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How to Dynamax Your Pokemon

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This page is an introduction to the new feature known as Dynamaxing in the games Pokemon Sword and Shield. Read on to find out how to Dynamax your Pokemon, and what effects this powerful ability can yield.

Dynamax - Overview

Dynamaxing is a phenomenon unique to specific locations in the Galar region wherein Pokemon are able to take on gigantic apperances.

dynamaxing banner

Pokemon in a Dynamaxed Form receive a massive HP boost and access to unique Max Moves.

Dynamax - Key Item

A special item known as the Dynamax Band is the product of Dynamax Phenomenon research in the Galar Region.
Dynamax Band
Only Trainers who own a Dynamax Band are able to Dynamax their Pokemon. It's obtained by the player early in the game, so you'll be able to Dynamax with ease from the first gym on.

dynamax band usage_1.jpg dynamax band usage_2.jpg

Dymamax - Pokemon Battles

In addition to their intimidating new size, when Pokemon are Dynamaxed, their max HP will be increased by 50%, and they will be healed of a portion of their damage to match their boosted health.

Dynamax Band Glowing Dynamax Pokeball Throw

This HP boost can be increased by 5% for each Dynamax Candy given to the Pokemon, to a maximum of a 100% HP boost. These Dynamax Candy can be obtained as rewards from Max Raid Battles.

The effects of Dynamaxing only last for three turns; after that, your Pokemon will return to normal, so timing your Dynamaxing is key to making the most of your Pokemon's power.

You can only Dynamax once per battle, and is only available in stadiums while doing Gym Challenges, Champion's Cup, Online Battle, and Max Raids.

Max Moves

All of the moves of a Dynamax Pokemon will turn into special Max Moves, which each have guaranteed effects in addition to being stronger.

Pikachu before Dynamax Dynamax Pikachu

Take the normal-type Max Move, Max Strike, as an example. It has the additional effect of lowering the speed stats of opponents it hits.

The Max Moves your Pokemon can use are determined by what types of moves they know before Dynamaxing. For example, a Flying-type damaging move will always turn into Max Airstream. Status moves will always turn into Max Block, regardless of their type.

The power of damaging Max Moves is based on that of the original move. Be sure to choose your Max Moves carefully!

List of Max Moves

Dynamax - Wild Pokemon

Wild Dynamax Pokemon are so powerful that some of them are capable of using multiple moves in one turn, neutralizing your Pokemon's ability, or even resetting your Pokemon's stat changes.

dynamax pokemon_1.jpg dynamax pokemon_2.jpg

Wild Dynamax Pokemon that you encounter in Max Raid Battles also use Max Moves. Some will create a mysterious barrier that prevents almost all damage.

dynamax pokemon_barrier_2.jpg dynamax pokemon_barrier_1.jpg

To properly damage a Pokemon that has a barrier, you will need to break it down by attacking it multiple times.

If you manage to weaken a Dynamax Pokemon in a Max Raid Battle, you will have a chance to catch it for your team. Big or small, Gotta Catch 'Em All!!

How to Win Max Raid Battles

dynamax pokemon_catch_1.jpg dynamax pokemon_catch_2.jpg

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If Dynamax has been used already for three turns, will it be possible to Dynamax a pokemon again after it evolves to its next stage?


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