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This guide explains how to change your uniform in the game Pokemon Sword and Shield. Read on for information on how to change into each different uniform, get more uniforms, and where each uniform can be worn.


Fighting Uniform

In the Galar Region, challengers in Gym Battles wear Uniforms during the battle. Although Gym Leaders seem to prefer to wear their own clothing during the battle, individual Uniforms also exist for each Pokemon type (e.g. Grass-type Uniform). These Uniforms can be purchased by the player or obtained after clearing the Gym of the respective type.

Do note, however, that there is no way to change the player's uniform during Gym Battles as he/she will always wear the Standard Uniform.

Standard Uniform

Gym Uniform

This is the uniform worn by the player during each Gym Battle. The player can also choose to wear this uniform outside the Gym as their regular clothing - just try not to get it too dirty before your big battle!!

When registering for the Gym Challenge in Motostoke, the player must choose a Trainer Number to be inscribed on their uniform. This number can never be changed, so be sure to choose one that's special to you! Fun fact: each of the main in-game trainers and Gym Leaders have a Trainer Number which forms a pun in Japanese!

Uniforms Based On Pokemon Types

All of these Uniforms will be available for purchase in each Pokemon Gym; however, don't spend your money on a Uniform which you will receive for free during the course of the game. In each game, eight of the eighteen possible type-based uniforms will be given to the player for free by each defeated Gym Leader.

Gym Leader Uniform Received
Milo Grass Uniform
Nessa Water Uniform
Kabu Fire Uniform
Bea (Sword Only) Fighting Uniform
Allister (Shield Only) Ghost Uniform
Opal Fairy Uniform
Gordie (Sword Only) Rock Uniform
Melony (Shield Only) Ice Uniform
Piers Dark Uniform
Raihan Dragon Uniform

Ways to Wear a Uniform

The player can change into any of their owned Uniforms at a Boutique. They can choose to either wear a complete Uniform or to mix pieces of a Uniform with other clothing.

Complete Uniform Set
Mix Uniform Set

Complete Uniform Set

Grass Uniform Set

To wear a complete Uniform set as-is from head to toe, choose the T-shirt and Short icon on the far right of the selection bar at the top of the clothing selection screen. This will list the complete uniforms you have available, which you can switch your entire outfit for.

Mix Uniform Pieces with other clothing

Clothes Accesory

To mix and match parts of a Uniform, select the T-shirt icon on the far left or the Short icon second from the left. You'll be able to select individual pieces of each Uniform you own to incorporate into your own style.

Changing into a Uniform

Several cities and towns in the game feature Boutiques at which you can change your character's uniform or outfit. You also have the option to buy new clothes in these shops.

Clothes Shop

Location of each Boutique

How to Change into Your Uniform

You can change your uniform in Boutiques according to the steps below.

1 Enter a Boutique.
2 Proceed to the dressing room.
3 Select the uniform you would like to wear.

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