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What is Whistling?

Whistling is a new technique used on the overworld in Pokemon Sword and Shield to attract the attention of Pokemon. When you whistle, Pokemon will notice you and react depending on their behavior. Most Pokemon will come running towards you, while others will run away.

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After learning to crouch down to avoid engaging into unnecessary battles, Hop will teach you how to whistle after you beat him for the second time in battle.

How to Whistle and Attract Flying Pokemon

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Whistling is easy to do in this game. You just have to long press the left controller and an punctuation mark will appear just above the Pokemon indicating that it has noticed you.

Flying Pokemon, especially those in water, are hard to attract. Sometimes they will hover above you and not come down, and it will be impossible to reach them. However, they will come down to battle with you when you whistle, so you'll need this technique for sure to complete your Pokedex.

Important Notes on Whistling

Meaning of Exclamation Points and Question Marks

Punctuation Marks

The Punctuation Marks appearing above Pokemon's heads – Exclamation Points (!) and Question Marks (?) – indicate how much each Pokemon noticed your presence after you whistle.

Pokemon with an Exclamation Point above their head have a higher chance of chasing you until you engage in a battle with it or run far enough away, while Pokemon with a Question Mark notice you, but are not as aggresive as others.

Whistling In The Tall Grass

Whistling While Crouching Down

While walking through tall grass, you might run into cumbersome random encounters when searching for a specific Pokemon. In these situations, you can hide your presence by crouching down, while simultaneously whistling to only attract Pokemon who appear on the map.

Using the Chime On the Rotom Bike

Whistling While Riding the Rotom Bike

In place of the whistle, your Rotom Bike is equipped with a chime on both land and water, having the same effect as your standard whistle. This can help you avoid wild Pokemon, as you can use the chime to draw Pokemon in one direction, then quickly go the other way on your bike.

Tips and Advice On Effective Whistling Strategy

Pokemon have different reactions when you walk through or near a grass area. Some will run after you, while others will avoid you or simply ignore you. You can get their attention by whistling and, depending on your strategy, use this to either attract or avoid pokemon.

Effective Whistling Strategy to Attract and Evade Pokemon
1 You can attract pokemon towards you and lead them out of the tall grass, then avoid them and go past. This will allow you to clear tall grass without dealing with encounters.
2 Some pokemon will only move close to you in encounter range. These pokemon mostly have question marks above their heads. You will generally have the option to choose to battle or not.
3 Ride your Rotom Bike and use the bike chime. You will have more chances to evade pokemon this way, by gathering them close and then veering out of the way.

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