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How to Hunt for Shiny and Ultra Shiny Pokemon

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Shiny Hunting has been a staple in Pokemon games ever since shinies were introduced. Read on for Crown Tundra updated information on how to increase your odds of catching and breeding Shiny Pokemon, the difference between Square (Ultra) and Star Shiny Pokemon, and more.

Steps for Shiny Pokemon Hunting

There are several ways to increase your chance of finding a Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Read the full details below before starting your Shiny Hunting journey!

Use the Shiny Charm

How to Get Shiny Pokemon - Shiny Charm.png

The Shiny Charm is a rare item that can be used to triple the odds of encountering a Shiny Pokemon to 3/4096. As this is a world of difference when it comes to Shiny hunting, and since its effects apply to both breeding and catching Shinies, it's definitely best to put in the extra effort to obtain this Shiny Charm item before you start your search. It's worth stating that as Legendary Pokemon cannot be bred or chained, using the Shiny Charm is the only way to increase your slim odds of finding a Shiny Legendary.

The Shiny Charm can be obtained by completing the Galarian Pokedex, then going to the 2nd floor of the hotel in Circhester and talking to the man in the room on the far left side. This may be a bit difficult for most to achieve, but players with a Nintendo Membership can trade online to obtain all 400 Pokemon in Galar more easily.
Pokemon Trading Board

Increase your breeding odds using the Masuda Method

The Masuda Method is a technique for breeding Shiny Pokemon which has been present in the series since Generation 3. When two Pokemon of different countries of origin are brought to a Nursery, their chances of producing a Shiny Egg increase significantly.

In comparison to the usual 1/4096 rate for breeding Shinies, the Masuda Method results in an increase to a whopping 1/683 odds. Still few and far between, but that's progress, right? As this method relies on breeding, it can be said to be more effective for encountering Star Shinies.

Players often seek to find foreign Dittos for this reason, as Dittos are extremely useful for breeding Pokemon with high IVs, so a foreign Ditto, especially one with high IVs itself, is a must for players hoping to breed a Shiny ready for online competitive play. Learn more about catching Ditto, breeding Ditto to produce high-IV children, or check out our Ditto Trading Board to get started with the hunt.
Ditto / Pokerus Trading Board

Fight the same Pokemon to improve odds for hunting in the wild

How to Get Shiny Pokemon - Fighting Wild Pokemon.jpeg

The game will track the total number of Pokemon of a certain species caught or defeated by the player. As this number increases, the chances of the player encountering a Shiny version of that Pokemon will increase accordingly. However, running away from a battle with that Pokemon will prevent the number from increasing.

Number caught/defeated in a row Shiny encounter rate change Shiny encounter rate
50 2x 1/2048
100 3x 1/1365
200 4x 1/1024
500 6x 1/683

For example, if a player catches or defeats Eevee 500 times any time during their playthrough, their chances of encountering a Shiny Eevee will be multiplied by 6, for a total odds of 1/683, or equivalent to that of the Masuda Method. Unlike some previous games which featured a Chaining mechanic to improve the rate of encountering Shinies, this method references the total number of battles with that Pokemon.

As this method relies on catching Pokemon in the wild, it can be said to be more effective for hunting for Square Ultra Shinies.

Check your number of encounters from the Pokedex

How to Get Shiny Pokemon - Number of Ditto Battled
On the Pokedex screen from the menu, you can check the number of times you've encountered every Pokemon in the Number Battled field. This number is the same one used by the game to calculate the Shiny rate, so it's a useful reference for hunting.

Odds of Getting Shiny Pokemon

Shiny Pokemon Odds - Breeding

Normal Breeding With International Breeding
Full Odds With Shiny Charm Full Odds With Shiny Charm
1/4096 1/1365 1/683 1/512

The odds of getting a Shiny Pokemon from breeding is 1/4096 and turns to 1/1365 when using a Shiny Charm. It can also increase to 1/683 to 1/683 with International Breeding or Masuda Method, in which you need to use Pokemon from different countries and regions.

