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Access Pokemon Boxes on the Road

Pokemon Boxes

Pokemon Boxes have been made much easier to access than before in the games Pokemon Sword and Shield. Read on to learn how and where you can access the Pokemon Boxes and more details.

What are Pokemon Boxes?

Pokemon Access 1.jpg Pokemon Access 2.jpg

Pokemon Boxes allow trainers to store Pokemon outside of the main party they intend to use for battles.

In previous titles, access to Pokemon Boxes was completely restricted to the terminals available in Pokemon Centers. However, players can now access all their Pokemon Boxes on the fly just by opening the menu.

Conditions for Using Boxes on the Road

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This feature is unlocked after receiving the Pokemon Box Link item from Sonia before entering the Wild Area before Motostoke. Before receiving this item, you'll only be able to move Pokemon in and out of Boxes at a Pokemon Center by accessing the Rotomi terminal.

When Catching a New Pokemon

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In previous games, new Pokemon caught when the player already had six Pokemon in their party would automatically be moved to a Pokemon Box. However, in this title, players are also able to exchange the new Pokemon for one of the Pokemon currently in the player's party, and move that Pokemon to a Pokemon Box instead. This can be done even before receiving the Pokemon Box Link item.

When Can I Use a Pokemon Box?

Turffield Gym Mission
Pokemon Boxes cannot be accessed after starting a Gym Mission in any Pokemon Gym, so select your party carefully before starting a Gym Mission. You won't have a chance to change your party again before facing the Gym Leader.

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