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This is a Pokemon Trading Board for Pokemon Sword and Shield. Feel free to use this page if you are trying to fill in your Pokedex, if you are hunting for version exclusives, or for any other kind of Pokemon trade.

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The Friend Request Board is for making new in-game friends, the Pokemon Trading Board is for finding players to trade Pokemon with, while the Discussion Board is for asking questions about the game or giving advice.

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3361 pokedude89about 18 hoursReport

​i need a hoopa will trade mewtwo and shiny celiby

3360 Emma1 dayReport

Is anyone looking for master balls? I have some I am trading out.

3359 Pebles1 dayReport

>>3357 I can give you litten for the poplio I am serching for a link trade with the code 5858 5858

3358 Pebles1 dayReport

>>3355 Mine is 0000 0004 7MCN HV Thanks for the help

3357 Emma1 dayReport

Trading poplio for rowlet or litten

3356 Anonymous2 daysReport

>>3354 ID # 702090

3355 Anonymous2 daysReport

>>3354 no problem! What's your cardcode ? Mine is 0000 0004 FH5D CX

3354 Pebles2 daysReport

Hey. I need some help with filling my dex. i have both karrablast and shellmet in my oc but i need a friend to trade with. I will just trade one to you then we will trade back till i can register the 2 evolved forms in my dex. Any pokemom to trade will do as its just for the dex.

3353 Jon pohn2 daysReport

Looking for shiny tyranitar in apriball

3352 Gigi2 daysReport

Trading: Virizion What I want in return: Marshadow or Keldeo Trading code: 5542 6415

3351 Gigi2 daysReport

Trading: Virizion What I want in return: Marshadow or Keldeo Trading code: 5542 6415

3350 Gigi2 daysReport

Trading: Virizion What I want in return: Marshadow or Keldeo Trading code: 5542 6415

3349 Anonymous2 daysReport

To complete the Armor Pokedex, I need: Kingdra Slowking Porygon2 & Porygon-Z Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance!

3348 Jon pohn2 daysReport

I’m looking for a shiny tyranitar in safari ball I’m offering many different shinys such as magnezone machamp scizor blissey volcarona gardevoir pelipper hydreigon hitmontop ferrothorn porygon golduck arcanine mantine shuckle xatu and many more

3347 Emma2 daysReport

I am also trading a pokerus Drizzile holding a master ball

3346 Emma3 daysReport

Hi! I am looking for a shiny g-max inteleon of any level for my shiny g-max cinderace (level 75, with pokerus)

3345 Anonymous3 daysReport

Looking for a cosmog or cosmoem. Have some gen 1 shinies for trade.

3344 Cosmo3 daysReport

sure, hmu. Can I trade you scyther and then you trade it back to me? idk what details I'm supposed to give?

3343 Anonymous 3 daysReport

Hey! I need to complete my pokedex does anyone have Pinsir or Clauncher for me? Please I cant find them anywhere!! Code for trading is: 4507 1159

3342 Epic Anonymous dude3 daysReport

trading HA starters

3341 Anonymous4 daysReport

>>3339 I have a good bit of legendaries and a few shinies, just been trying for so long to get those event pokemon because my game was stolen so I missed those events and recently had to repurchase just to start over a few of them 😞

3340 Anonymous4 daysReport

>>3338 Awesome! is there anything you are looking for in particular Nikki?

3339 Anonymous4 daysReport

>>3337 I have mat shadow what u got

3338 Nikki4 daysReport

>>3335 I can help you with that

3337 Tigaryen5 daysReport

Searching for Hoopa/Marshadow like crazy...anyone have any legit?

3336 Anonymous5 daysReport

>>3335 scratch that. I can help if you have a croagunk

3335 Anonymous5 daysReport

>>3334 I can help if you have a lotad

3334 Nikki5 daysReport

Need help in trading gurdurr to make it evolve

3333 Anonymous5 daysReport

LF Sh Exclusives: Lotad, Spritzee, Croagunk, Appletun; FT Sw Exclusives: Seedot, Swirlix, Scraggy, Flapple

3332 Epic Anonymous dude5 daysReport

Im now trading HA Inteleon HA Grookey and 2 HA Scorbunny

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