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This page lists all Psychic-Type Pokemon found in Pokemon Sword and Shield. In addition, information regarding Psychic-type Pokemon's strengths and weaknesses is listed. Use this page for building your team and filling out your Pokedex!

List of Psychic-type Pokemon

Pokemon in Galarian Pokedex

No. Pokemon Type
11 DottlerDottler Bug Image
Psychic Image
12 OrbeetleOrbeetle Bug Image
Psychic Image
82 BaltoyBaltoy Ground Image
Psychic Image
83 ClaydolClaydol Ground Image
Psychic Image
90 MunnaMunna Psychic Image
91 MusharnaMusharna Psychic Image
92 NatuNatu Psychic Image
Flying Image
93 XatuXatu Psychic Image
Flying Image
118 BronzorBronzor Steel Image
Psychic Image
119 BronzongBronzong Steel Image
Psychic Image
120 RaltsRalts Psychic Image
Fairy Image
121 KirliaKirlia Psychic Image
Fairy Image
122 GardevoirGardevoir Psychic Image
Fairy Image
123 GalladeGallade Psychic Image
Fighting Image
174 WoobatWoobat Psychic Image
Flying Image
175 SwoobatSwoobat Psychic Image
Flying Image
200 EspeonEspeon Psychic Image
208 EspurrEspurr Psychic Image
209 MeowsticMeowstic Psychic Image
216 WynautWynaut Psychic Image
217 WobbuffetWobbuffet Psychic Image
241 HatennaHatenna Psychic Image
242 HattremHattrem Psychic Image
243 HattereneHatterene Psychic Image
Fairy Image
267 GothitaGothita Psychic Image
268 GothoritaGothorita Psychic Image
269 GothitelleGothitelle Psychic Image
270 SolosisSolosis Psychic Image
271 DuosionDuosion Psychic Image
272 ReuniclusReuniclus Psychic Image
277 ElgyemElgyem Psychic Image
278 BeheeyemBeheeyem Psychic Image
290 InkayInkay Dark Image
Psychic Image
291 MalamarMalamar Dark Image
Psychic Image
297 SigilyphSigilyph Psychic Image
Flying Image
333 Galarian PonytaGalarian Ponyta Psychic Image
334 Galarian RapidashGalarian Rapidash Psychic Image
Fairy Image
337 IndeedeeIndeedee Psychic Image
Normal Image
342 OranguruOranguru Normal Image
Psychic Image
362 LunatoneLunatone Rock Image
Psychic Image
363 SolrockSolrock Rock Image
Psychic Image
364 Mime Jr.Mime Jr. Psychic Image
Fairy Image
365-1 Mr. MimeMr. Mime Psychic Image
Fairy Image
365 Galarian Mr. MimeGalarian Mr. Mime Ice Image
Psychic Image

Pokemon not in Galarian Pokedex


Mew can currently only be obtained via a Poke Ball Plus. Check out the page below to learn how to catch a Mew.

No. Pokemon Type
? MewMew Psychic Image

Expansion Pass DLC

Many of the Pokemon not included in the Pokemon Sword and Shield base game will be available in the Expansion Pass DLC. Look forward to catching your old favorites again, including some with new Galarian and Gigantamax forms!

No. Pokemon Type
? LugiaLugia Psychic Image
Flying Image
? MespritMesprit Psychic Image
? UxieUxie Psychic Image
? AzelfAzelf Psychic Image
? CresseliaCresselia Psychic Image
? LatiasLatias Dragon Image
Psychic Image
? LatiosLatios Dragon Image
Psychic Image
? Galarian SlowbroGalarian Slowbro Psychic Image
? BeldumBeldum Steel Image
Psychic Image
? Galarian SlowpokeGalarian Slowpoke Psychic Image
? Galarian SlowkingGalarian Slowking Psychic Image
? CalyrexCalyrex Psychic Image
Grass Image

List of Pokemon Appearing in Expansion Pass DLC

Affinity of Psychic-type Pokemon With Other Types

Psychic-type moves are super effective on two other types, while Psychic-type Pokemon are resistant to two types. Psychic-type Pokemon have three weaknesses, and Psychic-type moves are not very effective on two other types. Psychic-type Pokemon have no immunities, and one other type of Pokemon (Dark) is immune to Psychic-type moves.


Fighting Type Psychic Type Dark Type
Poison Type Steel Type


Psychic Type Bug Type None
Fighting Type Ghost Type
Dark Type

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Pokemon by Generation

Generation 1 Pokemon.pngGeneration 1 Generation 2 PokemonGeneration 2 Generation 3 PokemonGeneration 3
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Pokemon by Type

FireFire WaterWater GrassGrass
ElectricElectric IceIce FightingFighting
PoisonPoison GroundGround FlyingFlying
PsychicPsychic BugBug RockRock
GhostGhost DragonDragon DarkDark
SteelSteel FairyFairy NormalNormal

Pokemon by Base Stats

List of All Pokemon by Base Stats

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