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Fossil Pokemon and How to Get and Revive Them | List of Fossil Combinations

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Fossil Pokemon

This page discusses Fossil Pokemon and how to get and revive them in the game Pokemon Sword and Shield. Read on for a list of Pokemon revived from Fossils and how to get each Fossil.

How to Get Fossils

Receive them in Stow-on-Side (One-time Event)

Fossils can be received from an NPC in the Stow-on-Side Pokemon Center. He will give you 2 Fossilized Birds in Sword, and 2 Fossilized Drakes in Shield.

Where to Find Fossils

You can find the Fossils in the Bridge Field area of the Wild Area. If you pay 500 Watts to the Digging Duo, they will dig up an Item for you. You can get the Fossils from either brother, but the brother on the left is more skilled and has a higher chance of finding a Fossil for you.

If you need Watts, check out out guide below on how to farm them!

How to Farm Watts Quickly (Crown Tundra Updated)

Fossil Pokemon and How to Revive Them

2 Types of Fossils are Needed for Each

Each Fossil Pokemon is made by combining two Fossil items. So, if you don't have two Fossils to combine, you won't be able to revive any Fossil Pokemon, so be aware of that before starting.

Ask the Professor on Route 6 to Revive Them

Fossil Professor.png
Fossil Pokemon can be revived by giving them to Cara Liss, the Professor found on Route 6.

List of Fossil Pokemon and Combinations

Fossil Combinations

The four Fossil Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield are as listed below. It seems that other fossils combination do not yield any Pokemon.

Fossil Combinations
Pokemon Type Needed Fossils
Dracovish ImageDracovish Water Type
Dragon Type
Fossiziled Fish
Fossilized Drake
Arctozolt ImageArctozolt Electric Type
Ice Type
Fossilized Bird
Fossilized Dino
Arctovish ImageArctovish Water Type
Ice Type
Fossiziled Fish
Fossilized Dino
Dracozolt ImageDracozolt Electric Type
Dragon Type
Fossilized Bird
Fossilized Drake

Which Fossil Pokemon Should I Revive?

Dracovish is your Best Bet

Dracovish, the Water/Dragon-type, has the benefit of its useful Dragon typing. As Water resists Ice, one of Dragon's primary weaknesses, Dracovish's type combination will definitely be welcome on your team.

The Strong Jaw Ability is Recommended

Dracovish can have either the Water Absorb or the Strong Jaw ability, but be sure to go for Strong Jaw. It increases the effectiveness of moves with a 'biting' characteristic, so you can use it productively to up your power with fast results. It's a good idea to save before reviving the Pokemon so you can try again if you don't get the right ability on the first try.

List of Abilities

Dracozolt Comes in at a Close Second

As a rare Dragon/Electric type Pokemon, Dracozolt is our number two recommendation. Although it lacks the defensive type combination of Dracovish, it has the potential to complete your party with its combination of types, and can be a valuable asset in multiplayer battles.

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You are using the wrong fossils

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