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How to Obtain the Gigantamax Meowth Mystery Gift

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Gigantamax Meowth

This article will show you ways to acquire Gigantamax Meowth in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Read on to see information regarding Gigantamax Meowth!

How to acquire Gigantamax Meowth

Give Meowth Max Soup

Dynamax Soup.jpg

The easiest way you can get a Gigantamax Meowth is by giving it Max Soup. Note however that you must give it to a regular Meowth as it does not work on its Galarian form.

How to Make Max Soup

Get Gigantamax Meowth via Mystery Gift

Pokemon Sword and Shield - G-Max Factor Mystery Gift.png

While there is currently no Mystery Gift that gives out Meowth, there might be another one in the future! So make sure you check our site for announcements.

How to Get Mystery Gifts and List of Codes

Gigantamax Meowth's Details

Typing and Weaknesses

Gigantamax Meowth
Gigantamax Meowth
Type 1 Type 2
Normal.jpeg --
Effectiveness Pokemon Type
Super Effective (x4) --
Super Effective (x2) Fighting.jpeg
Not Very Effective (x4) --
Not Very Effective (x2) --
Immune Ghost.jpeg

Type Chart | Type Effectiveness and Damage Output


Ability Effect
Pickup The Pokémon may pick up the item an opposing Pokémon used during a battle. It may pick up items outside of battle, too.
Technician Powers up the Pokémon's weaker moves.

Hidden Ability

Ability Effect
Unnerve Unnerves opposing Pokémon and makes them unable to eat Berries.

Other exclusive Gigantamax Pokemon

In addition to Gigantamax Meowth, Gigantamax Pikachu and Gigantamax Eevee, as well as several other rare Gigantamax Pokemon are available for players who meet specific conditions.

How to Obtain Rare Gigantamax Pokemon | Pokemon Sword and Shield

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