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Dynite Ore Farming Banner.png

Here you can learn how to get Dynite Ores and what to use them for in The Crown Tundra DLC of Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Best Way to Farm Dynite Ores

Dynamax Adventures is the Fastest

Crown Tundra - Dynite Ore from Dynamax Adventures

Dynite Ores is a new type of Ore, and the best way to get them is to clear Dynamax Adventures introduced with the Crown Tundra DLC. Dynamax Adventures are free to start and you can do as many as you like, so power through and get as many Dynite Ores as possible.

Dynamax Adventure Guide

Endless Dynamax Adventures give the most ores

Crown Tundra - Endless Dynamax Adventure

In Endless mode, you continue to fight Pokemon until your party dies 4 times or spend 10 turns in a battle. You can't bring any Pokemon back with you from this mode, but in return you get large amounts of Dynite Ores. If you are hunting for Dynite Ores, this is the best way to get them!

You can unlock Endless Dynamax Adventures by completing the Crown Tundra Story and clearing 5 or more Dynamax Adventures.

The Crown Tundra Story Walkthrough

List of Dynite Ore Bonuses

List of Bonuses Dynite Ores
Investigated the den.
Defeat a Pokemon.
1 - 4
Reached the innermost area.
Win the last Battle.
Caught a very special Pokemon.
Catch a Legendary Pokemon.
Safe Adventure.
Clear the adventure without any Pokemon fainting.
Connected with others to play.
Clear the adventure with a party formed online.

You get Dynite Ore bonuses depending on how far you made it and whether you defeated the Legendary Pokemon or not. The max amount of Dynite Ores you can get in one run, or one Adventure, is 13.

Dynite Ores from Other Sources

Get Dynite Ore from Max Raids

Crown Tundra - Get Dynite Ores from Max Raids

You can also get Dynite Ores from Max Raid battles in the Crown Tundra. If you want to get other things as well, like Exp. Candy and TMs, you should gather Dynite Ores through Max Raid battles instead.

What Should You Use Dynite Ores For?

Trade for Important Items

Pokemon - Crown Tundra -  Exchange Dynite Ores for Rare Items
If you talk to the Backpacker standing to the right in the Max Lair, you can trade your Dynite ores for important items like the Ability Patches and Beast Balls.

The Ability Patch can change Abilities to Hidden Abilities on Fossil Pokemon or other hard to get Pokemon like Legendary Pokemon, so we recommend making these your top priority when spending Dynite Ores.

List of Dynite Ore Shop Items

Item Dynite Price
Crown Tundra - Dynite Orex 1
Crown Tundra - Dynite Orex 3
Crown Tundra - Dynite Orex 2
Crown Tundra - Dynite Orex 3
Crown Tundra - Dynite Orex 3
Crown Tundra - Dynite Orex 2
Crown Tundra - Dynite Orex 2
Crown Tundra - Dynite Orex 2
Crown Tundra - Dynite Orex 2
Crown Tundra - Dynite Orex 2
Crown Tundra - Dynite Orex 2
Crown Tundra - Dynite Orex 1
Crown Tundra - Dynite Orex 150
Crown Tundra - Dynite Orex 25
Crown Tundra - Dynite Orex 50
Crown Tundra - Dynite Orex 200

Needed to Process Story

Crown Tundra - Buy Carrot Seeds for 8 Dynite Ores

At one point in the Story line of The Crown Tundra, you need to fork over some Dynite Ores to progress the story further. You need a total of 8, so we recommend gathering them ahead of time so you can breeze through the story.

The Crown Tundra Story Walkthrough

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