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Regigigas - Evolutions, Location, and Learnset

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This is a page on the Pokemon Regigigas, including its learnable moves and how to get it in The Crown Tundra DLC for Pokemon Sword and Shield. Read on for information on its evolutions, abilities, type advantages, and location.

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HeatranHeatran RegigigasRegigigas GiratinaGiratina
Regirock ImageRegirock Regice ImageRegice Registeel ImageRegisteel
Regieleki ImageRegieleki Regidrago ImageRegidrago Regigigas ImageRegigigas

How to Get Regigigas

Gather the Five Regis and Go to Giant's Bed

Pokemon - Regigigas Encounter.jpg
You can fight and capture Regigas by examining a specific Den in the Giant's Bed while having all five catchable Regis - Regirock, Regice, Registeel, Regieleki, and Regidrago in your party.

Note: You can only capture either Regieleki or Regidrago in The Crown Tundra. We recommend getting one from a trade or borrowing the other Regi from a friend.

How to Get All Regi Pokemon

How to Get to the Regigigas Den

1. Pokemon - Regigigas Map.png
Head south from the Watt Trader in Snowslide Slope.
2. Pokemon - Regigigas Giant
Look for a small clearing with an inactive Max Raid Den surrounded by rocks.
This Raid Den is the only one in The Crown Tundra that doesn't light up, so it's very easy to spot!
3. Interact with the Max Raid Den with all Regis in your party to battle Regigigas.

Synchronize Doesn't Work on Regigigas

Unfortunately, using a Pokemon with the Ability Synchronize doesn't pass your preferred nature to Regigigas.

Regigigas Has a 100% Catch Rate

This Regigigas has a 100% catch rate, which means you are free to choose whatever Pokeball you want for the Colossal Pokemon.

Regigigas - Type and Abilities

Regigigas - Type

Colossal Pokémon
Pokemon - Regigigas
Type 1 Type 2
Pokemon Normal Image -

Regigigas Weaknesses and Resistances

Takes 4x damage
Takes 2x damage
Pokemon Fighting Type Icon
Takes 0.5x damage
Takes 1/4x damage
Takes 0x damage
Pokemon Ghost Type Icon

Regigigas Pokédex Entries

It is said to have made Pokémon that look like itself from a special ice mountain, rocks, and magma.
There is an enduring legend that states this Pokémon towed continents with ropes.

Best Pokemon Tier List For Ranked Battle

Regigigas Abilities

Name Description
Slow Start Temporarily halves Attack and Speed.

Regigigas Egg Group

Egg Groups
Pokemon - Undiscovered Egg GroupUndiscovered

Base Stats of Regigigas

Sp. Atk
Sp. Def
Total Base Stats

List of All Pokemon by Base Stats

Evolution Chart of Regigigas

Evolution Line
Regigigas ImageRegigigas
This Pokemon does not evolve.

How to Evolve Every Pokemon

Learnset of Regigigas

Learnset by Leveling Up

Lv. Move Type Power Acc. PP
Base Pound Pokemon Normal Image 40 100 35
Base Confuse Ray Pokemon Ghost Image - 100 10
6 Payback Pokemon Dark Image 50 100 10
12 Revenge Pokemon Fighting Image 60 100 10
18 Stomp Pokemon Normal Image 65 100 20
24 Protect Pokemon Normal Image - - 10
30 Knock Off Pokemon Dark Image 65 100 20
36 Mega Punch Pokemon Normal Image 80 85 20
42 Body Press Pokemon Fighting Image 80 100 10
48 Wide Guard Pokemon Rock Image - - 10
54 Zen Headbutt Pokemon Psychic Image 80 90 15
60 Heavy Slam Pokemon Steel Image - 100 10
66 Hammer Arm Pokemon Fighting Image 100 90 10
72 Giga Impact Pokemon Normal Image 150 90 5
78 Crush Grip Pokemon Normal Image - 100 5

Learnset by TM

No. Move Type Power Acc. PP
TM00 Mega Punch Pokemon Normal Image 80 85 20
TM01 Mega Kick Pokemon Normal Image 120 75 5
TM03 Fire Punch Pokemon Fire Image 75 100 15
TM04 Ice Punch Pokemon Ice Image 75 100 15
TM05 Thunder Punch Pokemon Electric Image 75 100 15
TM08 Hyper Beam Pokemon Normal Image 150 90 5
TM09 Giga Impact Pokemon Normal Image 150 90 5
TM14 Thunder Wave Pokemon Electric Image - 90 20
TM19 Safeguard Pokemon Normal Image - - 25
TM21 Rest Pokemon Psychic Image - - 10
TM22 Rock Slide Pokemon Rock Image 75 90 10
TM24 Snore Pokemon Normal Image 50 100 15
TM25 Protect Pokemon Normal Image - - 10
TM27 Icy Wind Pokemon Ice Image 55 95 15
TM33 Rain Dance Pokemon Water Image - - 5
TM34 Sunny Day Pokemon Fire Image - - 5
TM39 Facade Pokemon Normal Image 70 100 20
TM42 Revenge Pokemon Fighting Image 60 100 10
TM43 Brick Break Pokemon Fighting Image 75 100 15
TM48 Rock Tomb Pokemon Rock Image 60 95 15
TM57 Payback Pokemon Dark Image 50 100 10
TM59 Fling Pokemon Dark Image - 100 10
TM63 Drain Punch Pokemon Fighting Image 75 100 10
TM64 Avalanche Pokemon Ice Image 60 100 10
TM76 Round Pokemon Normal Image 60 100 15
TM79 Retaliate Pokemon Normal Image 70 100 5
TM81 Bulldoze Pokemon Ground Image 60 100 20
TM98 Stomping Tantrum Pokemon Ground Image 75 100 10

Learnset by TR

No. Move Type Power Acc. PP
TR01 Body Slam Pokemon Normal Image 85 100 15
TR08 Thunderbolt Pokemon Electric Image 90 100 15
TR09 Thunder Pokemon Electric Image 110 70 10
TR10 Earthquake Pokemon Ground Image 100 100 10
TR20 Substitute Pokemon Normal Image - - 10
TR26 Endure Pokemon Normal Image - - 10
TR27 Sleep Talk Pokemon Normal Image - - 10
TR39 Superpower Pokemon Fighting Image 120 100 5
TR64 Focus Blast Pokemon Fighting Image 120 70 5
TR67 Earth Power Pokemon Ground Image 90 100 10
TR69 Zen Headbutt Pokemon Psychic Image 80 90 15
TR74 Iron Head Pokemon Steel Image 80 100 15
TR75 Stone Edge Pokemon Rock Image 100 80 5
TR79 Heavy Slam Pokemon Steel Image - 100 10
TR88 Heat Crash Pokemon Fire Image - 100 10
TR93 Darkest Lariat Pokemon Dark Image 85 100 10
TR94 High Horsepower Pokemon Ground Image 95 95 10
TR99 Body Press Pokemon Fighting Image 80 100 10

Learnset through a Move Tutor

Move Type Power Acc. PP
Terrain Pulse Pokemon Normal Image 50 100 10

Learnset via Egg Moves

This Pokemon currently has no moves learned in this way.

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Regigigas in Other Pokemon Games
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