Shiny Pokemon Odds - Wild Encounter

Number of Captures or Defeats Shiny Pokemon Odds
Full Odds With Shiny Charm
500 (maximum) About 1/3500 About 1/1300

The odds of getting a Shiny Pokemon from wild encounters is 1/4096. Your chance of increasing the odds of getting Shiny Pokemon depends on the number of captured or defeated Pokemon. So, if you are aiming for a specific Shiny Pokemon to catch, focus on hunting the same Pokemon in the wild.

Basic Odds of Getting Shiny Pokemon

The basic odds of getting a Shiny Pokemon is 1/4096, which makes it quite hard, especially if without using a method to increase the odds. So, let's increase the odds by hunting Shiny Legendary Pokemon in the Dynamax Adventures.

Get Shiny Pokemon from Dynamax Adventures

Get Shiny Pokemon from Dynamax Adventures.png
There are some reports that you can get Shiny Pokemon from Dynamax Adventures, which is available in the Crown Tundra DLC. However, there's no clue which of the Pokemon you have caught is the Shiny one.

You will only know which Pokemon are Shiny at the end of each Dynamax Adventure when the Pokemon Selection screen appears. So, makes sure to catch all the Pokemon you will encounter for a higher chance of getting a Shiny Pokemon.

You can also get Shiny Pokemon from Legendary Pokemon and Ultra Beast (UB) that appears in the innermost part of the Dynamax Adventure. So, carefully select the Pokemon that you will take home.

How to Hunt Shiny Legendary Pokemon in Dynamax Adventures

Some Pokemon does not have Shiny forms

There are Pokemon that do not have Shiny forms and, these are Pokemon that you get from the story, such as Zacian for Sword, Zamazenta for Shield, Eternatus, Kubfu, and Calyrex.

You are also unable to get Shiny forms for the Starter Pokemon such as Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble. However, you can have them in Shinies from breeding. So, if you want to have a Starter Pokemon in Shiny, get them by breeding.

How to Breed & Hatch Strong Pokemon

Pokemon that appears to be without Shiny Forms

Galarian Articuno.jpeg Galarian Articuno Galarian Zapdos.jpeg Galarian Zapdos Galarian Moltres.jpeg Galarian Moltres
Keldeo.jpeg Keldeo Cosmog.jpeg Cosmog Cosmoem.jpeg Cosmoem
Zacian.jpeg Zacian Zamazenta.jpeg Zamazenta Eternatus.jpeg Eternatus
Kubfu.jpeg Kubfu Urshifu Rapid Strike.jpeg Urshifu Rapid Strike Urshifu Single Strike.jpeg Urshifu Single Strike
Glastrier.jpeg Glastrier Spectrier.jpeg Spectrier Calyrex.jpeg Calyrex

Two types of Shiny Pokemon

Square Ultra Shiny Star Shiny

Our Japan team managed to snag the adorable Star Shiny Rookidee above.

In previous games in the series, only the 'Star' pattern of Shiny Pokemon existed, but with the advent of Pokemon Sword and Shield, a new variation of Shiny Pokemon has appeared with the 'Square' pattern. These new Square Shinies are often referred to as Ultra Shinies.

Initially, it was thought that Square Shiny Pokemon are more rare, but current research shows that while Star Shinies are easier to obtain by breeding, Square Ultra Shinies are easier to obtain in the wild.

What are Shiny Pokemon?

Shiny Pokemon are an extremely rare variation of Pokemon which can randomly appear when encountering Pokemon in the wild, breeding Pokemon in the Nursery, or obtaining Pokemon in in-game events.

For each Pokemon encountered, there is a 1/4096 chance that it will be a Shiny Pokemon. However, there are techniques which players can use to obtain these highly sought-after rare Pokemon.

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