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This is a Pokemon Trading Board for Pokemon Sword and Shield. Feel free to use this page if you are trying to fill in your Pokedex, if you are hunting for version exclusives, or for any other kind of Pokemon trade.

Pokemon Trading Board Board Rules

  • No submissions that are offensive toward other users.
  • No slander.
  • No posting of images that violate public standards.
  • No refrain from submissions irrelevant to this board.
  • No posting of the same contents repeatedly.
  • No advertising for other sites or apps.
  • No posting for finanical gain (via RMT, etc.)

Note: If you violate any of these conditions, your submission may be deleted and you may be banned from posting.

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Pokemon Trading Board

Max Raid & Dynamax Adventures Board UP
Discussion Board Friend Request Board
Pokemon Trading Board Ditto / Pokerus Trading Board
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The Friend Request Board is for making new in-game friends, the Pokemon Trading Board is for finding players to trade Pokemon with, while the Discussion Board is for asking questions about the game or giving advice.

Message Board

Submissions: 7737
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7737 Anonymousabout 4 hoursReport

looking for a shiny applin for a shiny drednaw

7736 Anonymousabout 16 hoursReport

looking for a shiny Urshifu, have several shinys to trade for it

7735 Anonymous1 dayReport

does anyone have a rockruff that can evolve into dusk form?? i’m playing on pokemons SH

7734 Anonymous2 daysReport

Hello, I´m looking for Clauncher as well as Kingdra. And if someone can help me to trade evolve to Porygon2 and PorygonZ!

7733 Anonymous4 daysReport

Anyone willing to trade a deoxys?

7732 Anonymous5 daysReport

LF: Shiny galarian meowth & shiny galarian stunfisk FT: ask

7731 Anonymous12 daysReport

I would like a Lunala I'll trade my solgaleo

7730 Anonymous13 daysReport

I could trade you a lugia, latias, zekrom, or lunala for a zacian

7729 Max 15 daysReport

hello I'm looking for those pokemons from this list: - Lugia - Latias - Kyogre - Zekrom - Spritzee when traded while holding a Sachet /Aromatisse - Yveltal - Lunala - Urshifu "Rapid Strike Style" (and what he wants in exchange for these pokemons)...

7728 Luxio_Absol15 daysReport

I'll have the incineroar please. When can we trade?

7727 EO17 daysReport

I do. Trade for a omanyte or clauncher?

7726 EO17 daysReport

Hey friends. Can anyone help me with this list?? Needed Pokémon Grookey Chain #1-3 Trade swirlix with whipped dream #211 Trade Spritze with Sachet #213 Sir Farfetch'd 219 Escavalier 2 fossilized birds and 2 fossilized dinos # 374,375,377 Isle of armour: Clauncher chain #196-197 Porygon 2 and Z #209,210 Crown tundra: Spiritbomb #047 Omanyte chain #123-124 Regidrago Spectrier

7725 Pony20 daysReport

Got a gible?

7724 Pony20 daysReport

Anybody has a gible evolutionary line to trade? I can trade a shiny eevee.

7723 Anonymous20 daysReport

Anyone have a deino?

7722 Pokebowl21 daysReport

Yes I would do this

7721 Pokebowl21 daysReport

I can give any of the gen 8 starters with their hidden abilities, intimidate incinerator, gigantamax Lapras butterfree or charizard, primarina, venusaur, perfect IV gyarados, or 5-star ditto with imposter. Willing to trade any. Lmk if there’s something else your looking for

7720 Anonymous23 daysReport

Do you have kubfu or urshifu

7719 Anonymous23 daysReport

Does somebuddy have kubfu for me?

7718 Anonymous23 daysReport

Yes i have

7717 Anonymous24 daysReport

Does anyone have a regular Gibble? I have a bagon to give in exchange.

7716 Anonymous24 daysReport

Hey, I got a bagon

7715 Anonymous25 daysReport

I have a hidden ability Ponyta and a hidden ability Corsola

7714 Anonymous26 daysReport

Who has a Diancie?

7713 Josiah28 daysReport

I am looking for a Kabuto in Pokémon shield (I am new btw)

7712 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

How long before you have morning? Or do you already have it?

7711 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

Friend code SW 3205-8610-8332

7710 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

Friend code SW 3205-8610-8332

7709 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

I got a shiny Regieleki!!!

7708 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

I'm very tired today. You can exchange via Pokemon HOME?

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