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Get a fresh look for your Rotom Bike with new designs, available in the Isle of Armor DLC for Pokemon Sword and Shield. Learn where to find the Bike Lady as well as what upgrades you can get.

New Bike Upgrades

Get Them for Free in the Isle of Armor

Rotom Bikes.jpg

You can get new designs and upgrades for your Rotom Bike for free!

Take note that these new customization options are only available in the Isle of Armor DLC, which you can get by getting the Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass.

All About the Expansion Pass DLC

Max Charge Speed Upgrade

If your bike is still not at max charge speed, it will also be upgraded for free!

New Design Options

There are 2 new design options to choose from: Glistening Black and Sparkling White.

These designs have their own particle effects and light trails, which look really good when you're out for a ride!

Glistening Black Sparkling White

How to Get New Bike Upgrades

Obtain the Second Rotom Bike

Cannot customize bike.png
Before you can get your bike customized, make sure you have obtained the second Rotom Bike, which allows you to traverse through water.

How to Get the Second Rotom Bike

Talk to the Bike Lady Next to the Dojo

Bike Lady.jpg
You can find the Bike Lady to the left of the Dojo, along the path which leads to the Soothing Wetlands.

Talk to her to have your bike customized. You can also change your bike outfit color.

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