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The Isle of Armor Post-Game Content

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Curious about what happens after you finish the main story of the Isle of Armor? This guide compiles all the extra content the player can access after completing The Isle of Armor!

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Everything to Do Post-Game

  1. Challenge Restricted Sparring
  2. Try New Clothes and Hairstyles
  3. Combine items with the Cram-o-Matic
  4. Make your Pokemon Gigantamax-ready with Max Soup
  5. Reset your Pokemon's EVs
  6. Learn brand-new Moves from the Move Tutor
  7. Collect tons of Watts from Digging Pa
  8. Collect Armorite Ore from Digging Ma
  9. Give Watts to Honey to improve the dojo

All About Post-Game Content

Challenge Restricted Sparring

Restricted Sparring Menu.jpeg
After finishing the main story of The Isle of Armor, you'll unlock Restricted Sparring, a new feature which allows you to challenge opponents using all Pokemon of a single type. When you win battles in Restricted Sparring, you'll be rewarded with BP.
Restricted Sparring

Try New Clothes and Hairstyles

Pokemon SnS - Style Card - New Clothes.png
After you defeat Klara or Avery for the first time, you'll receive a Style Card, which allows you to gain access to a host of new clothing options when you present it at a boutique. This will also increase the number of hairstyles available at a hair salon, so when you've got the time to reconfigure your character's look, give it a try!
How to Change Your Clothes and Appearance

Combine Items with the Cram-o-Matic

cram-o-matic generate.jpg

The Cram-o-Matic will exchange 4 items you don't need for one brand-new Item. You can obtain rare Poke Balls, TRs, held items like the Fire Orb, and others in this way.
How to Use the Cram-o-Matic

Make your Pokemon Gigantamax-ready with Max Soup

Pokemon SnS - Max Soup 1.png

By having your Pokemon drink the Max Soup, you can unlock their Gigantamax potential. This will allow you to further push your Pokemon's limits to become more viable in competitive battles!
How to Make Max Soup

Reset your Pokemon's EVs

Lady Clear.jpg

In Workout Sea, on the right side of the map, you can find Lady Clear, a mysterious character on a small deserted island. In exchange for 10 pieces of Armorite Ore, she will completely refresh a Pokemon's EVs, allowing a Pokemon who you want to use competitively to start from scratch.

Learn brand-new Moves from the Move Tutor

Move Tutor.jpg

On the far side of the Dojo, a Move Tutor is available who will teach one of your Pokemon a move in exchange for 5 pieces of Armorite Ore. All of the moves he teaches are new to the Isle of Armor DLC, unlocking a new world of potential for your Pokemon.
List of Move Tutors and New Moves

Collect tons of Watts from Digging Pa

Digging Pa.jpg
In exchange for 7 pieces of Armorite Ore, Digging Pa, the father of the famous Digging Duo, will dig up huge amounts of Watts to the degree of several ten thousands. Visit him after a few trips to Digging Ma so you have plenty of Armorite Ore to exchange for Watts!

Collect Armorite Ore from Digging Ma

Digging Ma.jpg

The wife of Digging Pa, Digging Ma, will dig up Armorite Ore for you in exchange for one piece of Ore. She'll dig up a few pieces at a time, then ask you if she should continue digging. At some point, her shovel might break, which will cost you all the ore she dug up until that point, so you might want to quit when you're ahead.

Give Watts to Honey to improve the dojo

Trade Watts.jpg
Honey, the wife of the Dojo Master Mustard, will accept donations of Watts for improving and adding new facilities to the Dojo. These include such accessories as a vending machine selling items like Soda Pop and Protein, so if you have a few extra Watts lying around, help improve the dojo to its best possible state!

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