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There are daily activities in-game such as Loto-ID and Battle Cafe that refresh in time. Learn more about what activities you can do each day in the game Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Things To Check Out Every Day

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Activity Description
Draw Loto ID Winning gives you an item as reward.
Do Poke Jobs Send Pokemon to gain EXP points and EVs.
Check Out the Bargain Shop Buy and sell rare items.
Pick Up Feathers Pick up Feathers used for training.
Collect Watts Go around the Wild Area to collect Watts.
Visit the Watt Trader See the changing selection of Items like Poke Balls and TRs.
Visit the Ingredients Seller See the changing selection of Ingredients used to make curry.
Check the Wild Area Weather Check the weather to see what Pokemon are in the Wild Area.
Shake Berry Trees Get Berries for Pokemon recovery or for cooking.
Get Weather-related Rock Obtain held items that affect weather in battle.

Draw Loto ID

Loto ID Win.jpg
You can draw the Loto ID at any Pokemon Center where you get a prize if the drawn number matches the ID of any of your Pokemon.

It is also recommended to do Surprise Trades for more chances of winning.
How to Surprise Trade Online

Do Poke Jobs

Poke Job Exp Gain.jpg
Sending your Pokemon to Poke Jobs gives them EXP points and extra EVs. Jobs refresh daily so be sure to check them out!
How to Do Poke Jobs

Check Out the Bargain Shop

The Bargain Shop, located in Stow-on-Side is place where you can buy and sell rare items. You can check out the Bargain of the Day as well as for the next day.

Stow-on-Side Bargain Shop List of Items and Sell Prices

Pick Up Feathers

Feather Bridge.jpg
You can pick up Feather items at the bridge from Motostoke Outskirts to the city. Look for a sparkling item and interact with it.

Drops change daily in this area. Obtain all types of Feathers by visiting here frequently.

List of Feather Items

Collect Watts

pokemon den.jpg

Each day Pokemon Dens in the Wild Area refresh, so you can go around and collect Watts, a currency exclusive in the Wild Area.

How to Farm Watts Quickly

Visit the Watt Trader

Rotom Rally1
Watts can be spent on the Watt Shop to buy items, to upgrade your Rotom Bike, and more!

The set of items refresh every other day, so check it out frequently.

How to Farm Watts Quickly

Visit the Ingredients Seller

Curry Ingredients.jpg
Ingredients are used to cook up delicious curry for you and your Pokemon.

Also found in the Wild Area, the Ingredients Seller changes stock every day.

Ingredients and Types of Curry

Check the Wild Area Weather

Weather Partial Header.png
The Wild Area Weather changes every 24 hours, and some Pokemon only appear in specific weather types.

Check out Today's Weather in our up-to-date guide!

Today's Weather in the Wild Area

Shake Berry Trees

Shaking Berry Tree.jpg
Berry Trees are found all over Galar. You can obtain Berries which can be given or used on a Pokemon. They can also be used as ingredients for cooking curry.
Types of Berries and Where to Find Them

Pokemon May Also Fall From Trees

You can get more Berries by shaking a tree multiple times. However, the more you shake it, the higher the possibility that Pokemon will fall from the tree and challenge you into a battle.

It would also mean that the chances of getting Berries will decrease.

Normal Shake Possibility of Falling Pokemon
Steady Tree Shake.gif Unsteady Tree Shake.gif

Get Weather-related Rock

You can talk to a man in a suit in Hammerlocke. He gives you an item for each day you visit him. The list of items reset in four days.

How to Get It

Go to the right side of Hammerlocke.
Enter the house in the middle.
Talk to the man in suit. He will give you the item.

List of Items You Can Get From the Man in Suit

First Day Heat Rock
Second Day Damp Rock
Third Day Icy Rock
Fourth Day Smooth Rock
Utility Umbrella

Daily Battles

Activity Description
Challenge Battle Cafe Masters Get Sweets and other Recovery items.
Challenge the Pokemon League Post-game content: Earn money and Wishing Pieces fast.
Battle Marnie Post-game content: Battle Marnie in Spikemuth.
Challenge Police Officer to a Double Battle Post-game content: Get Oval Charm in the first win.

Challenge Battle Cafe Masters

Battle Cafe
You have the chance to acquire many rewards from the Battle Café. This can be challenged once a day.

Battle Cafe Rewards List

Moomoo Milk Lava Cookie Berry Juice
Rare Candy Old Gataeu Sweet Heart
Rage Candy Bar Whipped Dream Sachet
Casteliacone Lumiose Galette Shalour Sable
Big Malasada Pewter Crunchies Exp. Candy XS
Exp. Candy S Strawberry Sweet Love Sweet
Berry Sweet Clover Sweet Flower Sweet

Places With Battle Café

Battle Café in Map
1 Hammerlocke.jpgHammerlocke
2 MotostokeMotostoke
3 WyndonWyndon

Challenge the Pokemon League

Champion Cup Finals.png

The Pokemon League can be challenged at any time after finishing the main story. This is a fast way to obtain Wishing Pieces and money.

Battle Marnie

Battle Marnie Post Game.jpg
After catching the Legendary Pokemon, Zacian or Zamazenta, you can challenge Marnie to a battle once a day. You can find her in Spikemuth.

Challenge Police Officer to a Double Battle

After finishing the main story, you can battle Police Officer Morimoto, found in Hotel Ionia in Circhester.

After beating him for the first time, he will give you an Oval Charm.

Where to Find Police Officer Morimoto

Go to Circhester
Head to Circhester by foot or by taking a Flying Taxi.
Go to the Hotel
Head to the right of Circhester and you will see two hotels. Head to the one on the left side.

Take the elevator, and once you are in the corridor, enter the first door on the left.
Battle the Police Officer
Talk to the police officer to have a battle.

Take note that the police officer will have Pokemon that are Level 65 so be sure to bring at least 6 Pokemon that are Level 70 or higher.

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