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How to Make Max Soup

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This is a guide to making Max Soup, a new item in The Isle of Armor DLC for Pokemon Sword and Shield which allows Pokemon to Gigantamax. Learn what steps are needed to make Max Soup, and what Pokemon it should be used on!

What is Max Soup?

A soup that can awaken Pokemon's Gigantamax potential

Max Soup.jpg
Rare ingredients found on the Isle of Armor can be brewed into a potent stew known as Max Soup. When a Pokemon drinks this soup, if a Gigantamax form for that Pokemon exists, it will unlock their ability to transform into a Gigantamax Pokemon.

Curiously, a Gigantamax Pokemon who drinks Max Soup will [redturn back into a normal Dynamax Pokemon![/red]

How to Unlock Max Soup

Proceed through the Story

Before you can get some of that delicious, powerful Max Soup, you'll have to clear 2 of the Pokemon Dojo Trials given to you by Mustard. If the soup is all you're here for, speed through the story!

The Isle of Armor Story Walkthrough

How to Make Max Soup

Guide to Making Max Soup

At this stage, it's not clear what steps the player will need to complete to make and use the Max Soup. However, it has been stated that the Max Soup is made of rare ingredients available on the Isle of Armor. It's possible that the Soup will be quite difficult to make based on the stated rarity of its ingredients, and the great value of its effect.

1 Find 3 Max Mushrooms
2 Talk to the guy in the Pokemon Dojo Kitchen
3 Choose a Pokemon to Gigantamax

1. Find 3 Max Mushrooms

Max Mushrooms
To make Max Soup, you first need to prepare 3 Max Mushrooms. Max Mushrooms can be obtained by picking them up where they grow, in the forests and caves on Isle of Armor Island.

Max Mushrooms appear more often when you participate in Max Raid Battles. Find an area where Max Mushrooms appear, and then keep doing Raid Battles until more Max Mushrooms. Rinse and repeat for success!

Note that for Max Mushrooms to start appearing, you need to clear the second Dojo Trial first!

2. Talk to the guy in the Pokemon Dojo Kitchen

Max Soup
Once you have 3 shrooms, head to the Pokemon Dojo and follow the smell of raw power to the Kitchen.

There, talk to the guy by the golden pot and choose "Yep!" when asked if you want to give a Pokemon Max Soup.

3. Choose a Pokemon to Gigantamax

Max Soup Choose Pokemon
Select the Pokemon you want to Gigantamax, and after a very anti-climatic fade to black, your buddy will be all powered up and ready to go!

What Pokemon can Use Max Soup

All Pokemon who currently have Gigantamax Forms are able to use Max Soup.

List of Pokemon that can Drink Max Soup

Venusaur ImageVenusaur Charizard ImageCharizard Blastoise ImageBlastoise
Rillaboom ImageRillaboom Cinderace ImageCinderace Inteleon ImageInteleon
Butterfree ImageButterfree Pikachu ImagePikachu Meowth ImageMeowth
Machamp ImageMachamp Gengar ImageGengar Lapras ImageLapras
Eevee ImageEevee Snorlax ImageSnorlax Garbodor ImageGarbodor
Drednaw ImageDrednaw Toxtricity ImageToxtricity Toxtricity (Low Key Form) ImageToxtricity (Low Key Form)
Corviknight ImageCorviknight Alcremie ImageAlcremie Duraludon ImageDuraludon
Orbeetle ImageOrbeetle Coalossal ImageCoalossal Sandaconda ImageSandaconda
Grimmsnarl ImageGrimmsnarl Flapple ImageFlapple Appletun ImageAppletun
Hatterene ImageHatterene Copperajah ImageCopperajah Kingler ImageKingler
Centiskorch ImageCentiskorch - -

Best Pokemon to Use Max Soup on

Galar Starters

Gigantamax Rillaboom.png
The final evolutions of the Galar Starters, Rillaboom, Cinderace, and Inteleon, do not appear in Max Raid Battles, so there is currently no way to obtain their Gigantamax Forms.

Although it hasn't been announced if there will be any other ways to obtain Gigantamax-ready versions of these Pokemon, Max Soup is the only currently-known option to power up the Starter you received at the beginning of your adventure, or the Hidden Ability versions of each starter available free in Pokemon HOME.

How to Get & Transfer Hidden Ability Starters from Pokemon HOME

Pokemon from Limited-Time Raid Events

Gigantamax Meowth.jpg

Although there are several Pokemon who can Gigantamax, many of these Pokemon are obtainable normally in the Wild Area, although at a low rate. However, some Pokemon such as Pikachu, Eevee and Meowth are only available in their Gigantamax Form via special methods, or rare limited-time Raid Events, so using Max Soup will make it much easier for players to get their hands on them.

Pokemon Used in Ranked Battle

Gigantamax Snorlax.jpeg

Pokemon like Snorlax and Toxtricity are used frequently in the Ranked Battle metagame, so having the Gigantamax forms of these Pokemon available is all the more important. Using the rare soup on your EV-trained Pokemon with perfect IVs will help bring it to the next level!

Movesets & Best Builds for Ranked Battle

Pokemon Exclusive to Sword or Shield

Gigantamax Lapras.jpg

Pokemon like Lapras and Coalossal which only appear in one of the two game versions are a prime choice for Max Soup users. Gigantamax Lapras is frequently used in Ranked Battle, but is difficult for players of Sword to obtain. If you've gotten your hands on a Lapras, use Max Soup to unlock its Gigantamax potential!

Gigantamax Pokemon found only in Pokemon Sword

Gigantamax Machamp ImageGigantamax Machamp Gigantamax Coalossal ImageGigantamax Coalossal Gigantamax Flapple ImageGigantamax Flapple

Gigantamax Pokemon found only in Pokemon Shield

Gigantamax Gengar ImageGigantamax Gengar Gigantamax Lapras ImageGigantamax Lapras Gigantamax Appletun ImageGigantamax Appletun

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Depends on what you mean, its permanent on the pokemon you put it on, but you need to make it again to put it on another

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Is this one-time use or is the effect permanent?


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