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Differences between Dynamax and Gigantamax Pokemon

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Difference Between Dynamax and Gigantamax

Learn all about the new Dynamax and Gigantamax Pokemon and the differences between them in Pokemon Sword and Shield!

What is Dynamax?

Dynamax Gyarados.jpg

A Gyarados in Dynamaxed form.

Dynamax is a phenomenon exclusive to the Galar region wherein any Pokemon is able to grow to a massive size, use powerful new moves called Max Moves, and receive a tasty HP boost to boot.

When Pokemon are Dynamaxed, their max HP will be increased by 50%, and they will be healed of a portion of their damage to match their boosted health. This HP boost can be increased by 5% for each Dynamax Candy given to the Pokemon, to a maximum of a 100% HP boost. These Dynamax Candy can be obtained as rewards from Max Raid Battles.

All Pokemon in the Galar region are able to Dynamax, but only when the player is in a Gym Challenge, the Champion's Cup, a Max Raid Battle, or an Online Match. Each trainer in a battle can only Dynamax one Pokemon per battle, and it will only last for 3 turns. Be reminded that you can only Dynamax your Pokemon once you have the Dynamax Band; however, this is obtained early in the game.

All of the moves of a Dynamax Pokemon will turn into special Max Moves, which each have guaranteed effects in addition to being stronger. The Max Moves your Pokemon can use are determined by what types of moves they know before Dynamaxing.
More Information on Dynamax Pokemon

What is Gigantamax?

Gigantamax Duraludon.jpg

A Duraludon in Gigantamaxed form.

Gigantamax is another phenomenon in the Galar region wherein, similar to Dynamaxing, a Pokemon will grow to a huge size. However, they will also gain an entirely new appearance. Despite their name, they don't seem to be significantly larger than Dynamax Pokemon.

Only a select number of Pokemon species can Gigantamax, and even among members of a species, only a select few are able to Gigantamax. Gigantamax Pokemon are not obtainable in the wild; they can only be found as special gift Pokemon, or rarely through Max Raid Battles.

Gigantamax Pokemon enjoy the same HP boost as Dynamax Pokemon.

Gigantamaxing allows each Gigantamax Pokemon to use an exclusive move known as a G-Max Move. Each G-Max Move is only known by a single species. Also, just like Dynamax Pokemon, Gigantamax Pokemon are able to use Max Moves. All of the Pokemon's moves will change into Max Moves when they are Dynamaxed, except for moves which change into G-Max Moves.

Breeding a Gigantamax Pokemon will not pass its Gigantamax trait to the Pokemon that is hatched.
More Information on Gigantamax Pokemon

Max Soup from Isle of Armor

Dynamax Soup.jpg

With the new Isle of Armor Expansion, specific Pokemon who previously cannot transform to their Gigantamax forms are now able to do so thanks to Max Soup! Rare ingredients found on the Isle of Armor can be brewed into a potent stew known as Max Soup. When a Pokemon drinks this soup, if a Gigantamax form for that Pokemon exists, it will unlock their ability to transform into a Gigantamax Pokemon.

More Information on Max Soup

Differences between Dynamax and Gigantamax


Dynamax Meowth Gigantamax Meowth

The Dynamax forms of Pokemon only make them bigger, but the Gigantamax forms of Pokemon not only make them bigger, but also completely change the appearance of the Pokemon.


Dynamax Rookidee Gigantamax Meowth

When you Dynamax a Pokemon, all of their moves will be changed into Max Moves based on their type, not on the Pokemon's species. However, Gigantamax Pokemon can each use a G-Max Move exclusive to their species, in addition to Max Moves.

Display on Status Screen

Average Joe Pokemon Gigantamax Pokemon

You can tell if their Pokemon is capable of Gigantamaxing by checking the more information on the Pokemon's status screen. If so, there will be a Red X sign beside the Pokemon's name indicating that it is a Gigantamaxable Pokemon.

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