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This is a Pokemon Trading Board for Pokemon Sword and Shield. Feel free to use this page if you are trying to fill in your Pokedex, if you are hunting for version exclusives, or for any other kind of Pokemon trade.

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The Friend Request Board is for making new in-game friends, the Pokemon Trading Board is for finding players to trade Pokemon with, while the Discussion Board is for asking questions about the game or giving advice.

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7047 Master_Glucose(instagram)about 4 hoursReport

I will trade almost anything for a zamazenta, shiny or not, message me on Instagram if you're interested

7046 Anonymousabout 4 hoursReport

I can give you a solgaleo I can also give you a zacian if you like

7045 Anonymous1 dayReport

Looking to get Solgaleo, as I have Shield. Will trade or run DA’s to get. Have Lunala to trade, if interested.

7044 Becks1 dayReport

Hey, I've got a Litten to trade for a Popplio if anyone can help please :)

7043 edchucate2 daysReport

can someone help me evolve my phantump?

7042 edchucate2 daysReport

Hello, I needed some help as well, can you help me out as well?

7041 Pedro2 daysReport

Hello! I Just need to trade some pokémon to evolve. If you guys need too, feel free too send me as well! Link: 704050

7040 Abeey3 daysReport

Looking for a regieleki will trade back just want to finish dex, I have regidrago if you need it!

7039 Koi3 daysReport

Do you still need a scraggy? I can provide one

7038 Koi3 daysReport

Just a Croagunk preferably male but will be fine with female. I can’t get one in sword

7037 Daph3 daysReport

Still want non English ditto for the rillaboom and ditto though but the ditto is free

7036 Daph3 daysReport

sorry I evolved it for Pokédex just get a random magikarp or something I will trade you a ditto too

7035 Daph3 daysReport

I will trade you a Grookey can you give me a non English ditto in return?

7034 Daph3 daysReport

Plz give me a Japanese ditto (or any ditto that isn’t English)i will give you a English ditto in return,you can find ditto at 20% spawn rate in the lake of outrage,no matter the weather,I just want it for masuda method.

7033 Anonymous4 daysReport

 Kyogre Different colors Plz   I give you Rufflet Diff colors 

7032 Anonymous4 daysReport

Looking for grookey or scorbunny any of there evelutions for a sobble

7031 Zerofang 5 daysReport

Looking for Lapras with Sparkling Aria or Primarina to breed with and trade back trying to get Gmax Lapras build

7030 Anonymous5 daysReport

Need a grookey i search on 0000 7302 last one for pikedex

7029 Daph6 daysReport


7028 Anonymous6 daysReport

Looking for a high IV ditto, preferably from a country outside of America to help with masuda method.

7027 Anonn6 daysReport

okay!! I can trade you for the shield version. does link trade work for you? I set my code as 7026 1234

7026 Apollo7 daysReport

I’m game, I need the sword apple guy

7025 Apollo7 daysReport

Ill do that

7024 Apollo7 daysReport

I’m looking for scraggy and have crogunk

7023 Apollo7 daysReport

I’ve got that

7022 Anonymous7 daysReport

Looking for Sobble

7021 Anonymous7 daysReport

looking for a jpn ditto for tthe masuda method

7020 Anonymous7 daysReport

does anyone want to trade a shiny charizard for a shiny tapukoko

7019 Daph7 daysReport

Or anyone who has a ditto that isn’t english

7018 Daph7 daysReport

Looking for Japanese Ditto for masuda method.I’ll trade you an English ditto in return.Link Code:5888-5888

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