you no longer need to hunt for Gigantamax Pokemon with good stats, you can simply give the Soup to any Pokemon that have Gigantamax forms. This soup requires three Max Mushrooms, which you can find in the forests and caves on the Isle of Armor Island.

How to Make Max Soup

EV Reset

Lady Clear.png

Effort Value training has always been a challenge in the Pokemon series, but Isle of Armor brings a game-changer to the table. For the first time ever, you can reset a Pokemon's EVs!

To reset EVs, find Lady Clear in the Workout Sea area and she will return your Pokemon to a blank slate in exchange for ten pieces of Armorite Ore.

How to EV Train Fast and Reset EVs

Easy Ditto Raids

Ditto Raid.png

As we all probably know by now, Ditto is essential for breeding rare or strong Pokemon. In The Isle of Armor, getting your hands on Ditto is even easier, as there's an area where they appear often, as well as a Pokemon Den where only Ditto, Chansey and Blissey appear. There’s also a max raid den, which has a high-level Ditto battle. You can find the Island with Ditto Raid in the Workout Sea area!

Workout Sea Map and Pokemon

Easy Ways to Get Watts and Money

Another thing you can enjoy for having the Isle of Armor DLC expansion is you can earn more money (Poke Dollars) and Watts because you will have access to Cram-o-Matic and Digging Pa.



Cram-o-Matic is a new tool in the Isle of Armor that you can use to combine four items to make a new, usually more profitable or useful item. For example, using 4 Cheri Berries will create a [TR88] Heat Crash, which you can sell for 3,000 each!

All Cram-o-Matic Recipes

Digging Pa

Digging Pa.png

In the Isle of Armor, you can get more Watts eaily by asking Digging Pa to dig for you. You even get the very first try for free!

However, after that, you will need to pay him seven Armorite Ores in exchange for his service. Each attempt can give you over 20,000 Watts, but note that the number of Watts earned may vary each time.

Digging Pa Location and Watts Earned

New Rival


For those who like to play for characters and story, getting to know a new might be an added bonus! The rival you get depends on your version, Shield players will get Avery and Klara will challenge Sword players.

Reasons to Not Buy the DLC

Can Get Pokemon Through Trading


Even without buying the Expansion Pack, you can trade with other players or use Pokemon HOME to get the newly added Pokemon.

However, getting the rewards for completing the Isle of Armor Pokedex requires access to Armor Station, so you won't be able to get the Mark Charm and other completion rewards even if you get all the Pokemon.

How to Trade With Friends Locally and Online

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1 Majjinbuuhooalmost 4 years

Just wanted to make a correction. This article stated that for the "first time ever" you can reset EVs. This is only true if you are referring to Sword and Shield version(although that might not be true, see below). X&Y made it super easy to reset your EVs with the white punching bags in the mini-game. Previous games made it more difficult, but possible with the introduction of certain berries that could do lower EVs for a specific stat. I don't recall if Sword/Shield has those berries or not.


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