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Ability Patch Effect and How to Get It

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Ability Patch Effect and How to Get It

This is a page on the Battle Item Ability Patch and its location in Pokemon Sword and Shield, Isle of Armor, and the Crown Tundra DLC. Read on to see its effect, how to get it, and how to use it competitively.

What is the Ability Patch?

Before After

The Ability Patch is a new Item announced for the Crown Tundra DLC. This item will allow players to change a Pokemon's Ability to a Hidden Ability.

The Ability Capsule, a similar item, only allows Pokemon to change between non-Hidden Abilities. The Ability Patch allows Pokemon to change to a Hidden Ability for the first time, making breeding competitive-ready Pokemon significantly easier.

How to Get Hidden Abilities

Uses of Ability Patch

Ability Patch Ability Capsule
Ability 1 → Ability 2 X
Ability 2 → Ability 1 X
Ability → Hidden Ability X
Hidden Ability → Ability X X
Legend X: No
◯: Yes

Can a Pokemon's Original Ability be Restored?

Ability Patch cannot switch a Pokemon's Hidden Ability to its regular Ability. There are no ways to change it and is permanently stuck to the Pokemon.

Ability Patch Effect

Ability Patch ImageAbility Patch
Effect When used on a Pokémon, its Ability will change to its species’ Hidden Ability, if it has one.

How to Get an Ability Patch

Trade With the Dynite Ore Vendor in the Max Lair

Ability Patch.jpeg
Inside the Max Lair to the East of Slippery Slope there is an NPC who you can exchange Dynite Ore with for rare items. The Ability Patch is one of these and will cost you 200 Dynite Ore, so time to get cracking on Dynamax Adventures!

Receive Dynite Ore for Completing Dynamax Adventures and Max Raids

Dynite Ore.jpeg
Each time you clear a Dynamax Adventure or Crown Tundra Max Raid you will be rewarded with Dynite Ore. More information on Dynamax Adventures can be found at the link below!

Dynamax Adventures

Best Pokemon to Use the Ability Patch On

Ability Patch on Shiny Pokemon and 6 IV Pokemon

Ability Patch for Shiny Pokemon.PNG
If you want to change your Shiny Pokemon's ability to a Hidden Ability, or if you have a 6 IV Pokemon but don't have the Hidden Ability, you can use the Ability Patch to change it. Using the Ability Patch is worth it, especially on a Shiny Pokemon.

How to Hunt for Shiny Pokemon

Pokemon Whose Hidden Ability are Not Available

Dracozolt ImageDracozolt Dracovish ImageDracovish Heatran ImageHeatran Tapu Koko ImageTapu Koko

Normally, when you get a Fossil Pokemon, it does not have a Hidden Ability. The Ability Patch will allow Fossil Pokemon for which a Hidden Ability exists to switch their Ability to the available Hidden Ability.

Fossil Pokemon and How to Revive Them

Pokemon Whose Hidden Ability are Hard to Get

Zapdos ImageZapdos Lugia ImageLugia Dialga ImageDialga Landorus ImageLandorus

You can also use Ability Patch on Pokemon with Hidden Abilities which were available in past events or which are otherwise hard to obtain, such as those which were exclusive to the Dream Radar in previous games. This applies primarily to Legendary Pokemon that cannot be acquired through hatching.

How to Catch Legendary Pokemon

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