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Towers of Two Fists Walkthrough | Which Tower Should You Choose?

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Tower of Waters.jpg

Wondering how to tackle the Tower of Waters or Darkness in the Isle of Armor expansion for Pokemon Sword and Shield? Read on to find out which you should choose and the trainers you'll face on your journey to evolve Kubfu!

What are the Towers of Two Fists?

A Trial for Kubfu

Towers of Two Fists.jpg
The Towers of Two Fists serve as a trial ground for Kubfu that, when succesfully completed, allow it to evolve into Urshifu. There are two towers, Water and Darkness, but only one can be climbed and decides which form of Urshifu Kubfu evolves into.

Urshifu Forms

Tower of Waters
Tower of Darkness
Urshifu Rapid-Strike Style ImageUrshifu Rapid-Strike Style Urshifu Single-Strike Style ImageUrshifu Single-Strike Style

5 Floors Each With a Trainer Waiting

Tower of Waters 2.jpg
Each tower has 5 floors with a trainer you must beat in a Pokemon battle. It's recommended to level Kubfu up adequately before challenging the tower. Either tower can be reached from the Forest of Focus.

Opponents' Pokemon levels depend on your progress in the game

Your progress in the main story of Pokemon Sword and Shield will affect the levels of the Pokemon encountered in the Tower of Two Fists.

The advice in this article is written from the standpoint of players who have already completed the main story, so for those who are playing through the Isle of Armor concurrently with the story, note that the levels of the trainers' Pokemon will be lower than those listed here.

Have Kubfu at Level 70 or Higher

Tower of Waters 3.jpg
When taking on one of the towers, you will only be able to use Kubfu and each trainer's Pokemon are at quite a high level so being at or above 70 is recommended. You can use Exp. or Rare Candies to quickly level up Kubfu.

Towers of Two Fists Trainers

Tower of Waters

Trainer Pokemon
Master Dojo Student Psyduck ImagePsyduck
Level 65
Master Dojo Student Krabby ImageKrabby
Level 66
Master Dojo Student Marill ImageMarill
Level 67
Master Dojo Student Poliwhirl ImagePoliwhirl
Level 68
Dojo Master Mustard Kubfu ImageKubfu
Level 70

Tower of Darkness

Trainer Pokemon
Master Dojo Student Zorua ImageZorua
Level 65
Master Dojo Student Scraggy ImageScraggy
Level 66
Master Dojo Student Inkay ImageInkay
Level 67
Master Dojo Student Krokorok ImageKrokorok
Level 68
Dojo Master Mustard Kubfu ImageKubfu
Level 70

Which Tower Should You Choose?

Tower of Waters 4.jpg
While you can choose whichever tower you'd like, our recommendation is the Tower of Waters. This tower will evolve Kubfu into the Rapid-Strike Style Urshifu that has the hard hitting three-strike attack, Surging Strikes, which is a great counter in battles against Pokemon like Mimikyu with its Disguise ability that protects it from a single attack.

Best Style for Urshifu

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