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List of Ingredients
This is a list of ingredients and the type of curry that they are used to make in Pokemon Sword and Shield. If you would like to know where to find each ingredient or how to make different curries, please read on.

List of Ingredients and Types of Curry

Ingredient Curry Used In
Instant Noodles Image Instant Noodles Instant Noodle Curry
Precooked Burger Image Precooked Burger Herb Medley Curry
Moomoo Cheese Image Moomoo Cheese Cheese-Covered Curry
Pungent Root Image Pungent Root Burger-Steak Curry
Tin of Beans Image Tin of Beans Bean Medley Curry
Fried Food Image Fried Food Fried-Food Curry
Large Leek Image Large Leek Leek Curry
BachBach's Food Tin Rich Curry
Pasta Image Pasta Pasta Curry
Fancy Apple Image Fancy Apple Apple Curry
Spice Mix Image Spice Mix Seasoned Curry
Fresh Cream Image Fresh Cream Whipped-Cream Curry
Bread Image Bread Toast Curry
Gigantamix Image Gigantamix Gigantamax Curry
Mixed Mushrooms Image Mixed Mushrooms Mushroom Medley Curry
Brittle Bones Image Brittle Bones Bone Curry
Sausages Image Sausages Sausage Curry

How to Get Ingredients

Buy from Ingredient Sellers in the Wild Area

Ingredient Seller

Ingredients can be purchased from Ingredient Sellers in the Wild Area. The ingredient selection will randomly change, once per day. If there is an ingredient you are searching for, be sure and check back daily.

Found as sparkling objects in the Wild Area

Sparkling Objects

Ingredients can also be picked up from the ground in the Wild Area. The sparkling objects found all over the Wild Area are not replenished at a fixed time, so pick them up as you see them.

Obtained as a reward from Poke Jobs

Poke Jobs

Ingredients are also available as a reward from Poke Jobs. The rewards you obtain are dependent on the Job Rank and effect your Pokemon had, so use the chart below if you would like to try and obtain a specific ingredient from a Poke Job.

Ingredients Obtained from each Poke Job Rank

Completion Reward Better Reward Best Reward
1 - - Bread
2 - Bread Bread
3 Bread Bread Sausages
4 Bread Sausages Sausages
5 Sausages Sausages Packaged Curry
6 Sausages Packaged Curry Packaged Curry
7 Packaged Curry Packaged Curry Moomoo Cheese
8 Packaged Curry Moomoo Cheese Moomoo Cheese
9 Moomoo Cheese Moomoo Cheese -
10 - - -

All About Poke Jobs

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