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List of Story Characters (Crown Tundra Updated)

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This page lists all the characters you will meet, including newly-announced characters in the game Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Character List

Major Characters

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Protagonist.pngMain Character Leon.pngLeon Hop.pngHop
Prof. Magnolia.pngProfessor Magnolia Sonia.pngSonia Rose.pngRose
Olena.pngOleana Bede.pngBede Marnie.pngMarnie

Gym Leaders

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1st Badge 2nd Badge 3rd Badge
MiloMilo NessaNessa KabuKabu
4th Badge 5th Badge
6th Badge
7th Badge 8th Badge
PiersPiers RaihanRaihan

Villainous Team

Team Yell
Team Yell.pngTeam Yell Grunts

The Isle of Armor

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Mustard.pngMustard Klara.pngKlara

The Crown Tundra

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Peony Icon.pngPeony

Major Character Introduction

The Main Character, You!

Character Intro.png
The story starts with you as the hero of the story. You can select and customize your character based on the main characters, Gloria and Victor.
How to Change Your Clothes and Appearance

The Galar Champion, Leon

Leon is the undefeated Champion in the Galar region, after taking part in the Gym Challenge at the age of 10!

With his partner, Charizard, he goes all-out, never losing a battle.

He is loved by the people of Galar and is called the Greatest Trainer in Galar.

Your Rival, Hop

Hop, your neighbor and rival, begins a new journey as a Pokemon Trainer with you.

He looks up to his older brother, Leon, watching all his Pokemon battles on the television. Now endorsed by him, he aims to beat him, with the hopes of becoming Champion.

Professor Magnolia

Professor Magnolia.jpg
The esteemed professor of Galar, Professor Magnolia, will help you on your journey as a Pokemon Trainer.

Her biggest and most important research as of the moment is the Dynamax phenomenon.

The Professor's Assistant, Sonia

Professor Magnolia's granddaughter and Leon's childhood friend, Sonia, helps with the research on Dynamax, as well as the legend of the hero with the sword and shield.

You will meet Sonia many times in the game as she will give you advice on your adventure.

Chairman Rose

Rose is the chairman of the Pokemon League, and president of a large corporation.

He has made heavy contributions to the Galar region including the implementation of the famous Dynamaxing in Gym Battles.

Rose's Secretary, Oleana

Oleana is Rose's secretary, and the vice president of Rose's company. She is calm and collected but does the heavy-lifting of running the company.

Gym Challenger Bede

Bede, a Gym Challenger endorsed by Chairman Rose himself, will become one of your rivals in achieving the title of Galar Champion.

He holds pride in himself and will not let anyone stand in his way.

Gym Challenger Marnie

Another Gym Challenger, Marnie, aims to become Galar Champion, as she wishes to restore life into her hometown, fighting battles with her partner, Morpeko.

Because of her calm and collected fighting style, she has gained many loyal fans.

Gym Leader Introduction

Turffield's Fighting Farmer, Milo

Born as the son of farmers, Milo grew close to grass-Type Pokemon and trained at a young age.

Because of his kind heart, he has difficulties going all-out on weaker Gym Challengers.

Hulbury's Raging Wave, Nessa

Nessa grew up around Water-type Pokemon as her father was a fisher and her mother works in the market. She worked hard and is now the pride of Hulbury.

She is also Sonia's close friend. She also claims to be Milo's rival.

Motostoke's Man of Fire, Kabu

Kabu is a master of Fire-type Pokemon who was invited from the region of Hoenn.

He once came close to becoming League Champion. He is motivated to keep learning and training for as long as he lives.

Stow-on-Side's Karate Prodigy, Bea

Bea trained vigorously with Pokemon at a young age and is now Stow-on-Side's Gym Leader.

She is always seen to have a calm and serious face, but the truth is she does not want to show weakness.

Bea is exclusive to Pokemon Sword.

Stow-on-Side's Boy of Mystery, Allister

This mysterious Pokemon Trainer took the role of Gym Leader at a young age. Nobody has ever seen his face as he has never removed his mask in public.

He claims to have the ability to see deceased Ghost-type Pokemon after an accident he had when he was four.

Allister is exclusive to Pokemon Shield.

Version Differences

Ballonlea's Theatre Master, Opal

After taking the role of Gym Leader for 70 years after her mother, Opal is now looking for a worthy Trainer to replace her.

She is the oldest Gym Leader in Galar and is called “the wizard” because of her techniques in battle.

Circhester's Hard-Rock Crusher, Gordie

Rock-type Pokemon are seen to be rough and relentless, but Gordie's fighting style is refined and graceful.

He is a rising star and many suspect that he will become the next League Champion.

Gordie is exclusive to Pokemon Sword.

Circhester's Ice-cold Professional, Melony

A stoic and powerful Gym Leader, many Gym Challengers have difficulty getting the Circhester badge from Melony.

Because of her strict coaching, it is guaranteed that the Gym Trainers under her are strong as well.

Melony is exclusive to Pokemon Sword.

Spikemuth's Dark-type Master, Piers

Piers Intro.jpg
Even though Spikemuth does not have a Power Spot which will enable Pokemon to Dynamax, Piers cares deeply for his hometown.

A master of Dark-type Pokemon, he is also passionate about singing and songwriting and is well-renowned for that.

Hammerlocke's Dragon Tamer, Raihan

The strongest of all Gym Leaders, Raihan uses weather effects to control the stage. He could also easily become Galar's Champion, but defeating Leon is more important to him.

Aside from being the tamer of dragons, he also loves taking selfies.

Villainous Team

Team Yell

Team Yell.jpg
As with all other Pokemon games, the game would not be complete without a villainous team.

Team Yell is Marnie's fan group, sabotaging all other Gym Challengers so Marnie can become Champion of the Galar Pokemon League.

The Isle of Armor

Your New Mentor, Mustard

Mustard, who was also previously a Champion, now runs the Pokemon Dojo. He was also the mentor of Champion Leon.

He will help you with your new adventure in the Isle of Armor.

Your New Rival, Klara

Klara, the Poison-type user, appears in the Isle of Armor, which will be available in the Pokemon Sword Expansion Pass.

Your New Rival, Avery

Avery, the Psychic-type user, appears in the Isle of Armor, which will be available in the Pokemon Shield Expansion Pass.

The Crown Tundra

Your New Mentor, Peony

Peony is a man that you will encounter upon arriving in The Crown Tundra. He is planning to start his adven-tours (adventure) with his daughter Peonia to find the truth behind the Legendary Pokemon in The Crown Tundra. He is not good at listening and draws plenty of attention, though he is a loving father to his daughter, Peonia.

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